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Ladies Cobra Golf Clubs

Review of Ladies Cobra Golf Clubs

Ladies Cobra Golf ClubsIf the lady in your life is either a beginner golfer or an avid golfer this Christmas you should give her a set of Ladies Cobra golf clubs. I personally play Cobra golf clubs and I love them.

Since it inception Cobra has always focused on game improvement clubs. The philosophy of the company is to make the game of golf enjoyable for all players. If you follow the PGA and LPGA tours you will see major stars like Ian Poulter, Rickie Fowler, Jonas Blixt, Anna Nordqvist, and Lexi Thompson to name just a few all using Cobra golf clubs. Although most of us who are recreational golfers won’t be using golf clubs to the same specs as these professional golfers, we can be assured that just as much care and technology has gone into making our Cobra golf clubs as went into the tour players clubs.

As Cobra has now become part of Puma this attention to excellence is sure to continue. The association with Puma also brings to the table the wonderful color schemes and graphics of the clubs and bags.

Usability of Ladies Cobra Golf Clubs

Ladies Cobra Golf ClubsAs Cobra has developed their golf clubs and become a major golf club company they have spent significant time and money developing clubs for every level of golfer. This year for women there are two lines. The Cobra Ladies Sapphire clubs are perfect for the beginner or occasional golfer. These game improvement clubs are designed for maximum distance and forgiveness.

When beginning to play golf many women have a slower swing speed. These Cobra Ladies Sapphire clubs are designed to give consistent distances for each club. This technology builds confidence as a new golfer learns to play golf.

Ladies Cobra Golf Clubs The other line of Ladies Cobra Golf Clubs is the Cobra Women’s Amp clubs. I just recently acquired a set of these golf clubs and I just love them. Before buying these Cobra Women’s Amp golf clubs I was playing with a set of Cobra Men’s Senior clubs. Now I am a senior and not a low handicapper but before this new set was developed I could not feel the heads in the women’s sets. They were just too light. Unfortunately as I have aged and also have not found as much time to golf as I would like I am not as flexible as I once was. These factors brought me to the decision that I needed to have shorter shafts.

Ladies Cobra Golf ClubsI am thrilled with the weight of the heads in the Cobra Women’s Amp golf clubs. It is wonderful to have the new shaft technology that has been used in these clubs. These clubs feel so good to hit. They launch the ball high in the air and are forgiving if your strike is not perfect. I highly recommend them to any serious women golfer.

Features of Ladies Cobra Golf Clubs

Ladies Cobra Golf ClubsThe Cobra Ladies Sapphire clubs are available in blue or pink. They are produced in a complete 11-piece set and include a very attractive bag. This complete set of clubs is made up of a high-lofted titanium driver, steel fairway, Baffler-style hybrids and wide-sole irons, plus a putter and bag.

The Cobra Women’s Amp golf clubs feature advance material placement (AMP) that has allowed Cobra to make explosive long irons and consistent short irons by being able to move the weight to the right places. (This is a feature that sold me on buying these clubs.)
The NEW V-Skid Sole design also promotes long distance without losing accuracy allowing you to know exactly what iron to use with confidence to help lower your scores.

The Cobra Women’s Amp ladies irons also look fantastic, with their Green art on the head and their black silver shafts these irons stand out on both performance and look. 

If you decide this Christmas to buy the Cobra Women’s Amp combo set it includes 4H, 5H, 6-PW, SW, Graphite Design Tour AD Hybrids, Amp Graphite By Aldila Irons, Flex. The Cobra AMP ladies irons are fitted with Stylish Green Winn Wrap Grips.

What Others Are Saying About the Cobra Golf Clubs

I am not the only one who loves the Ladies Cobra golf clubs. Here is what others had to say about these great golf clubs.

Cobra Ladies Sapphire Golf Clubs

“Very nice set of clubs and bag. The set was delivered and out of the box playing in no time. There is a small cooler in the bag which is very nice. Not too many pockets on the bag, which is OK for us. The hybrids are very straight and forgiving. This is an excellent set for an intermediate golfer.”

“When developing Sapphire, our goal was to create a set that women would find appealing. We spend a great deal of time researching women’s interests and needs, and coordinating every detail, including colors and premium materials, to ensure women are proud to take this set on the course.”
-Mike McDonnell, Development Engineer, 3 years of golf development experience”

“Love my Lady Cobra Clubs. Excellent product. Definitely helped my game because it is a superior product to my previous clubs.”
“Nice product for a lady starting out in golf. The clubs do as that are ment to….. Help to get someone up and started in Golf”

Cobra Women’s Amp Golf Clubs

“Been playing with these after I polled a bunch of veteran trackman/flightscope technicians and club fitters for the editors choice awards for September. They kept telling me these are in their top 3 or top 5. These guys are in the field all day week and week month after month watching the results on different heads with different swings. Just last week I interviewed a technician from a top 100 club fitter. He wanted to keep his name anonymous. He said the AMP Forged irons made his top 2 for player irons.”

“They are definitely a sweet looking club.”

“They play better than they look!  So sweet.  Like butta!”

“I bought these last friday and they are amazing, best clubs I have every tried and ive tried everything. I love the soft cavity back irons and love how they still have some meat behind the center of the club. They have little to know offset which is prefect, can move the ball easy both ways. Turf interaction is amazing club just glides through the truff. Basically if your in the model for players irons with a lil forgiveness these are the clubs for you. Irons of the year sofare and my pocket book hopes they stay that way lol.”

Where to Purchase Cobra Ladies Golf Clubs

We have become great fans of For most products they have always had a good supply, great delivery, and a terrific return policy. So for Ladies Cobra golf clubsthey are our first choice. Not only can you save money the clubs are eligible for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. A full set of Cobra Ladies Sapphire clubs including bag are currently $449.99 a savings of 36% and Cobra Amp Lady Combo set is $899.99 a savings of 20%.

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