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Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

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Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player for Christmas 2014 Gifts

Are you looking for an excellent Christmas 2014 gift this year for a hard to buy person? If you are, then look no further, because the Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player is an excellent choice. The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player can stream online music, videos, photos, and so much more, and all of this can be done using any Smartphone, laptop or tablet.
The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player supports many major Apps including Hulu Plus, Google Play movies, YouTube, HBO Go, Netflix, and ESPN for the sports fans. The Google Chromecast makes the perfect Christmas 2014 gift for someone who is into technology, and is hard to buy for.

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Features

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player supports Android 2.3 and higher, Windows 7 and higher, Mac’s, iOS 6 and higher, and all Chromebooks. The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player is on the list for one of the top 100 Christmas 2014 gifts. The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player is easy to use, install, and includes:

  • HDMI Chromecast Extender
    USB power Cable
    Power Adapter
    Works with All Android and Smart Phones, Tablets, and Laptops
    Streams Live TV
    Streams Movies
    Streams YouTube
    Hulu Plus
    And so much more…

The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player gets started in three easy steps, which include

  1. Plug the Chromecast into any HDTV
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi
  3. Send Videos, Movies or Pictures from your tablet, Smartphone and laptop

Ready to use!!!

Why choose the Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player?

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player can be used by anyone. It is the perfect Christmas 2014 gift for anyone of any age. Enjoying your recorded movies can be viewed on your HDTV with ease or watching those funny YouTube videos, and you can get the family together and rent a movie on Netflix with ease by using the Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player.

What others are saying about the Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player

The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player is being sought out for Christmas 2014 presents. People love that the installation is less than five minutes, and using a Smartphone, tablet or even laptop can control the media-streaming player. It streams movies with ease, and even live sports. The picture is outstanding with the Google media-streaming player.
Users of the Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player have given it a 4.0 out of a 5 star rating at There are many, many reviews of it, here are a few of them:

“Love it, love it, love it! We were skeptical, since we had tried a few other options, like PlayOn, which didn’t work very well, and thought it might be something like that. But on advice from a friend, I ordered one, and we’re so glad I did! We don’t have regular TV, don’t even get local channels, and no real desire to. We watch everything on Hulu, Netflix and DVDs, but miss a few shows that we can’t get anymore. If you can play it in a browser on your laptop, you can play on your TV!”
“The best tech right now to share it and view it in your TV.”
“Works great for us. We sold our apple tv because we like this so much better. We watch shows from Hulu on our phones on our TV. Sometimes it doesnt connect well, but usually works fine.”
“Works great streams great. I was even able to drag and drop my avi files into the url bar and watch them on my tv no problem. Love it!!!!!!!!!”
“I really like it, it’s very useful when you try to stream something from your phone, tablet or laptop and it is really easy to set up and works with all android flavors which is really good if you have different types of gadgets.”

More Reviews of the Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player

The Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player has a stunning 24,288 reviews at Of these reviews over 12,000 are 5 stars and even some of the 4 star reviewers say they love it. Have a look at the reviews to see if it right for you.

Final Thoughts About the Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player

There are so many benefits that come with the Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player, which include streaming YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, ESPN, HBO, and more. Another added feature is you can take those family vacation videos that you have recorded, and show them to family and friends right on your big screen television. Everyone can sit in comfort while enjoying your videos.
The Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player is a unique, excellent Christmas 2014 gift that cost fewer than thirty-five dollars. You might even buy it for a stocking stuffer for someone. Where can you find such an amazing, but affordable gift that does so much, and the cost so low? Now is the time to order your Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player, so you have it in time for Christmas 2014.

Where to Purchase the Google Chromecast HDMI Media Streaming Player

Presently the Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player is available at for less than thirty-five dollars. It is listed as a #1 Best Seller so if you would like to give this for Christmas 2014 don’t delay – order!

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Perfect Tablet for Christmas 2014

You probably have someone in your family that has already requested the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Christmas 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is an amazing tablet that has a ten-inch display, which provides for an excellent view. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the perfect tablet for playing games, watching movies, surfing the web, and so much more. There is a multi-user mode, so parents can purchase the tablet for several kids to share, and the kids’ mode comes with an easy to use interface.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is one of the top ten Christmas 2014 sought out gifts this year. There are so many amazing features that come with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, which include:

  • Rear and Front Camera
    Video Chat
    10.1 Display
    High Resolution of 1280 x 800
    Built in IR Blaster
    Multi Window Feature
    Sirius XM
    Dropbox Storage
    Expandable Memory
    And so much more…

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has the multi window feature that most tablets don’t have. The multi window feature allows users to place to applications side by side, then drag and drop content with ease. Surfing the web, doing emails, and much more is so easy to do with the multi window feature. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is being asked by children, teens, and adults of all ages, because of the advanced technology that this tablet provides, and this is why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is on the top of the Christmas 2014 must have gifts.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the perfect Christmas 2014 gift for anyone. It’s great for kids, because it has a kid mode. Teens and adults love the performance that the tablet has, and the camera is great for video chats and pictures. If a loved one for Christmas 2014 has requested the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, then now is the time to get one. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is selling quickly. Everyone is looking to have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Christmas 2014.

Why choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Christmas 2014?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Parents are asking why should they choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Christmas 2014 gifts over other tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the newest tablet from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 comes with so many features such as three months of Sirius SM Internet radio, fifty GB of Dropbox space, and three audio books from Audible. These are just added bonus features. The speed, display, and amazing performance that this tablet provides are an excellent reason to purchase it for Christmas 2014 presents.

What others are saying about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 The parents who have already purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 love the speed that this tablet provides. Pages load immediately, and streaming movies and television shows are amazing. The size is the perfect size, and the graphics pop and come alive with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The battery life is great, as a full charge can last up to eight to ten hours, depending on what the tablet is being used for.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 currently has a huge 4.4 out of a 5 star rating at Based on these comments I think our family will purchase one of these devices. Here is a sampling of comments:

like it better than the ipad I use at work
I love my Galaxy Tab 4. I stop using my laptop because I love this Tab 4 so much
I ordered this for my husband after the screen on his tablet from last years Black Friday sale was cracked and not repairable. I had been watching for Black Friday sales to come around after seeing this item at a Sams Club, and he had fallen in love with it. I watched everywhere trying to find the best deal. I had settled on the price from Sams Club, but would have to fight the crowd, until one day…. I just happen to watch on Amazon right before Thanksgiving and BAM… I found it cheaper than the Black Friday Sale 🙂 At any rate, my husband has been playing with it the past 5 days (when he can keep it away from me and our kids) and we absolutely love it. Now our son wants one too!! I love the product and everything it does. The size is bigger than I would want, but luckily they make it in a smaller version. I would recommend this product to anyone 🙂
Love, love, love my tablet! I bought a Bluetooth keyboard for it, and instead of toting around a laptop, along with books, for my nursing classes, I carry mainly just my tablet. It also can download PowerPoint’s, so I can follow my instructor’s lecture while adding my own notes. This is a great item for a student on the go!

More Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Currently there are 498 reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 at 356 of these reviews give it 5 stars, however we always recommend that you read the reviews before making your decision.

Where to Purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

With such a strong recommendation for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, we advise that you order as quickly as possible. It is one of the hot selling items for Christmas 2014. is showing it in stock with a 25% discount. They will ship it right to your door with Free shipping. Don’t delay!

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 for Christmas 2014 Gamers

Gamers and parents are on the hunt for one of the top game systems for Christmas 2014. The PlayStation 4 is hard to find, but a must have for many families for Christmas 2014. The PlayStation 4 was released on November 15, and sold out immediately.
The PlayStation 4 has powerful graphics and speed. There is an innovative second screen feature added with the PlayStation 4. Creativity, speed, and power come alive for players with this PlayStation. The PlayStation 4 has the ability to learn the user’s likes and preferences, then will pre-load favorite games. A dual shock controller has been added along with a touch pad. The PlayStation 4 App can allow users to use their iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone for an added second screen with the game system.

PlayStation 4 Features

PlayStation 4The PlayStation 4 has so many more features and benefits than the prior PlayStation game systems. This is why it is on the top of many Christmas 2014 lists. The PlayStation 4 allows gamers and users to play it anywhere they want, and how they want. The PlayStation 4 comes with:

  • PlayStation 4 Jet Black System
    Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller
    HDMI Cable
    USB Charging Cable
    Wired Mono Headset
    Power Cable
    PlayStation Plus code
    And Hours and Hours of fun and excitement

PlayStation 4 Plus is a membership that gives each member an instant game collection that can easily be downloaded directly to his or her console. There is so much that can be done with the game system. Players can play, chat, watch movies, stream live TV, and play their PlayStation 4 on their smartphone, tablet or iPad.

Why choose the PlayStation 4 for Christmas 2014?

PlayStation 4The price of the PlayStation 4 is a big costly for some, but it would make the perfect Christmas 2014 family gift. Families can get together and enjoy more than games with the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation Plus membership gives free games each month, which is an added savings and bonus.
Parents are wondering if the PlayStation 4 is the perfect Christmas 2014 present. The cost is a big concern, but the PlayStation 4 does more than just play games. It can play movies; stream live TV, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu Plus, and much more. It has a dual screen, so more than one player can enjoy playing, which is why the PlayStation 4 makes the perfect family Christmas 2014 gift. You can buy one nice, big gift for your family, and everyone will be able to enjoy it. If you want to purchase the PlayStation 4 for Christmas 2014, then there is no time to wait, because the PlayStation 4 sells out quick.

What are others are saying about the PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 4Gamers, parents, teens, and everyone who has played and experienced the PlayStation 4 say they “Love” the PlayStation 4. The graphics and display is amazing, and the ability to use your own smart devise for a second screen is an added plus. The Dual Shock wireless control brings action right to the player’s fingertips, which is exciting and fun.
It currently has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating at Here are some of the comments from the current owners:

Now, I’ve only had this a few days, but I already love this thing and are much more pleased than I ever was with the xbone.”
“Love it! Works great, no microsoft TV experience junk. Great blu-ray, 3d player and all around gaming console
I love PlayStation and they made a fricken good console to play games on. No problems whats so ever.
I’ve had my PS4 since launch and I cannot explain how happy I am with my purchase. Everything runs so much faster than in the PS3. Games never looked this good and with the new dualshock 4 it is a joy to play games.
This machine does SO MUCH MORE! I love the new controllers and I am excited for more games to develop the touchpad and make it a real integral part of the gaming experience. I am so excited now that we can update the background screen

More Reviews of the PlayStation 4

There are 8,869 reviews of the PlayStation 4 at These reviews are from a large selection of gamers. We recommend that you read them before deciding if the PlayStation 4 is right for you and your family.

Where to Purchase the PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 is very hard to find for Christmas 2014. is a great source of all hot selling items. It is presently showing in stock and will be shipped free right to your front door – no running from one store to another hoping to find it.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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Samsung or Seiki Smart TV

Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV Compared to Seiki 40-Inch LED TV

Hot Deals on TV’s for Christmas 2014

Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV

Samsung or Seiki Smart TV
The new smart HD TV’s seem to be on everyone’s Christmas 2014 list. The Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV is the perfect size and price for children, teens, kitchens, and even the living room. The Samsung 32 inch LED TV is a smart television. A smart television has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows the television to stream movies, television shows, YouTube, and much more. The Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV comes with full HD resolution along with a clear motion rate 120, which is perfect for high speed and action clarity. The Samsung has a smart hub, which organizes the user’s entertainment into five panels. Users can navigate through their entertainment panels with ease. Another bonus that the Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV has is smart apps, which allows to access Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, games and all social media. Connect and watch right from the comfort of your couch.

Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 Inch TV Benefits

Samsung or Seiki Smart TVThe Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV is the perfect size for any space, especially for a children, teens, husband, and parent. The smart apps and the built-in Wi-Fi are added features and bonuses. This television has a quad core processor, which will eliminate any lag, so browsing is smooth and quick. Users can even use their smart phone to control the Samsung Smart LED TV.


  • Affordable
    Smart Apps
    Quad Core Processor
    Smart View 2.0
    Smart Hub
    Full Web Browser
    Built-In Wi-Fi
    And so much more…


  • Speakers are located in the back of the TV
    Web browser isn’t great

The Samsung Smart LED 32 Inch Television is priced under three hundred dollars. Shoppers who are wanting to get the Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV should order one now before they are all gone. You can order your Samsung at and have it ready for Christmas 2014.

Why choose the Samsung Smart LED 32-Inch TV?

The Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV is a smart television that allows users to surf the web, stream movies, stream live TV, and rent their movies from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Redbox. The TV has a full HD resolution, and a smart Hub. The Wi-Fi is built in, and is easy to install. The Samsung Smart LED TV is a perfect Christmas 2014 gift for anyone.

What are others are saying about the Samsung Smart 32-inch TV?

Customers that have purchased the Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV love that the television allows them to surf the web. The apps make it easy to go to social media sites, Netflix and Redbox. The television doesn’t lag, and the picture is amazingly clear. The only complaint that most customers have with the smart television is the speakers are located in the rear of the TV. It currently has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating at Here are a few of the comments:

“Great picture…Don’t like the sound to the back so ordered a
front sound bar.”
“This smart tv was the easiest set-up I have ever experienced. The tv has amazing audio & picture clarity. I waited about nine months to switch to a smart tv after having WiFi at home for the past two years, never again. This tv has removed my electronics anxiety! It even copied all of my previous recordings to the new tv, everything was transferred over from my old tv, it has everything you could ask for.”
“The TV has good picture and sound. The wifi set up was easy.I expected more apps already installed. Still missing watch Espn. Hope it comes up soon. The browser is good. Typing with the remote is pain. Although I use my tablet paired with the TV to type, but sometimes I feel if the keyboard was like my old Sony led TV I could do something with the remote while my tab is charging. But overall a good product at a good price.”
“Love my this tv. Not a tech person but I have to say that it meets my expectations and more. I just read in the product description and said that’s the one for me. Not disappointed.”

Seiki 40-Inch LED TV

Seiki 40-Inch LED TV
Seiki 40-Inch LED TV is another great television that would make the perfect gift for Christmas 2014. The Seiki LED TV is forty inches, and features 1080p and 60Hz. The Seiki has Full HD resolution, and advanced direct-lit LED, which provides for an excellent video quality. This television has a parental control feature, so parents who are looking for a television for their teen or child that they can control what they watch, and then this is the perfect TV for Christmas 2014. Seiki 40-Inch LED TV also provides a one-year replacement warranty on the television.


  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
    Direct-lit LED
    Thin Design
    Parental Control
    One Year Warranty


  • Sound is Not Great
    Not a Smart TV

Why Choose the Seiko 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV?

Seiki 40-Inch LED TVWhy choose the Seiki 40-Inch LED TV for Christmas 2014? The Seiko is a nice size television that offers a quality picture. The 40 inch is great for games, movies, and television shows. For the price, you can’t beat it. The Seiki cost under $250.00. Parents who want to control what their children are watching will definitely appreciate the parental control that comes with the Seiko.

What are others are saying about the Seiko 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV?

Customers who have purchased the Seiki 40-Inch LED TV say the television has an excellent picture, and was easy to set up and install. Parents who have purchased the television love that they can control their children’s viewing. The price is great, and is why people went with this television, because of the size and the price. For this TV it is rated at

3.9 out of 5 stars at Here are some of the remarks about it:
“Great picture for the price. Easy setup. Delivered on time. would buy it again.”
“This is probably a 3.5 star TV but Amazon says 4 stars means you like it, and I do – with reservations. For the price (when on sale), it can’t be beat.”
“Great purchase! Excellent picture and VALUE for the $$$!”
“his is a very nice tv. I brought it 4 years and it’s very nice. Picture quality is great. Sound isn’t best”
“nice price and great value”

Final Thoughts

Many people are looking for the best television for Christmas 2014 gifts. The Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV is an excellent option for those looking for a HDTV that has built-in Wi-Fi. The Seiki 40-Inch LED TV offers a great picture too. The Seiko isn’t a smart television, but is a bigger screen. Both of these televisions are great Christmas 2014 gifts that anyone would love receiving.

Where to Purchase the Samsung or Seiki Smart TV

Both the Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV and the Seiki 40-Inch LED TV can be purchased from You will find great prices on them at Amazon and they will be delivered right to your front door with Free Shipping.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment

Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV
Seiki 40-Inch LED TV

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Xbox One

Xbox One

Xbox One-Top Ten Christmas 2014 Gift

If you have a gamer in your family, then you probably have a family member that has requested the Xbox One for Christmas 2014. The Xbox One was announced on May 21, 2013, and retailers will have the Xbox One on December 1, 2014. The Xbox One is hard to get. The Xbox One can be purchased with or without the Kinect. This gaming system has twice the streaming Xbox Oneapps over the PlayStation 4 system. It can stream YouTube, Redbox, HBO, and many other movie stations. It can even do Skype video conferencing, which is excellent for gamers.
The Xbox One is not only excellent for gaming, but for streaming live TV, movies, and much more. The Xbox One has amazing graphics, players can play online or offline, and switching from game to TV to movie can be done in a snap. The snap allows for users to multitask with their Xbox One with ease. It comes with a USB 3.0 connection and HDD storage, which provides for a quick speed, and faster loading.

Xbox One Features

Xbox One The Xbox One is the ultimate gaming system for . The Xbox One allows users to sign into any Xbox One, and then have access to all digital games, because all games are saved. Players can watch movies on Netflix, Redbox, HBO, and even watch YouTube videos on the system, then have a Skype chat at the same time. The Xbox One comes with many options and features, which include:

  • Live TV
    Unlimited Gaming
    Skype Chat
    Access to all Digital Games
    A 3.0 Storage
    Cloud Synced Games
    Extended Battery Life for Controller
    Voice Control with Kinect
    And so much more…

Xbox OneThe Xbox One allows users to integrate their voice with the Kinect. The Kinect allows users to say; “Record that”, and the Kinect will immediately record the program. The Xbox One can be bundled with the Kinect, which adds around one hundred dollars to the price, but well worth the price. It can be order now, and know for sure that you will have your Christmas 2014 gift ordered and arriving right on time for Christmas.

Why Choose the Xbox One for Christmas 2014?

Xbox OneThis is the newest gaming system for 2014. The Xbox One does more than the Xbox 360. It has more features and options that the 360 doesn’t offer gamers. The Xbox One is the ultimate gaming system that all gamers are asking for this Christmas 2014. There are many cool options that include the ability to stream and watch any live TV or instead of going to rent a movie at the store, you can rent one with this gaming system.

What others are saying about the Xbox One

The Xbox One currently has a 4.1 out of a 5 star rating at Here are some of the comments from the early gamers who tested this product:

“After the last few system updates, the Xbox One has become an even better gaming/media device that I am still using and enjoying just about every day. So pick the bundle that works best for you and you won’t be disappointed!”
“I love this console. It brings your living room together perfectly. The software has been improved so much since release. No longer are there tons of glitches and bugs, it runs smoothly and fast”
“This is an amazing bundle, both games are good and the headset is a good plus, it comes with 15 days of Xbox Live + another 2 days fom Ubisoft I guess so that’s 17 days, good enough to keep you online if money is short, I bought this bundle with an extra controller and it’s the best deal I got in years.”
“Great platform, fast processor. Awesome integration into an advanced home theater setup.”

More reviews of the Xbox One

Depending on which bundle you choose there are anywhere from 40 to 396 reviews about the Xbox One at We always recommend that you read these reviews before purchasing. This gives you the best chance to make an informed decision.

Where to Purchase the Xbox One

Everyone wants the Xbox One for Christmas 2014 gifts. Preorders are going on everywhere. We advise the use of, so shoppers can be assured that they have the Xbox One coming for Christmas 2014. The price of the Xbox One is around four hundred dollars, which may be costly for some shoppers, but the added features that come with the Xbox One makes it worth the price. If you have a dedicated gamer in your family, then now is the time to preorder the Xbox One, so you will be sure you have it in time for Christmas 2014.


If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014

Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014

Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014 Christmas Must Have Gift

Are you looking for the ultimate reading machine, and much more for Christmas 2014? If you are, then look no further, because the Amazon Kindle Voyage is the ultimate reading machine, but it does more than that. The Amazon Kindle Voyage comes with a higher contrast display, an amazing battery life, and the PagePress, which enables the user to turn a page without even touching the tablet.
The Amazon Kindle Voyage will be in stock on December 13, 2014, which is perfect for Christmas 2014. The Amazon Kindle Voyage has a six-inch display that has an adaptive front light that can adjust automatically. The Voyage has a battery life that last weeks instead of hours, and built in Wi-Fi, so the tablet can be used anywhere.

Amazon Kindle Voyage Features

Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014The Amazon Kindle Voyage is the best Christmas 2014 gift for readers. It has the ability to hold thousands of books, PagePress that turns the page without lifting a finger, and is priced at an affordable price. The Kindle Voyage can carry personal documents, and has the ability to read children’s books and comic books panel by panel.

The Amazon Kindle Voyage includes

  • 300 ppi High-Resolution Display
    Adaptive Front Light
    Long Lasting Battery
    Thin and Lightweight
    Borrow Book from Public Library
    Free AT&T Wi-Fi
    And so much more…

The Amazon Kindle Voyage is the perfect Christmas 2014 gift for adults and children. It can promote reading with younger children, and adults who love to read can read their favorite books anywhere. The Amazon Kindle Voyage even allows you to lend any of your books to family and friends for up to two weeks. There is so much that the Kindle Voyage offers; it makes it one of the best Christmas 2014 gifts for everyone.

Why Choose the Amazon Kindle Voyage?

Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014Parents and family members are always looking for that perfect gift for Christmas 2014, and the Amazon Kindle Voyage is that perfect gift. It is the ultimate reader. It provides a long lasting battery that can last for weeks. The Kindle Voyage is designed for reading, which means kids can’t be distracted easily from video games, but can enjoy reading, building their vocabulary, and increase their minds with reading. Adults who love to read can now take their Kindle Voyage with them anywhere and have access to any book. The Amazon Kindle Voyage is very affordable, which is an excellent reason to choose it for Christmas 2014 gifts.
Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014

What others are saying about the Amazon Kindle Voyage

The Amazon Kindle Voyage is much better than the Kindle Paperwhite. The Amazon Paperwhite doesn’t have the adaptive light sensor or the PagePress option, which turns the page without lifting a finger. The resolution of the Voyage is 300ppi, where the Paperwhite is only 212ppi. The Amazon Kindle Voyage is priced at $199, which is an amazing price for a Christmas 2014 present. What parent wouldn’t love to see their child reading a good book over playing a video game? The Amazon Kindle Voyage will promote reading, and the price makes it the perfect gift for Christmas 2014.

The voyage is perfect in every way. I love my Paperwhite, but I wanted a way to turn pages without having to move my thumb. The Voyage does just that. The screen is also excellent; I can even read it easily on a smaller font. I have owned every Kindle e-reader since the K1, and each has improved, but this is the very best. Thanks Amazon for a perfect reader!
Excellent performer. Best Kindle e-reader yet. I still find the touch screen best for page turning.
The lighting, compared with the original Paperwhite reader, is much more uniform and I’ve not had to adjust it for different lighting settings.
A very good purchase!
After reading the many stellar early-release reviews of the Kindle Voyage, I decided to get myself one. I am not disappointed. The higher resolution is excellent, the backlight an auto-dim night-light are fantastic, and the controls are excellent. I am pleased.

More Reviews of the Amazon Kindle Voyage

The Amazon Kindle Voyagehad an early release and there are currently 484 reviews on The reviews are mixed with a 3.7 out of 5 star rating. We encourage you to read them all before purchasing.

Where to Purchase the Amazon Kindle Voyage

The Amazon Kindle Voyage will be in stock December 13, 2014. Just before Christmas. With Amazon’s superior shipment options it will arrive just in time to be placed under the Christmas tree.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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5 Best Tablets of 2014 for Adults


Best Tablets for Christmas 2014

For Christmas 2014Santa’s sleigh will be over flowing with tablets. Tablets are becoming consumer’s choice of computers. In a market research, tablets will replace and make up fifty percent of computers sold today. Why? Tablets come with a wide array of options, sizes, prices, and apps allow websites and games to be at a fingertips reach. For Christmas 2014 there is a tablet on many wish lists. Here is a list of the best 5 tablets of 2014:

1. iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2The iPad Air has been rated the best tablet overall. The iPad Air 2 tablet is priced under $500, and comes with a fast A8X process, double graphics, anti-reflective display, ultra-thin, and an 8 MP camera. The iPad Air 2 measures 9.4 x 6.6 inches, and weighs less than one pound. The battery life for this tablet is amazing. The battery can last ten hours on a full charge.


  • Super-thin design
    Fast A8X Chip
    Excellent app selection
    Long battery life
    Great display


  • No camera flash
    Multi-tasking difficult
    Higher priced

One customer had this to say:

“It’s hard to believe that Apple could improve upon the iPad, but they managed it with this device, the iPad Air 2 launched in October 2014. It’s over 18% thinner and 6% lighter than the astonishingly slim predecessor. It has the same remarkable 10 hour battery life, but an even faster processor, anti-glare screen, and (my personal favourite), the “Touch ID” fingerprint reader which means I can avoid using passwords and pin numbers.”

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the second best tablet. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a 2-in-1 tablet. It can be a tablet or snap on the kickstand keyboard and use it as a laptop. The Surface Pro 3 is 12 inches and weighs 1.76 pounds. The tablet comes with a Core i5 CPU processor, 8GB of RAM, and a long battery life. The battery can last seven and a half hours on a full charge. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a touch screen, with amazing high resolution graphics. This tablet cost just under $1000, but it can double as a tablet and a laptop.


  • Lightweight
    Touch screen


  • Kickstand keyboard is sold separately
    Runs hot

From a satisfied owner:

“Excellent computer and tablet. I needed a device for travel and home use that had full windows. The Surface Pro 3 is light and thin enough to replace my android tablet as well”

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 tablet has been claimed as the best Android tablet for 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is thinner than the iPad Air, and comes with a fingerprint scanner, and can control your Galaxy phone. The tablet is 10.5 inches and weighs 1.02 pounds. The tablet comes with an octa-core Exynos process and 3GB of RAM. The camera on the tablet is an 8 MP. The battery life for the Samsung Galaxy is impressive as the battery can last nine hours on a full charge. The tablet comes with a kid’s mode, so you can control what your kids are doing on the tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 can be purchased for under $500.


  • Excellent battery life
    Light and slim
    Side Sync 3.0 to control your Galaxy phone
    Kid’s mode added.


  • Camera isn’t the best
    Lags at times

This user loves it:

“Can’t beat the resolution of this tablet the color and small print is the best I’ve seen even after comparing it with other tablets in Best Buy. The battery life allows me to stay on it all day and I’ve basically stopped using my laptop now. This is a beautiful light weight tablet that does everything all of my previous tablets will do and more.”

4. Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9The Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 has been rated as the best media tablet for 2014. The Amazon Fire HDX comes with a fast quad-core processor, parental controls and Amazon’s media content. The tablet is 9.1 x 6.2 inches. There is 16GB of storage with the tablet, and features a 2560 x 1600 pixels, which is more than the iPad Air 2 and the Samsung Galaxy’s. Videos, games, and reading has excellent, crystal-clear density. Amazon offers over 200,000 Fire tablet apps, and gives 500 coins with the purchase of the tablet. The coins can be used to buy games, videos, and apps. The battery life is outstanding as the Amazon Fire offers ten and a half hours of battery life with a full charge. One impressive feature of this tablet is the parental controls. Parents can create up to four children profiles, and decide what games, books, videos, and apps that child can access. The Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 can be purchased for under $400.


  • Long battery life
    Amazing parental controls
    High-resolution display


  • Limited storage
    App selection

This Amazon Fire admirer tell us:

“I’ve been using this since January and love it more each time I add to my skills in using it. Great for managing and using documents at conferences and meetings. Wonderful as a photo gallery. Great for email and quickie web-surfing expeditions. Easy on my “mature” eyes.”

5. NVidia Shield Tablet

81vvKVK0M8L._AC_SL1500_.jpg The NVidia Shield Tablet is an Android gaming tablet that offers more than just gaming. The NVidia Shield Tablet comes with a Tegra K1 processor, expandable SD card storage, and access to Google Play. The screen is 8 inches. The shield can be connected to any TV to watch movies, Netflix, Google Play, and play games. The shield isn’t just for gaming. It has a 2.2GH quad-core A15 process and 2GB of RAM. The price of the NVidia Shield Tablet is around $300.


  • Excellent graphics
    Connects to any TV
    Full access to Google Play


  • Game controller sold separately
    Some Android games doesn’t isn’t supported

Bought for games this reviewer says:

“Awesome product! Plays games wonderfully. Got it for my 13 yr old son who is quite the electronic critic and he only has great things to say about it! Only tablet for a gamer!”

Where to Purchase Your Tablet

For Christmas 2014 there is going to be a rush to buy all tablets. Don’t disappoint your love one – buy early. is one of the best places to purchase hot selling products. Don’t wait!

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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Kindle Fire HD

Review of Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD
Have you been considering purchasing an 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD? For the past few months, I have been excited to get my hands on one of these new Kindles. While I have an iPad, I have been reading on my Kindle Fire for awhile now, finding it is much better when it comes to reading ebooks. Since I love this tablet as much as my iPad, my husband thought it would be a great early Christmas present for me, especially with a larger Kindle now on the market.

I have to admit, waiting for my new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has not been easy. We put it on pre-order back in September when it was first announced, and I have been waiting every since. I have to admit, I have never been so excited about a piece of electronic in my household. Now that it has arrived, I have spent a few days playing with this brand new tablet. Here is what I think so far of the new Kindle Fire HD.

Kindle Fire HD: Usability

Kindle Fire HD When I first looked at the specs of the new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, I was blown away at just how much better this tablet is compared to the original Kindle Fire. It has a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor and imagination Power VR 3-D graphics core, making it run not only fast, but beautifully when playing games or videos. Unlike most other tablet on the market, it is has an official Dolby sound system, allowing you to get the best sound possible when watching movies on your tablet.  I personally love this feature since it allows me to listen to all of my favorite music on the go.

Having used an iPad for years, I am also happy that the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has both a rear and front facing camera. Having kids, I have found that I never know when the kids are going to be cute, allowing me to take a picture anytime, anywhere on my tablet.  While the front camera may sound like a gimmick, it really is perfect for people like me who work from home, especially since I use Skype to talk to my co-workers and potential clients. Really, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go with kids!

Kindle Fire HD: Apps

Kindle Fire HD If you have kids, you will absolutely love all the apps that are available through the Kindle store.  So far, there are over 22 million different apps available for the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, including games, ebooks, and other functional apps that are perfect for just about any busy lifestyle. This doesn’t count all the apps that are integrated into this tablet, including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Pandora, and Angry Birds. In my household, Angry Birds gets most of the attention since my kids absolutely love playing this game. So far, we have over twenty different games that my kids have been playing on the Kindle Fire, some of them allowing my kids to play with multiple people online. From what I have seen, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD seems to work better through our Wi-fi network than my iPad 3, being much faster and more reliable, making it perfect for gaming online!

Kindle Fire HD: Reading

Kindle Fire HD Since I own both a Kindle and a Kindle Fire, I had very high expectations for the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. My goal was to have a media tablet that could replace my other two Kindles, allowing me to travel with one tablet when I was out with the kids. As someone who is constantly going to soccer games and other activities, it’s nice being able to have a tablet that works for everything and isn’t as costly at the iPad. I have to say that the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD new polarized filter and anti-glare technology is amazing for reading, allowing you to read or watch a movie on the Kindle Fire at any angle. I absolutely love this since this was the major issue I had with the original Kindle Fire – you had to hold it at just the right angle to be able to read outside. Now, it is easy to read just about anywhere on my tablet!

If I had to pick one thing I loved the most about the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, it the lending library feature that comes with my Amazon Prime Memberships.  I am constantly checking out books with my Kindle Fire, allowing me to read not only the latest best sellers, but new authors who publish exclusively to the Kindle Fire. While I haven’t used it often, my daughter has used the X-Ray searching tool that is designed for textbooks. I had purchased some ebooks that were meant to help with her math skills, and from what I have seen, this feature is great at finding different definitions and examples in these texts. With all the different magazines and books available on the Kindle Fire, I don’t see how anyone could go wrong with this awesome tablet!

Kindle Fire HD: What Others Think

So far, everyone in my family loves the new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. We have been using it non-stop since Thanksgiving and can’t wait to use it more. Not only is it great at reading books, but watching movies and playing games. Right now, we are considering purchasing another Kindle Fire HD for my husband to help him keep track of all of his different ebooks. Currently, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has a 3.8 rating on Amazon, making it one of the most popular tablets on the market. Here is what other people are saying about this very popular tablet!

“if you are a PRIME subscriber, this device is a NO BRAINER. Get one ! If not, it is still a great take-along carry-around-the-house gadget, very well built, slim and light. Screen is very responsive, haven’t seen any lag in the Amazon ecosystem Android wrap and the browser is faster than I remember my iPad being. Maybe I am just overjoyed with the fact I spent so little with no great expectations and got this pleasant surprise. I do have one complaint (so far): the power and volume buttons are hard to find and to a certain point frustrating…I saw that in the 7″ and was hoping it would be better in the larger form factor but it is still something that needs improvement (Amazon, are you listening ?). About the ads…really ? I just skip them, so no problem for me. They are not intrusive as you my think, not at all. I am loving this purchase so far.”

“I have had my kindle fire hd for over a week now and i love it. I`ve also had a kindle keyboard and original kindle fire. Was not sure about purchasing the fire hd 8.9 at first but decided i wanted to try the larger screen so i pre-ordered it. I never did use the kindle fire one handed so the larger size of the fire hd doesn`t bother me. I love the hd screen and larger size. Fire hd feels very well constructed. I found it very easy to use but that may be because i had the kindle fire and so was not a first time user. It should still prove easy to use for someone who is new to kindle fire. Fire hd is very fast for surfing the web and watching prime instant videos. Display is incredible with hd content and sound is good for a tablet. I really like having the hdmi out port so i can connect it to my home theater. Some have complained about no charging light like the original fire so you can`t tell when it`s fully charged but while that is an annoyance it`s not enough for me to ding the fire hd in my review. Be careful how much trust you place in the overly negative reviews. A lot of them seem to have been written by, a – apple fan boys who feel threatened and so surf the internet writing negative reviews of competing products, b – people with unreasonable expectations i.e. did not fully read product description before purchasing, and lastly, c – people who are not reviewing the fire hd at all but are leaving negative reviews because they have a bone to pick with amazon. Lastly, just a thought about the lack of apps complaints. Amazon is a merchant not a developer, it is up to the developers to make sure their apps work with the fire hd.”

“This screen is AMAZING!!! Every time I look at it, I’m more impressed.”

“Overall this is a great device. Just get it and feel it in your hands and turn on the screen.Also remember anything made by man can malfunction and when you deliver stuff in high volume,some one can easily get a bad one.It happens with every company, even apple. This tablet is great!”

“Wow I must say that they didn’t lie about the better wi-fi! I’m picking up signals in areas I never did with the first fire or the other more expensive tabs. I’m liking this!”

Kindle Fire HD: Where to Purchase

I personally ordered my 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD from Even though this was necessary for pre-ordering, I would have made the same decision even if it was on the market when I purchased it. One of the main reasons I purchase all of my electronics from Amazon is that they are a great price and have an amazing return policy if something goes wrong. Like all electronics, it’s possible to have something go wrong right out of the box; making it important you work with a company that is known for its great customer service and return policy. If something goes wrong with the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, all you have to do is print out a return label and ship it back to Amazon. It really is as easy as that! With great prices and customer service, why would you do your Christmas shopping anywhere else?

Kindle Fire HD: More Reviews

Want to see what other people think of the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD? Click here to read more reviews written by real people who have purchased this Amazon tablet!


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Playstation Vita

Review of Playstation Vita

Playstation VitaAre you considering purchasing a Playstation Vita for your kids? My oldest daughter has been talking non-stop about this gaming system. One of her friends at school got this portable game system for his birthday and my daughter seems to have a bit of envy. She has already been writing her Santa list and I was surprised to see half of the list as different Playstation Vita bundles! Well, the good news is that we at least know exactly what she wants for Christmas!

Since the Playstation Vita costs so much, I wanted my daughter to see if she really liked it before we spent the money on a PlayStation Vita bundle. Luckily, one of my co-workers has a child wanting a Nintendo DS XL for Christmas, so we were able to do an exchange for two weeks. Both the kids were ecstatic since they were able to play with the system they were wanting to get for Christmas. Of course, no one told either child they were getting one for Christmas – just that they could switch system for two weeks to play with a new toy. After having this system for two week, here is what we think of the Playstation Vita.

Playstation Vita: Features

Playstation VitaI have to admit, I am one of those people who love to get unique things for my kids. Most Playstation Vita’s are black, just like the PS3. The system that my daughter played with that was part of the Assassin’s Creed III bundle pack is a pretty crystal white. Once she saw this system, we knew we had to buy this bundle pack since the coloring was unique and fun! Along with this Wi-Fi enables system looking rather sleek, it has a 5″ multi-touch Organic light emitting display (OLED) screen. This touch screen allows kids to get more evolved in the gaming experience. With the dual analog sticks, front touchpad, rear touchpad, six motion sensors, and 3 axis electronic compass, kids are constantly working on their fine motor skills playing just about any game on the Playstation Vita!

For kids who love to take photos and talk with friends, the Playstation Vita also has front and rear camera. My daughter loved this feature since she loves playing with the cameras like this on my iPad 2. Since the system comes with a 4 Gig memory card, you download a variety of games, videos, and music on the Playstation Vita, allowing kids to have a little portable entertainment system!

Playstation Vita: Games

Assassin's Creed III Since my friend wanted my daughter to get the full experience she would get on Christmas day, she gave us everything that came with her son’s Playstation Vita bundle pack. This included Assassin’s Creed III Liberation. My daughter absolutely loved this since the main character of this game is actually a girl! In this game, you play as a French and African heritage assassin who is fighting against the Spanish right before the American Revolution. What was really cool about this game was that it used all the features of the Playstation Vita, allowing kids to control a canoe using the back control pad and allowing kids to find friend to play with over the geo-location network that is part of the Wi-Fi features in this system. Kids can also play with friends who own the PS3 Assassins Creed game, as well as get exclusive content and trophies through the Playstation Network!

While this is the game that came with the Playstation Vita, there are hundreds of other games out for this system. Almost every popular series for the Playstation 3 has a title for this portable system, allowing kids to play as their favorite characters in a variety of games. You can also download classic PS1 games for this system over the Playstation Network, allowing kids to play a variety of inexpensive games that are classics to most adults!

Playstation Vita: Family Friendly

Playstation VitaIf there is one thing I can say about the PlayStation Vita, it is made for the entire family. There are a variety of games not only for kids, but adults as well. While traveling, kids can also read books, comics, watch movies, and even browse the internet if you have access to a Wi-Fi network. What my daughter really loved about the Playstation Vita is that she could play with her friends and make new friends while playing. Through the geo-location service, she could play just about any game with friends, as well as share her trophies through the systems mobile trophy support system. If you want a system that gets kids interacting with other kids, I highly recommend getting this system as a bundle pack for your kids!

Playstation Vita: In the Box

  • PS Vita (Collector’s Edition with the Assassin’s Creed III set)
  • Assassins Creed III Liberation
  • Memory Card
  • Manual

Playstation Vita: What Others Thinks

From what I have seen after two weeks of use, my daughter absolutely loves the Playstation Vita. To be quite honest, she is writing more letters to Santa after playing with this system. On Amazon, other families are talking non-stop about this system. Currently, this portable system has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the most popular game systems on the site! here is what others are saying about the Playstation Vita…

” The crystal white PS Vita is gorgeous. Much better looking than the dull black version. And the Vita itself is an impressive piece of hardware, capable of doing a lot (which by now you can read any number of reviews all across the internet if you’re interested in specifics).”

” What can i say about the PSV that hasnt already been said? This bundle is worth it. You save 60 bucks easily. Bundle comes with a game and memory card along with the usual cords. The game doesnt come in a game case and the memory card isnt packaged like they are in retail stores. Thats one minor gripe. I played the Vita for a good two hours right out the box before charging. The color is nice. Its different and definitely stands out amongst the black ones. Its very sturdy and when using the touch screen, yours screen wont leave a smudge if you have fairly clean non greasy hands. Colors on the PSV are so bright, youll rarell notice any dust or finger prints on the screen unless you look for them specifically. Sound is good if youre wearing headphones. Thumbs often get in the way of the speakers which causes a distorted sound. Havent played AC3 that much but it seems ok. Ive never beaten an AC game before but i hear they are highly respected amongst gamers. This seems no different. Buy now. The price will rise.”

” The Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation bundle is my first foray into the PS Vita world. I was a huge fan of the PSP, and although I was initially excited for the Vita, it’s launch price kept me at bay. The AC3 Liberation bundle solved that issue however. So now I finally have my hands on this magnificent machine.”

Playstation Vita: Where to Purchase

Since my daughter loves the Playstation Vita so much, my husband and I decided to purchase the PS3 Assassins Creed game bundle for our daughter. To make sure she doesn’t see it before Christmas, we shipped it to my parent’s house where it is sitting in a closet until Christmas. We decided to purchase our bundle pack from Amazon since not only was it the best price I could find online, but was shipped to us free or charge. As well, if something goes wrong or she doesn’t like, I can still send it back to Amazon – no questions asked! Many places have a 30 day return policy, something that is challenging for most Christmas toys – especially if you buy them early. If I waited until Christmas to buy this toy, it would be sold out! If you want to get this hot toy for your kids, make sure to buy it early!

Playstation Vita: More Reviews

Want to learn more about the Playstation Vita? See what real parents and grandparents have to say about this popular game system at’s page. Here you will find a variety of reviews telling you all you need to know about the Playstation Vita bundle pack!

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Playstation 3

Parent Review of the Playstation 3

Playstation 3
Are you considering getting your kids a Playstation 3 for Christmas 2012? While it may be a bit hard to believe, my oldest daughter is a bit of a tom boy. She loves rough housing with the neighborhood boys and playing a variety of co-ed sports. One of the things that shocks so many people, however, is that she also enjoys playing video games. It isn’t too uncommon for her to be switching games with her friends, and also getting into competitions with all of her male friends to see who can beat a certain game the fastest.  Even though I was uncertain about getting her a game system at first, it has been an absolute delight for her and the entire family!

To be honest, I wasn’t really surprised last year when she said she hoped Santa brought her a Playstation 3 for Christmas. After discussing it with my husband, we took our search to Amazon to try finding what we thought would be one of the best packages for my daughter. While we were originally planning on buying our Playstation 3 locally, we found that none of the stores had any Playstation 3 Bundle Packs left in stock, and I refused to get my daughter a game system without an extra game and controller! When she finally did open her Playstation 3 for Christmas, it was a huge hit! After a year of playing on this system, here is what we think of this popular game system!

Playstation 3: Specs

Playstation 3Even though I am not very tech savvy, I am very impressed with the Playstation 3. This system has a large 320 Gig hard drive that can hold lots of downloadable games and saved games. Unlike games of the past, many of the newer games can install more than a gig’s worth of content on your hard drive, making a fairly large hard drive important. With a hard drive of this size, the system can hold up to 1,800 games, 140 movies, 99,000 songs, or 40,000 pictures!

As many gamers know, the hardware in game systems are also important – making it impressive that the PS3 has two processors: an IBM Cell processor and an nVidia graphics processor. I know my daughter and her friends are impressed with how their games look! The only thing I don’t like about the PS3 is that you need an HDMI cable to be able to see games that are capable of being shown in high definition on a 1080p capable television. While you can easily purchase an HDMI cable, this disappointed my husband since he had a hard time finding one right after Christmas. Once we did get an HDMI cable, however, the PS3 looked even more impressive!

Playstation 3: Games

If you have a choice of getting a PS3 Bundle Pack or a normal Playstation 3, I highly recommend getting the bundle pack! While the PS3 claims to come with games, this is only a sample disk. With the bundle pack, however, you will get a full game and a 30 day membership to the Playstation Plus Network, which allows you to download free games and extra content for games you own. With our bundle pack ,we got Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. In this game, the main character, Nathan Drake, is looking for hidden treasure, allowing you to explore and interact with a variety of characters in a shooter setting.  My daughter and husband had a lot of fun playing this game together. Personally, I was awed watching them since this game looked like you were watching a movie, not a video game!

Disney UniverseCurrently, there are hundreds, if not a thousand games available for the Playstation 3. While my daughter loves playing shooter games with Daddy, she also enjoys playing Disney games, such as the Disney Universe series. We have really enjoyed being able to download games on the Playstation Network, allowing us to find a variety of games that are perfect not only for the kids, but my husband.

Playstation 3: Movies

If I had to pick the one thing I love about the Playstation 3, it is that it is able to play Blu-Ray movies! We were considering buying a Blu-ray player, but were able to forgo this extra cost by purchasing the PS3 for my daughter. In my opinion, the PS3 is a video game system and top-notch Blu-ray player in one, saving you money in the long run. From what I have seen, Blu-ray movies are much better quality than a normal DVD and give you the impression you are watching a movie in theatres!

One of the other things my family enjoys about the Playstation 3 is that it is able to stream movies. We are able to use Netflix and Amazon Video. Using the streaming feature is very easy. I personally like it better than most streaming systems since it was designed to be used with a controller – not an annoying remote that doesn’t work half the time. If your family loves to play video games and watch movies – the Playstation 3 really is perfect for you!

Playstation 3: What Others Think

I can say without a doubt that the Playstation 3 was one of the best gifts I had ever purchased my older daughter. Not only can she play video games, but can watch all of her favorite Disney movies on Blu-Ray! With how much this system is used in my family, I can easily give it 5 stars. On Amazon, the PS3 currently has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the most popular items on the site! Here is what others are saying about the Playstation 3!

” I got this the other day as I been wanting a PS3 for a couple years. I finally was able to and decided to get the super slim. I don’t like slot loading drives and prefer top loaders. I also have limits on space. So this came out at a perfect time. It may not be as good looking as the last PS3 model but looks don;t matter much. So far I’m really enjoying it.”

” This is a nice redesign, slimmer and sleeker than the previous PS3. I like this design the best out of all previous PS3 models.

Magnificent sleek new design.
It is priced well.
It has tons of great games.
You can buy PS1 and PS2 games digitally on PSN.
There are a huge selection of PSN and PS3 games on PSN as well.
There is no fee to play games online.
No addtional fee to use Netflix, Amazon Video or Youtube apps.
PlayStation Plus is a great service if you are new to PS3 and here you get 1 month free.
Blu Ray + 3D.
Its not loud.
Lower Power consumption.
You can upgrade your HDD with most laptop HDDs.
Uncharted 3 included is pretty awesome.

Could have used an extra USB port on the back, but its not really that big of a deal.”

” One of the best values available for the PS3 System. Both games are amazing and that hardware itself is simply incredible. Great buy and fast shipping with Amazon Prime!”


Playstation 3: Where to Purchase

While there were some stores cared the Playstation 3in my area, very few of them still had Playstation 3 in stock. I was determined to get one of these for my daughter since I wanted her to have something fun to play on Christmas day. When I took my search online, I found that not only had the best prices, but was able to ship the Playstation 3 to me for free in less than five days. Since it was the middle of the Christmas season, I thought that was quite impressive! With great shipping, pricing, and a selection of Playstation 3 bundles, who wouldn’t want to take care of all of their gaming needs at!

Playstation 3: In the Box

  • Slim Size Playstation 3
  • PS3 Dual Shock 3 Controller
  • 30 Day Playstation Plus Membership
  • Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Game of the Year Edition
  • $45  Worth of Downloadable Content for Drakes Deception

Playstation 3: More Reviews

Want to learn more about this awesome game system? Read what other parents and grandparents have to say about the Playstation 3 on Amazon.

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