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Kindle Fire vs IPad 2: Best Review of the Best Tablet for Teenagers

Kindle Fire
With Christmas right around the corner, many of us are struggling on what to buy our grandchildren for Christmas. If you are anything like me, you are likely struggling with what to buy your teenage grandchildren. My grandson has been asking my son for a tablet all year, but with their tight finances, it is not an option. Rather than get him something that would likely be forgotten in a week, I have decided to purchase a tablet for him for Christmas. With all the competition on the market, it is a bit difficult trying to determine what tablet is best for a teenager.

Being a Kindle owner, I am very intrigued with everything that has come out in the news recently with the Kindle Fire. It seems like a great tablet for the price, and is predicted to be one of the hottest items this Christmas season. While I want to purchase it, I also know that my grandson has had his eyes on an IPad 2. Since both options are a costly investment, I did a bit of research myself on both options, trying to determine if it is worth the money to pre-order a Kindle Fire. I was a bit surprised with what I had found when comparing the Kind Fire and IPad 2.


One of the biggest misconceptions on the market right now is that the Kindle Fire is an IPad 2 killer. While the Kindle Fire is an amazing deal compared to other Android tablets, it was never built to compete with the IPad 2. In actuality, it is competition for the Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Now, I personally disliked the Nook, finding it to be sluggish and hard to read. I purchased one before buying my Kindle, and was very unhappy with its performance, especially when I was reading in a well lit room.
Kindle FireFrom all the information that is available, it looks like the Kindle Fire is going to be like the Kindle, but better. Instead of being a black and white touch screen reader, however, it will be a full touch screen tablet using vibrant colors. While other touch screens are known to be sluggish, it looks like the Kindle Fire is going to be just like the IPad 2 in usability and speed, mostly due to it’s duel core processor. Even though it may be slightly slower than the IPad 2., it runs rings around the Nook and other tablets on the market, working faster and weighing less than most tablets.

The main downside to the Kindle Fire, compared to the IPad 2 is that it has no microphone or camera. The IPad 2 has two cameras, one in the front and one in the back, making it perfect for taking pictures and video conferencing. The Kindle Fire has no camera or microphone, making it a simple starter tablet. As well, the Kindle Fire only has Wi-Fi capability, unlike the IPad 2. which is capable of being put on a cell phone network with its 3G capability.


The area where the Kindle Fire may very well be a killer for the IPad 2 is when it comes to media. While the IPad 2 is very powerful, it is also not as user friendly. The IPad 2. was designed to be a laptop killer, allowing individuals to have a mini laptop that they can bring with them anywhere to do work or run special programs that have made Macs famous for years (mostly artistic and writing programs). This can sometimes make the learning curve for using an IPad 2 a bit high, especially if you want to use it to browse the web or watch movies.
Kindle Fire
When it comes to a media, the Kindle Fire is designed to be both user friendly and have the most options available for people who love to listen to music and watch movies. While the IPad 2. is locked to ITunes, the Kindle is designed to use most applications and music formats since it will be linked to Amazon’s own application store and Amazon’s music download site. This gives individuals access to cheaper programs and music than is available on the IPad. As well, for Amazon Prime members, you can enjoy their streaming service, allowing you to watch as many movies and shows as you want without paying anything more than your normal membership.

Along with having the Amazon application store available, Kindle Fire users will also be able to access the Android store, a feature available on all Android tablets. This will allow users even more access to free applications and cheaper applications that are available on the market. This is a major plus since many programs on ITunes are expensive and heavily monitored by Apple, leaving many Apple users (including those with the IPhone) frustrated. With the Kindle Fire, you will not have to worry about Jail Breaking your system, something that is commonly done with IPad 2. to access non-Apple applications.

One area that has confused many individuals when it comes to the Kindle Fire is that it only has an 8 Gig hard drive, which is much smaller than the IPad 2 (its smallest system has a 16 Gig HD). Part of the reason for this is Amazon gives Kindle Fire users access to the Amazon Cloud. This allows them to watch movies and listen to music anywhere on the go without having to store anything on their tablet. This keeps all of their applications in a safer locations, allowing Kindle Fire users to have a faster system that feels more like their home PC. The Amazon Cloud also allows the Kindle Fire to be excellent at syncing music and movies, allowing users to watch a movie on their tablet, and then later transfer the movie to a local TV with only a push of a button.


Kindle Fire
For grandparents like me who want to get their grandchildren a tablet, the Kindle Fire looks like a better deal for purchasing a tablet for teenagers. For only $199 you are getting an excellent starter tablet that is wonderful for watching movies, reading books, and listening to music. As well, there are hundreds of different applications available at very low prices, allowing your teenager to do just about anything they want with this tablet. Unlike the IPad 2. which is similar to a smart phone, the Kindle Fire is a true tablet, allowing teenager to have a powerful touch screen tablet that will do just about anything they want – even homework on the go!

If you are buying a tablet for a college student, however, I highly recommend buying an IPad 2. While it is more expensive with the cheapest IPad 2 being $499, it is more like a mini PC for college students. It will allow students to do everything the Kindle Fire does while also having all the benefits of owning a small laptop that can go with them anywhere. In many ways, the IPad 2. is like purchasing a laptop and tablet for your grandchild in one!


To help make things easier for other grandparents, we have put the specs of the Kindle Fire and IPad 2 side by side. I know this helped me determine if I should preorder the Kindle Fire for my grandson.
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Where to Purchase the Kindle Fire

Currently the Kindle Fire is available only at, which it will start being available for purchase on November 15. Currently, the Kindle Fire is available for preorder, allowing parents and grandparents the opportunity to buy this excellent tablet early to make sure they have it for the Christmas season. Most tech experts are expecting the Kindle Fire to be the hottest tech item of the 2011 Christmas season. With the Kindle Fire’s low cost, I have already preordered it for my grandson, finding it much more cost effect for me with my current budget.



Learn More About the Kindle Fire

With Christmas being right around the corner, I highly recommend preordering the Kindle Fire now to guarantee you have one for Christmas. To learn more about the Kindle Fire, click here.

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