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Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle

Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle

A year ago the Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle was introduced to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the extremely popular Super Mario Bros. game franchise. This hand held gaming system has been upgraded with 93% larger screens than the DS Lite.

Although many of the reviewers feel this larger DSi is targeted at the older generation it is a great Christmas gift for all ages. The two larger screens (4.2 inches diagonally) make gaming easier. The clarity and vivid colors are stunning. The games look great. The crisp clean wide angle screen makes it possible to play without having to hunch over the unit. It has an intuitive touch screen that comes with a full size stylus plus a stylus inserted into the console. It is easier to grip with the matt underside and the larger size helps to keep fingers from blocking the screen. There is less glare with the Nintendo DSi XL.

It has a kid friendly camera that can make movies and functions like a webcam so gamers can see each other. In fact there are two digital cameras. One on the back that points away and one that points at the user. The sound is much improved. The clear audio makes it great for listening to music or to record.

The Nintendo DSi XL Red is more interactive. The Pictochat software allows friends to draw or text to 16 others within the local Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

While thin and sleek the unit is durable. Larger and heavier than the DSi it is not suitable for a pocket so it is less likely to be dropped. A real plus with this DSi XL is the long lasting battery.

The Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle is a perfect Christmas gift and is suitable for ages from 5 and up (including many seniors). It comes preloaded with Brain Age Express Math and Brain Age Express Arts and Letters and Mark Kart DS Game Pack. Don’t wait until they are all sold out order today!


* For a complete review see Parent Review of the Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle

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