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PlayStation 4 for Christmas 2014 Gamers

Gamers and parents are on the hunt for one of the top game systems for Christmas 2014. The PlayStation 4 is hard to find, but a must have for many families for Christmas 2014. The PlayStation 4 was released on November 15, and sold out immediately.
The PlayStation 4 has powerful graphics and speed. There is an innovative second screen feature added with the PlayStation 4. Creativity, speed, and power come alive for players with this PlayStation. The PlayStation 4 has the ability to learn the user’s likes and preferences, then will pre-load favorite games. A dual shock controller has been added along with a touch pad. The PlayStation 4 App can allow users to use their iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone for an added second screen with the game system.

PlayStation 4 Features

PlayStation 4The PlayStation 4 has so many more features and benefits than the prior PlayStation game systems. This is why it is on the top of many Christmas 2014 lists. The PlayStation 4 allows gamers and users to play it anywhere they want, and how they want. The PlayStation 4 comes with:

  • PlayStation 4 Jet Black System
    Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller
    HDMI Cable
    USB Charging Cable
    Wired Mono Headset
    Power Cable
    PlayStation Plus code
    And Hours and Hours of fun and excitement

PlayStation 4 Plus is a membership that gives each member an instant game collection that can easily be downloaded directly to his or her console. There is so much that can be done with the game system. Players can play, chat, watch movies, stream live TV, and play their PlayStation 4 on their smartphone, tablet or iPad.

Why choose the PlayStation 4 for Christmas 2014?

PlayStation 4The price of the PlayStation 4 is a big costly for some, but it would make the perfect Christmas 2014 family gift. Families can get together and enjoy more than games with the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation Plus membership gives free games each month, which is an added savings and bonus.
Parents are wondering if the PlayStation 4 is the perfect Christmas 2014 present. The cost is a big concern, but the PlayStation 4 does more than just play games. It can play movies; stream live TV, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu Plus, and much more. It has a dual screen, so more than one player can enjoy playing, which is why the PlayStation 4 makes the perfect family Christmas 2014 gift. You can buy one nice, big gift for your family, and everyone will be able to enjoy it. If you want to purchase the PlayStation 4 for Christmas 2014, then there is no time to wait, because the PlayStation 4 sells out quick.

What are others are saying about the PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 4Gamers, parents, teens, and everyone who has played and experienced the PlayStation 4 say they “Love” the PlayStation 4. The graphics and display is amazing, and the ability to use your own smart devise for a second screen is an added plus. The Dual Shock wireless control brings action right to the player’s fingertips, which is exciting and fun.
It currently has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating at Here are some of the comments from the current owners:

Now, I’ve only had this a few days, but I already love this thing and are much more pleased than I ever was with the xbone.”
“Love it! Works great, no microsoft TV experience junk. Great blu-ray, 3d player and all around gaming console
I love PlayStation and they made a fricken good console to play games on. No problems whats so ever.
I’ve had my PS4 since launch and I cannot explain how happy I am with my purchase. Everything runs so much faster than in the PS3. Games never looked this good and with the new dualshock 4 it is a joy to play games.
This machine does SO MUCH MORE! I love the new controllers and I am excited for more games to develop the touchpad and make it a real integral part of the gaming experience. I am so excited now that we can update the background screen

More Reviews of the PlayStation 4

There are 8,869 reviews of the PlayStation 4 at These reviews are from a large selection of gamers. We recommend that you read them before deciding if the PlayStation 4 is right for you and your family.

Where to Purchase the PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 is very hard to find for Christmas 2014. is a great source of all hot selling items. It is presently showing in stock and will be shipped free right to your front door – no running from one store to another hoping to find it.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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