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Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine

Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine For Christmas 2014

Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine

A Great Christmas 2014 Gift Idea for Crafty Moms

Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting MachineDoes your mom love doing crafts? It’s hard to purchase for moms, who love doing crafts, a fun and exciting Christmas gift, but the Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starter Bundle is an amazing Christmas 2014 gift idea for any crafty mom. The Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Starter Bundle is an electronic cutting machine that can cut all different types of materials, and up to twelve inches wide, and even up to ten feet long.
The Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starter Bundle is the ultimate ‘Do It Yourself’ machine. It can cut vinyl, fabric, paper, cardstock, and it can even heat transfer material. The Silhouette Studio software comes with the cutting machine starting bundle, so mom can create, make, and design neat craft things.

Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starting Bundle Benefits

Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting MachineThe Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starter Bundle comes complete with the silhouette studio software and can do so many things, which include:

  • Cutting Over 100 Materials
    Full Twelve Inch Cutting Width
    Cuts Any Font On Your PC
    Creates Designs
    Over 50,000 Pre-Designed Shapes
    Cut Precisely
    Full-Color LCD Screen
    Cross Cutter
    Superior Quality Blades
    Superior Belts
    One Year Warranty
    All Designs
    Hours of Crafting and Creating
    And so much more…

The Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starter Bundle is the perfect Christmas 2014 gift for any crafty moms. It is the only ultimate ‘Do It Yourself’ machine that your mom would love to have. The silhouette cameo electronic machine is easy to use. Your mom can print, cut, do custom apparel, scrapbooking, create cards, and so much more.

Why Choose the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Starter Bundle for your Mom for Christmas 2014?

Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting MachineIf you mom loves doing crafts, creating and designing, then the Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starter Bundle would be the perfect Christmas 2014 gift. There is so much that you mom can create and do with the cameo machine. Your mom will never get bored with the cameo electronic machine, and it will last her a lifetime.

What Others Are Saying about the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Starter Bundle?

Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Others who have purchased the Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starter Bundle absolutely love the creativeness that happens with the electronic machine. The silhouette came is lightweight, so it is easy to transport. The paper peels off easy, and the cut quality is excellent. The machine is a bit loud, but the machine works great! The Silhouette Cameo Machine is easy to set up, as it only takes about fifteen minutes. There is so much that you can do with this machine, and if your mom is a crafter, then she will fall in love with it.
There are more than 1200 reviews of the Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starting Bundle at Over 900 of these are 5 stars. The Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starting Bundle has a outstanding 4.6 out of a 5 star rating at Amazon. Here is a sample of some of the comments:

It’s amazing the projects you can do on this machine!
his is a great little machine, i really have no complaints(its a bit noisy tho). i just suggest to read the directions completely so you know how everything works, when i first got it hooked up and started playing with it i messed up a few projects just from not taking my time and reading the directions. Once i finally figured it out you can do a lot of cool projects and save your self some money making your own unique items!
I have enjoyed this Silhouette Cameo so very much.. The learning on the many ways to use the cameo is unlimited. I have made so many gifts.
love this product. The website is very user friendly and the support people are super helpful. I had a basic question before I ordered and they answered my question in a quick and friendly manner. Highly recommend this product.

Final Thoughts About the Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starting Bundle

The Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starter Bundle is the perfect Christmas 2014 gift for mom’s who love to craft, create, and design. Cutting precisely around designs and images can be done with the cutting machine. Your mom can make her own stickers, iron on for T-shirts, and so much more. There is just so much that the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Starter Bundle can do that it just makes the perfect Christmas 2014 gift for your mom.

Where to Purchase the Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starting Bundle

The Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Machine Starter Bundle currently has a 22% savings at It will ship Free right to your front door.
You can get the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Starter Bundle in time for Christmas 2014 if you order it today. The Silhouette cutting machine is selling out quick, because it is so sought out, so make sure you order it today if you want to give your mom a Christmas 2014 gift that she will absolutely love.

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Christmas Table Centerpieces

4 Marvelous Christmas Table Centerpieces – To Make

Marvelous Christmas Table Centerpieces - To Make
Christmas is a time to pull out all the stops, a chance to create a wonderland of Holiday decor in your home!  However, these festive decorations can get expensive so in this article we will discuss a four quick, easy, and best of all inexpensive Christmas Centerpiece ideas!

The Christmas dinner table should be dressed in all its majesty for this special meal – Here are a few quick ideas to lay the foundation for your magnificent centerpiece.

First Steps to Make Your Christmas Table Centerpieces

  1. Begin with a solid color fabric tablecloth, White, Taupe, or Beige is best but Christmas Red, Forest Green or Gold will work just as well.
  2. Drape a smaller colorful print tablecloth or hemmed fabric across the midsection of your table; set the cloth in the opposite direction of the tablecloth.  If your table is rectangular, drape the cloth in the middle with corners pointing toward the floor and walls.
  3. Place crystal, silver or gold candlesticks at each side of the centerpiece (or where it will sit) these should not be higher than your centerpiece, even with candles in place.

You are now ready to choose your project; what follows are four ideas and instructions for creating the perfect Christmas centerpiece quickly and with minimum cost!

  • Faux Gift Box
  • Jingle Bell Bowl
  • Lemon/Lime Lace &      Lovely
  • Santa’s Candy Cane Vase

Faux Gift Box Christmas Centerpiece

Faux Gift Box Christmas Centerpiece
Begin by finding up an empty box, with separate lid.  It should be square, around 8 inches tall.

Supplies for Faux Gift Box Christmas Centerpiece:

  • Gold, silver or other shiny gift-wrap
  • 3 ft. gold, sliver or other flocked ribbon
  • 3 ft. printed Christmas ribbon
  • One 6-inch diameter bow
  • Scotch tape
  • White tissue paper

Directions for Faux Gift Box Christmas Centerpiece:

  1. Wrap the box with shiny paper, tucking the edges over the rim and secure with tape.
  2. Wrap lid in the same paper, tucking edges under and securing with tape.
  3. Wrap the box with the ribbon, using two pieces cut to fit just up to where the lid will sit.
  4. Wrap box lid with ribbon to appear connected to ribbon on box.
  5. Secure large ribbon bow on lid with tape or use hot glue gun or self-adhesive bow.
  6. Rumple 3-4 pieces of white tissue paper and place in the between the candlesticks where your centerpiece will sit.
  7. Place your beautiful pretend gift in the center of your table.  Arrange tissue paper to resemble piles of snow around package!

Jingle Bell Bowl Christmas Centerpiece

Jingle Bell Bowl Christmas Centerpiece
This is a simple, simple, little arrangement — but it’s very beautiful!

We all have pretty clear glass bowls in our china cupboards or hidden away for safekeeping.  Pull yours out and use it in this quick and easy design.

Supplies for Jingle Bell Bowl Christmas Centerpiece:

  • Large deep 10′ or 12′ inch clear glass bowl, punch bowl or pedestal (Trifle) bowl
  • 24 small silver jingle bells
  • 24 small green jingle bells
  • 24 small red jingle bells
  • 12 medium sized white Christmas bows

Note: These bells can be found at any craft store.

Directions for Jingle Bell Bowl Christmas Centerpiece:

  1. Simply pour the jingle bells into the bowl in layers.  Begin with the red bells, arrange in a single layer until you run out of bells.  Repeat this with the      other color
  2. Toss as many white bows over top of the bells as you desire, that’s it!  Your cute jingle bells centerpiece is finished.  Set on your table and enjoy!

Large bells can be substituted for all or part of the bells layers for added festive effects!

Lemon/Lime Lace Lovely Christmas Centerpiece

Lemon/Lime Lace Lovely Christmas Centerpiece
This project begins at the florist shop.  Purchase a few Lemon leaves and you’re on your way.

Supplies for Lemon/Lime Lace Lovely Christmas Centerpiece:

  • 20 lemon leaves
  • 8 smooth skinned lemons
  • 4 smaller, smooth skinned limes
  • Shallow clear glass bowl or decorative short pedestal platter, at least 6 inches wide
  • 3-4 yards pretty lace
  • 3 festive small tassels or thin Christmas ribbon curls

Directions for Lemon/Lime Lace Lovely Christmas Centerpiece:

  1. Place the lemon leaves in the bottom of the shallow bowl, clear glass works best so the leaves will show.  Allow some of the leaves to overlap the edges of the bowl.
  2. Position lemons and limes in bowl in a relaxed fashion.
  3. Intertwine the lace in, around and under various lemons and limes.
  4. Place the tassels so they hang over the edges of the bowl, these look good grouped together and left hanging over the front edge.  Use  your own instincts here.
  5. Add one or two curls of ribbon in and then you are finished!

Place this fun, tangy arrangement center-point of your Christmas table.

And now last but by no mean least is this fantastic, colorful and dramatic centerpiece.  Its fun and goes together in a snap, literally!

Santa’s Candy Cane Vase Christmas Centerpiece

Santa's Candy Cane Vase Christmas Centerpiece

Supplies for Santa’s Candy Cane Vase Christmas Centerpiece:

At least 24 individually wrapped red and white striped candy canes.

  • 1 empty coffee can or vase that is not taller than the candy canes
  • 1 large thick rubber band
  • 36 inches of wide red ribbon
  • 1 medium sized red ribbon bow
  • 1 roll double-sided scotch tape
  • Small tightly bundles grouping of red or white flowers

Directions for Santa’s Candy Cane Vase Christmas Centerpiece:

  1. Begin by purchasing a small bouquet of red or white mini-roses or a bright bouquet of pine boughs, holly berries and leaves.  This bouquet should be no more than 8 inches tall including the tightly bound stems, and as wide as the vase or more, 6-8 inches wide.
  2. Place a long strip of double sided tape around the outside top edge of the vase or coffee can.
  3. Position rubber band on vase/can situating it about half way down; this is going to hold the candy canes as well as the tape in place.
  4. Insert enough candy canes under the rubber band snug against the next and with crooks out, to completely cover the outside of the vase/can.  Make sure there are no spaces for the vase/can to show through.
  5. Place another piece of tape around candy canes, over the rubber band.  Measure ribbon around diameter of vase/can, cut and place this ribbon on top of the double-sided tape to secure the ribbon. Secure medium sized bow to ribbon at seam.
  6. Carefully pour a small amount of warm water into vase, place your pretty flowers in the vase!

You have completed this terrific centerpiece.  Place in the middle of your prepared table.  This centerpiece has that “Wow” factor you are after, step back and enjoy it!

Whichever you idea you choose to decorate your Christmas table, your guests will be awed at the beauty you created!  These ideas are inexpensive to make, but look exquisite; adding that undeniable glow under the candlelight and the warmth of the Christmas season; relax now and bask the radiance!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas Tree Skirts-Make It Yourself

Christmas Tree Skirts-Make It Yourself

Wonderful (Green) Inexpensive Christmas Tree Skirts-Make It Yourself!

A Christmas tree skirt is a useful, decorative tool under almost every Christmas tree, covering a multitude of tree-stand imperfections. Chances are we are all using the same tree-stands every year. This common and sometimes old, cumbersome, eyesore may need to be hidden!

So here in this article we will discuss creative ways to make the needed Christmas tree skirt. If you put some thought into it, you can come up with lots of great, clever ways to disguise that beat-up stand, or you can use one of these suggestions–a couple even qualify for “Green” ideas!

Cowboy/Western Christmas Tree Skirt theme:

Go to any fabric store and hunt up the cowboy, western, and country patterned, flannel cloth. This is a heavy cloth that is used in making PJs and warm shirts, etc. Well, it can easily become a Christmas tree skirt.

Supplies for a Christmas Tree Skirt:

4 yards of 45″ wide cowboy, western, or country print flannel
4-1/4 yards fringed trim (if desired)
Fabric glue

Instructions for Christmas Tree Skirt:

Lay cloth on a worktable, right side up.

  1.  Working in small 6-inch sections, spread a 6″ line of fabric glue onto cloth
  2. Place 6″ fringe along glue line, pressing as you go to adhere the fringe to the cloth.
  3. Repeat this step until you reach the end of the cloth. Cut fringe.
  4. Leave one inch of the attached cloth, turn, and glue end down.
  5. Allow glue to dry for 4 hours.
  6. Arrange the cloth around the tree stand. If no trim is desired, just skip that step.

If you like, you can find cowboy, farm, western-themed Christmas ornaments to adorn the cloth, using the same fabric glue to attach.

Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt

This is a fun and fabulous idea and faux fur is very inexpensive and when added under the tree creates a certain warm feeling in the room. The faux fur fabric comes in a rainbow of colors and textures. Brown imitation mink is very glamorous! This fabric creates limitless possibilities in a fertile mind!

Purchase 4 yards of the fabric; no need to add to it, it’s dramatic as is. Simply arrange the fabric under your tree in folds to add that classy, special something to your holiday décor.

Light and lovely lace Christmas Tree Skirt (Go Green)

Have you ever gone to a second-hand store, such as Goodwill, and seen hangers and racks full of beautiful lace curtains and tablecloths? These are great to purchase and use for beautiful Christmas tree skirts. No sewing involved in these quick and easy skirts!

These sheer curtains are available in any color, with or without patterns, and they supply the creative mind with a multitude of possibilities. As you will see, some are made of silks, satins, and even lovely pastels; they are more than willing to become your new tree skirt.

  •  Simply purchase a few in the same pattern or texture and gracefully lay them under your tree in a pretty draping fashion.

Tablecloths make a Christmas Tree Skirt-From that same second-hand store

Lacy, crocheted, and open-weave patterned tablecloths work best for this project. These older tablecloths may have a few light stains and are past their prime for use on a table-scape, but arranged under the warm glow of your Christmas tree lights, they receive the gift of salvation and become useful and beautiful once more!

  • Simply purchase a few of these vintage or antique tablecloths (if you are really lucky) in the same pattern or texture and gracefully lay these under your tree, simply wrapped around the tree stand.

Anyone can create drama under the Christmas tree and do it without spending much money. In these times of economic pressure, and at this time of year, saving money is of utmost importance; try one of these simple ideas under your tree this year.  You will be the only one who knows from whence that lovely and creative Christmas tree skirt cometh.

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Christmas Card Art

Christmas Card Art-Two Beautiful Ways

Christmas Card Art
What can you do with the Christmas cards received this year!  Recycle them of course!

I have a plan — I can’t stand to part with even one of the greeting cards I get, ever!  So I have to be creative in my hording or stashing away of these precious cards.

Christmas cards can be beautiful and elaborate, foiled and embossed with majestic script and detailed artwork on the fronts; how can we possibly toss these into the trash?  If you are like me, you can’t!  So then they will have to be reused, much like re-gifting only in a lesser way.

I got a lovely card the other day, it was a big one and not fancy, but it spoke volumes to me.  On the front were two sparrows; I love sparrows! The birds were perched on the branch of a tree, the winter branch had no leaves left but the two were sitting there, looking into each others eyes, can’t you just hear them peeping?  In red were the words “I Love you” plain and simple.  I plan to frame this card, it touched my heart so.

Here’s how to frame Christmas cards:

  • The card front is 8” x 5” take a pair of fancy pinking shears that make a delicate scalloped edge and cut the edges of the card, then cut it away from the back.  (I’ll talk about the back later.)

To frame Christmas cards I will need the following supplies:

  1.  1 or more Christmas cards you want to keep forever, they need not be Santa (type) if you plan to use them in your home year round.
  2. 1 frame with glass, plan for 2 inches bigger on each side 10” x 7.5 or 8”.  All craft stores sell inexpensive wood frames.
  3. Stain and clear finish for the frame, if desired
  4. Colored paper for the backing.  Again I can recycle using a piece of corrugated cardboard, stained the appropriate color using watercolors paints.  Or just leave it plain brown, that’s nice too.
  5. Gold paint in a ballpoint tube, available at the craft stores; it’s paint in a pen and very easy to use.  I will use this to outline the picture once mounted on the backing.  A thin line (or more) of this gold paint around the picture adds drama and class to the project.

Once all these things are done to my specifications I can assemble the picture.  After affixing a picture hanger on the back I am now ready to hang this picture in my guest room or anywhere it fits the décor.

I’ve done this form of recycling with used Christmas cards for a few years, replacing the pictures as often as I like.

Now, what do I do with the insides of the cards? If they are hand written and from people I love or who love me – I cut only the handwritten signatures with their words out and I have assembled these signatures into poster sized framed art!

Here’s how to make Christmas card signatures into a poster:

It’s really quite simple.

  • Cut or carefully tear the backs from the fronts and make two piles.  Then separate the signatures you are going to use to another pile.  Shred the ones you aren’t going to use, you know the ones you got from your insurance agency or the bank?  They make great packing materials to use to protect the gifts you must ship.
  • Now, you have a stack of salutations to use in your personal love and best wishes collage poster artwork!
  • Using pinking shears (that are available in several patterns making zigzag, scalloped, and wavy patterned edges and will work on any paper) cut the hand written messages out of the card backs.  These will be used in your collage.

Supplies needed for this project:

  • Pinking shears in various patterns
  • Double sided scotch tape
  • Poster sized backing, poster board, cardboard, colored paper
  • Hanging poster frame with glass
  • Various small paper, foam, ribbon or foil accents, to add color

This whole project will be done on the backing you choose.  It should be one color (part of it will show through) one piece and fit the frame perfectly.

  • Arrange the cut scraps of Christmas greetings on the backing in a loose informal way, be creative since it’s going to be looking back at you for a while after it’s hung.  Have fun arranging the accents around to create drama and glitz.
  • After you have each one set where you want it, then lift it off of its spot, affix a piece of double sided tape to its back and replace it, do one at a time so you’ll remember where it was.  Soon you’ll have all the love signatures attached.  Then you put it in the frame, put on the back and viola you have completed this terrific love poster!

Its fun also to collect the cards and signatures from only one person over the span of a few years and then using this same method, create a gift FOR that person using their own words and signatures!  This is an opportunity to be very creative, using color backings and accents.  Talk about re-gifting!

Almost every room in my own home is adorned in some way with recycled Christmas cards; in art made from these cards or just the love note signatures from the people I love the most!

This is a great way to re-use the pretty and thoughtful holiday cards you receive each year, as well as creating ways to remember the emotions of Christmas all year long, for they are there hanging artfully and

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Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas stocking fillers by the million – well almost!

Stocking fillers

There’s millions of Christmas stocking fillers out there. Yes, and a million stockings waiting to be filled, too. Right, the hands are up. Okay, maybe a teeny weeny bit of an exaggeration. I admit it. Hey, but it got you reading!

You know, it’s not that difficult to make your own Christmas stocking. Not really. Even if you’re not exactly an expert with the needle and thread. If you are then making your own should be simple. Easier still if you know how to operate a sewing machine. But if all you’re good for is cutting out a couple of sock-like shapes, and then using a dab or two of glue, that’s fine. You can still call yourself a bona fide qualified Christmas stocking crafts person!

Of course, you can start the ball rolling using real socks, but maybe that’s cheating a bit. Luckily, they come two to the pair. Cuts the cost in half. Ahem…yes. Please, no more stocking filler or Christmas stocking jokes.

What material are you going to use? Any old sheets going spare? Curtains? Buy some velvety material for a rather more extravagant look. If you’ve got lots of time and are good at knitting, there are plenty of patterns available for Christmas socks. Knitted Christmas stockings look simply great. If not, what colour of material are you going to use? Red, if you can get it, is nice. Looks more festive. Let’s assume you’ve now got your hands on a couple of square metres of material.

Grab a large sheet of cardboard from an old box or something and draw the shape of a sock on it. This is going to be our template. Doesn’t have to be fancy or anything. Now cut out carefully and keep. Make sure it’s large enough to allow for glued or sewn edges. Next, place the template on the material and draw around it with some chalk or pencil. Repeat as many times as required for the number of socks you intend to make.

You should have an even number of sock shapes, which goes without saying. Grab two of them and place one on top of the other. Carefully, dab the glue along the edges to seal them together. Make sure you leave the top of the sock open. Otherwise, how are you going to put the christmas stocking fillers in? If you intend to sew them together by hand, the whole process will take you a lot longer, especially if you’ve more than one stocking to make.

The last part involves decorating the stocking, perhaps even personalizing each one with at least the name of the recipient. This can be done using a simple label, which can be glued or sewn on. It’s entirely up to you. Put little dabs of glue all over the surface and then sprinkle with tiny flakes of glitter. Shake the excess off when the glue is dry for a lovely, sparkly effect.

A good way to finish off is to add a stylish border around the top of the sock using a different coloured material. If you’ve got it, some kind of white lace material would be ideal.

That’s it, another few Christmas stockings to add to the million waiting to be filled up with amazing stocking fillers. Oops, sorry, I forgot. It’s that teeny weeny bit of an exaggeration, again!

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