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MP3 Players for All Your Christmas Music

Christmas is coming and you love everything to do with the holidays. It is your favorite festival. You can’t get enough Christmas music. You want to hear the familiar tunes in the stores, your car, your home and your workplace. With the MP3 technology it is possible to have music to go! Fill up your player with all your favorites.

This solves the problem of not having a stereo in every room of your house. It solves having a car full of Christmas CDs cluttering up your car. It solves subjecting your workmates to your selections.

Load your MP3 player with all your CDs and you will the Seasonal music where ever you go. This is a wonderful use for your player. The idea behind these devices is to give you mobility and flexibility.

Don’t have an MP3 player yet? Not sure which features you need in one? Don’t buy the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player until you check out these tips.


If you plan to use it as you jog or do aerobics you don’t want your MP3 player to be skipping. To prevent having the music play the same line over and over again select one that has flash memory.

Look for a player that has added features. These extras will give you more enjoyment from your player. If you are on the move you don’t want to be burden with it in your hand. A model that can be carried on your arm or clipped to your clothing.

A question you will need to ask yourself is how many megabytes do I need. If you plan to load large amounts of music you will need one with more megabytes. For the Christmas music you might want to look at one with the largest capacity to hold all your favorite songs.

A large easy to read screen allows you to easily see the menu and to make your choices. Without having to guess where you put a particular song you can quickly search and find it.

Let me show you what customers think of the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player:
by Musicfan

If all you are looking for is a great sounding, small, cheap mp3 player with a display and expandability options, then the clip + is your best choice. This is very similar to the old clip with the following major differences:

– two minor button placement changes (improvement)
– UI is a bit smoother (menus scroll now)
– volume normalizing/gain
– micro-SD slot for up to 16 added gigs (which is huge)
– a little thicker, probably due to SD support
– clip is no longer removable (depending on your preference, this is a good or bad thing-guess you could just rip it off and file it down if you wanted to)

As always, it sounds great and blows away the iPod Shuffle in terms of value. So light and small–great for the gym. If you need your mp3 player to play games, surf the internet or serve double purpose as a grocery list, then this isn’t for you, but if you’re on a budget or just need something that plays music and does so well, this is the one.

Having decided what you need you are ready to load it with those cheerful Christmas songs and set out. This sounds like the ideal gift for someone special in your family.
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