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Review of IPad 2

Apple IPad 2
Having a tablet has quickly become like having a pen or pencil and the IPad 2 appears to have surpassed them all. There is no doubt that this IPad 2 will be in great demand for Christmas 2011.

It is interesting the reasons that people are snapping up the Apple IPad 2. In our family one member was debating about buying one until one of his colleagues convinced him that if he had kids he needed an IPad.
Apple IPad 2
My niece uses her IPad 2 every evening to find a new recipe at Her evening meal is planned around the suggestions on this popular app.

My daughter bought one when her family was facing a five hour plane ride to visit grandparents. They needed a diversion to keep her children occupied for these many hours.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment

My son uses their IPad 2 to enhance his guitar lessons. In his family they bought the initial IPad but are seriously considering upgrade to the IPad 2. All members of the family use it (although it was a gift to Mom). My young Grandchildren have convinced Grandma that she cannot go through live without learning how to play Angry Birds.

My daughter’s friend loved having her IPad 2to download books that are in audio form. She was able to have these books read to her as she breast fed in the middle of the night. It helped her to relax while not waking up her partner.

I have loved the face-to-face time while my Grandchildren spent the summer at their other Grandparent’s home. It was wonderful to be able to see them as we chatted.

In my opinion the IPad 2 is the ultimate adult toy that is very suitable for children.

For a complete review of the IPad 2 go to Parent’s Review of the IPad 2

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