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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Perfect Tablet for Christmas 2014

You probably have someone in your family that has already requested the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Christmas 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is an amazing tablet that has a ten-inch display, which provides for an excellent view. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the perfect tablet for playing games, watching movies, surfing the web, and so much more. There is a multi-user mode, so parents can purchase the tablet for several kids to share, and the kids’ mode comes with an easy to use interface.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is one of the top ten Christmas 2014 sought out gifts this year. There are so many amazing features that come with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, which include:

  • Rear and Front Camera
    Video Chat
    10.1 Display
    High Resolution of 1280 x 800
    Built in IR Blaster
    Multi Window Feature
    Sirius XM
    Dropbox Storage
    Expandable Memory
    And so much more…

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has the multi window feature that most tablets don’t have. The multi window feature allows users to place to applications side by side, then drag and drop content with ease. Surfing the web, doing emails, and much more is so easy to do with the multi window feature. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is being asked by children, teens, and adults of all ages, because of the advanced technology that this tablet provides, and this is why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is on the top of the Christmas 2014 must have gifts.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the perfect Christmas 2014 gift for anyone. It’s great for kids, because it has a kid mode. Teens and adults love the performance that the tablet has, and the camera is great for video chats and pictures. If a loved one for Christmas 2014 has requested the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, then now is the time to get one. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is selling quickly. Everyone is looking to have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Christmas 2014.

Why choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Christmas 2014?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Parents are asking why should they choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Christmas 2014 gifts over other tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the newest tablet from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 comes with so many features such as three months of Sirius SM Internet radio, fifty GB of Dropbox space, and three audio books from Audible. These are just added bonus features. The speed, display, and amazing performance that this tablet provides are an excellent reason to purchase it for Christmas 2014 presents.

What others are saying about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 The parents who have already purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 love the speed that this tablet provides. Pages load immediately, and streaming movies and television shows are amazing. The size is the perfect size, and the graphics pop and come alive with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The battery life is great, as a full charge can last up to eight to ten hours, depending on what the tablet is being used for.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 currently has a huge 4.4 out of a 5 star rating at Based on these comments I think our family will purchase one of these devices. Here is a sampling of comments:

like it better than the ipad I use at work
I love my Galaxy Tab 4. I stop using my laptop because I love this Tab 4 so much
I ordered this for my husband after the screen on his tablet from last years Black Friday sale was cracked and not repairable. I had been watching for Black Friday sales to come around after seeing this item at a Sams Club, and he had fallen in love with it. I watched everywhere trying to find the best deal. I had settled on the price from Sams Club, but would have to fight the crowd, until one day…. I just happen to watch on Amazon right before Thanksgiving and BAM… I found it cheaper than the Black Friday Sale 🙂 At any rate, my husband has been playing with it the past 5 days (when he can keep it away from me and our kids) and we absolutely love it. Now our son wants one too!! I love the product and everything it does. The size is bigger than I would want, but luckily they make it in a smaller version. I would recommend this product to anyone 🙂
Love, love, love my tablet! I bought a Bluetooth keyboard for it, and instead of toting around a laptop, along with books, for my nursing classes, I carry mainly just my tablet. It also can download PowerPoint’s, so I can follow my instructor’s lecture while adding my own notes. This is a great item for a student on the go!

More Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Currently there are 498 reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 at 356 of these reviews give it 5 stars, however we always recommend that you read the reviews before making your decision.

Where to Purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

With such a strong recommendation for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, we advise that you order as quickly as possible. It is one of the hot selling items for Christmas 2014. is showing it in stock with a 25% discount. They will ship it right to your door with Free shipping. Don’t delay!

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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