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Wii Hardware Bundle

Wii Hardware Bundle New for Christmas 2010

Wii Hardware Bundle
Can it really be four short years since everyone had to have a Wii? Nintendo has just released a new version the Wii Hardware Bundle. Available November 7, 2010 it is just in time for this Christmas. The Wii still remains the most affordable family friendly game console. It is especially great with games for younger children.

The new Wii is sporting a Wii Remote Plus Controller that offers players precision motion controls all in one unit. This newer version is undoubtedly in response to the Kinect for Xbox 360 and Playstation Move. The Kinect allows players to interact with their television sets without a controller. The Playstation Move controller is touted to have world’s most accurate motion gaming experience. The Wii new version is compatible with all the older controller configurations.

Included in the bundle are both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. The Wii Sports has been a favorite of Wii owners for sometime. My daughter and her family recently added the Wii Sports to their Wii system and my five year old granddaughter loves to play the golf game on it.
Wii Hardware Bundle Black
The Wii is extremely easy to set up right out of the box. It has a compact thin unobtrusive console that does not over power your entertainment center. Nintendo has a huge library of games with which it is compatible.

Owners of these new Wii consoles have this to say:

M. Consoli
Love it, can’t stop playing – would highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase a new game console. Honestly, I originally thought the included games (Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort) seemed a little cheesy, but they are actually VERY fun, and we’ve played them for hours at a time. We also got the Wii fit plus bundle, and got a $50 credit toward another game!

S. Mahat
It is the best gaming console for all ages. Gets you moving and also gets you to use your other skills. The Wii sports is a classic with baseball, golf, boxing, bowling and tennis. Every few days, when you play it, you will enjoy it again and again. Remote is responsive and console is great also for watching streaming movies from some movie rental services. Built-in wifi makes it a great gaming console.

For the price and all around family fun Wii Hardware Bundle New for Christmas 2010 is the best family oriented entertaining game console. Available in white or in black.

To add to this year’s excitement of an updated Wii Nintendo has produce a red console. This celebrates Mario’s 25th anniversary and is just in time for Christmas. It is sure to find its way under many Christmas trees this year.Wii Hardware Bundle Red

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