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Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014

Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014

Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014 Christmas Must Have Gift

Are you looking for the ultimate reading machine, and much more for Christmas 2014? If you are, then look no further, because the Amazon Kindle Voyage is the ultimate reading machine, but it does more than that. The Amazon Kindle Voyage comes with a higher contrast display, an amazing battery life, and the PagePress, which enables the user to turn a page without even touching the tablet.
The Amazon Kindle Voyage will be in stock on December 13, 2014, which is perfect for Christmas 2014. The Amazon Kindle Voyage has a six-inch display that has an adaptive front light that can adjust automatically. The Voyage has a battery life that last weeks instead of hours, and built in Wi-Fi, so the tablet can be used anywhere.

Amazon Kindle Voyage Features

Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014The Amazon Kindle Voyage is the best Christmas 2014 gift for readers. It has the ability to hold thousands of books, PagePress that turns the page without lifting a finger, and is priced at an affordable price. The Kindle Voyage can carry personal documents, and has the ability to read children’s books and comic books panel by panel.

The Amazon Kindle Voyage includes

  • 300 ppi High-Resolution Display
    Adaptive Front Light
    Long Lasting Battery
    Thin and Lightweight
    Borrow Book from Public Library
    Free AT&T Wi-Fi
    And so much more…

The Amazon Kindle Voyage is the perfect Christmas 2014 gift for adults and children. It can promote reading with younger children, and adults who love to read can read their favorite books anywhere. The Amazon Kindle Voyage even allows you to lend any of your books to family and friends for up to two weeks. There is so much that the Kindle Voyage offers; it makes it one of the best Christmas 2014 gifts for everyone.

Why Choose the Amazon Kindle Voyage?

Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014Parents and family members are always looking for that perfect gift for Christmas 2014, and the Amazon Kindle Voyage is that perfect gift. It is the ultimate reader. It provides a long lasting battery that can last for weeks. The Kindle Voyage is designed for reading, which means kids can’t be distracted easily from video games, but can enjoy reading, building their vocabulary, and increase their minds with reading. Adults who love to read can now take their Kindle Voyage with them anywhere and have access to any book. The Amazon Kindle Voyage is very affordable, which is an excellent reason to choose it for Christmas 2014 gifts.
Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014

What others are saying about the Amazon Kindle Voyage

The Amazon Kindle Voyage is much better than the Kindle Paperwhite. The Amazon Paperwhite doesn’t have the adaptive light sensor or the PagePress option, which turns the page without lifting a finger. The resolution of the Voyage is 300ppi, where the Paperwhite is only 212ppi. The Amazon Kindle Voyage is priced at $199, which is an amazing price for a Christmas 2014 present. What parent wouldn’t love to see their child reading a good book over playing a video game? The Amazon Kindle Voyage will promote reading, and the price makes it the perfect gift for Christmas 2014.

The voyage is perfect in every way. I love my Paperwhite, but I wanted a way to turn pages without having to move my thumb. The Voyage does just that. The screen is also excellent; I can even read it easily on a smaller font. I have owned every Kindle e-reader since the K1, and each has improved, but this is the very best. Thanks Amazon for a perfect reader!
Excellent performer. Best Kindle e-reader yet. I still find the touch screen best for page turning.
The lighting, compared with the original Paperwhite reader, is much more uniform and I’ve not had to adjust it for different lighting settings.
A very good purchase!
After reading the many stellar early-release reviews of the Kindle Voyage, I decided to get myself one. I am not disappointed. The higher resolution is excellent, the backlight an auto-dim night-light are fantastic, and the controls are excellent. I am pleased.

More Reviews of the Amazon Kindle Voyage

The Amazon Kindle Voyagehad an early release and there are currently 484 reviews on The reviews are mixed with a 3.7 out of 5 star rating. We encourage you to read them all before purchasing.

Where to Purchase the Amazon Kindle Voyage

The Amazon Kindle Voyage will be in stock December 13, 2014. Just before Christmas. With Amazon’s superior shipment options it will arrive just in time to be placed under the Christmas tree.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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