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Samsung or Seiki Smart TV

Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV Compared to Seiki 40-Inch LED TV

Hot Deals on TV’s for Christmas 2014

Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV

Samsung or Seiki Smart TV
The new smart HD TV’s seem to be on everyone’s Christmas 2014 list. The Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV is the perfect size and price for children, teens, kitchens, and even the living room. The Samsung 32 inch LED TV is a smart television. A smart television has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows the television to stream movies, television shows, YouTube, and much more. The Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV comes with full HD resolution along with a clear motion rate 120, which is perfect for high speed and action clarity. The Samsung has a smart hub, which organizes the user’s entertainment into five panels. Users can navigate through their entertainment panels with ease. Another bonus that the Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV has is smart apps, which allows to access Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, games and all social media. Connect and watch right from the comfort of your couch.

Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 Inch TV Benefits

Samsung or Seiki Smart TVThe Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV is the perfect size for any space, especially for a children, teens, husband, and parent. The smart apps and the built-in Wi-Fi are added features and bonuses. This television has a quad core processor, which will eliminate any lag, so browsing is smooth and quick. Users can even use their smart phone to control the Samsung Smart LED TV.


  • Affordable
    Smart Apps
    Quad Core Processor
    Smart View 2.0
    Smart Hub
    Full Web Browser
    Built-In Wi-Fi
    And so much more…


  • Speakers are located in the back of the TV
    Web browser isn’t great

The Samsung Smart LED 32 Inch Television is priced under three hundred dollars. Shoppers who are wanting to get the Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV should order one now before they are all gone. You can order your Samsung at and have it ready for Christmas 2014.

Why choose the Samsung Smart LED 32-Inch TV?

The Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV is a smart television that allows users to surf the web, stream movies, stream live TV, and rent their movies from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Redbox. The TV has a full HD resolution, and a smart Hub. The Wi-Fi is built in, and is easy to install. The Samsung Smart LED TV is a perfect Christmas 2014 gift for anyone.

What are others are saying about the Samsung Smart 32-inch TV?

Customers that have purchased the Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV love that the television allows them to surf the web. The apps make it easy to go to social media sites, Netflix and Redbox. The television doesn’t lag, and the picture is amazingly clear. The only complaint that most customers have with the smart television is the speakers are located in the rear of the TV. It currently has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating at Here are a few of the comments:

“Great picture…Don’t like the sound to the back so ordered a
front sound bar.”
“This smart tv was the easiest set-up I have ever experienced. The tv has amazing audio & picture clarity. I waited about nine months to switch to a smart tv after having WiFi at home for the past two years, never again. This tv has removed my electronics anxiety! It even copied all of my previous recordings to the new tv, everything was transferred over from my old tv, it has everything you could ask for.”
“The TV has good picture and sound. The wifi set up was easy.I expected more apps already installed. Still missing watch Espn. Hope it comes up soon. The browser is good. Typing with the remote is pain. Although I use my tablet paired with the TV to type, but sometimes I feel if the keyboard was like my old Sony led TV I could do something with the remote while my tab is charging. But overall a good product at a good price.”
“Love my this tv. Not a tech person but I have to say that it meets my expectations and more. I just read in the product description and said that’s the one for me. Not disappointed.”

Seiki 40-Inch LED TV

Seiki 40-Inch LED TV
Seiki 40-Inch LED TV is another great television that would make the perfect gift for Christmas 2014. The Seiki LED TV is forty inches, and features 1080p and 60Hz. The Seiki has Full HD resolution, and advanced direct-lit LED, which provides for an excellent video quality. This television has a parental control feature, so parents who are looking for a television for their teen or child that they can control what they watch, and then this is the perfect TV for Christmas 2014. Seiki 40-Inch LED TV also provides a one-year replacement warranty on the television.


  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
    Direct-lit LED
    Thin Design
    Parental Control
    One Year Warranty


  • Sound is Not Great
    Not a Smart TV

Why Choose the Seiko 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV?

Seiki 40-Inch LED TVWhy choose the Seiki 40-Inch LED TV for Christmas 2014? The Seiko is a nice size television that offers a quality picture. The 40 inch is great for games, movies, and television shows. For the price, you can’t beat it. The Seiki cost under $250.00. Parents who want to control what their children are watching will definitely appreciate the parental control that comes with the Seiko.

What are others are saying about the Seiko 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV?

Customers who have purchased the Seiki 40-Inch LED TV say the television has an excellent picture, and was easy to set up and install. Parents who have purchased the television love that they can control their children’s viewing. The price is great, and is why people went with this television, because of the size and the price. For this TV it is rated at

3.9 out of 5 stars at Here are some of the remarks about it:
“Great picture for the price. Easy setup. Delivered on time. would buy it again.”
“This is probably a 3.5 star TV but Amazon says 4 stars means you like it, and I do – with reservations. For the price (when on sale), it can’t be beat.”
“Great purchase! Excellent picture and VALUE for the $$$!”
“his is a very nice tv. I brought it 4 years and it’s very nice. Picture quality is great. Sound isn’t best”
“nice price and great value”

Final Thoughts

Many people are looking for the best television for Christmas 2014 gifts. The Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV is an excellent option for those looking for a HDTV that has built-in Wi-Fi. The Seiki 40-Inch LED TV offers a great picture too. The Seiko isn’t a smart television, but is a bigger screen. Both of these televisions are great Christmas 2014 gifts that anyone would love receiving.

Where to Purchase the Samsung or Seiki Smart TV

Both the Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV and the Seiki 40-Inch LED TV can be purchased from You will find great prices on them at Amazon and they will be delivered right to your front door with Free Shipping.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment

Samsung H5500 Smart LED 32 inch TV
Seiki 40-Inch LED TV

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