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Christmas Card Art

Christmas Card Art-Two Beautiful Ways

Christmas Card Art
What can you do with the Christmas cards received this year!  Recycle them of course!

I have a plan — I can’t stand to part with even one of the greeting cards I get, ever!  So I have to be creative in my hording or stashing away of these precious cards.

Christmas cards can be beautiful and elaborate, foiled and embossed with majestic script and detailed artwork on the fronts; how can we possibly toss these into the trash?  If you are like me, you can’t!  So then they will have to be reused, much like re-gifting only in a lesser way.

I got a lovely card the other day, it was a big one and not fancy, but it spoke volumes to me.  On the front were two sparrows; I love sparrows! The birds were perched on the branch of a tree, the winter branch had no leaves left but the two were sitting there, looking into each others eyes, can’t you just hear them peeping?  In red were the words “I Love you” plain and simple.  I plan to frame this card, it touched my heart so.

Here’s how to frame Christmas cards:

  • The card front is 8” x 5” take a pair of fancy pinking shears that make a delicate scalloped edge and cut the edges of the card, then cut it away from the back.  (I’ll talk about the back later.)

To frame Christmas cards I will need the following supplies:

  1.  1 or more Christmas cards you want to keep forever, they need not be Santa (type) if you plan to use them in your home year round.
  2. 1 frame with glass, plan for 2 inches bigger on each side 10” x 7.5 or 8”.  All craft stores sell inexpensive wood frames.
  3. Stain and clear finish for the frame, if desired
  4. Colored paper for the backing.  Again I can recycle using a piece of corrugated cardboard, stained the appropriate color using watercolors paints.  Or just leave it plain brown, that’s nice too.
  5. Gold paint in a ballpoint tube, available at the craft stores; it’s paint in a pen and very easy to use.  I will use this to outline the picture once mounted on the backing.  A thin line (or more) of this gold paint around the picture adds drama and class to the project.

Once all these things are done to my specifications I can assemble the picture.  After affixing a picture hanger on the back I am now ready to hang this picture in my guest room or anywhere it fits the décor.

I’ve done this form of recycling with used Christmas cards for a few years, replacing the pictures as often as I like.

Now, what do I do with the insides of the cards? If they are hand written and from people I love or who love me – I cut only the handwritten signatures with their words out and I have assembled these signatures into poster sized framed art!

Here’s how to make Christmas card signatures into a poster:

It’s really quite simple.

  • Cut or carefully tear the backs from the fronts and make two piles.  Then separate the signatures you are going to use to another pile.  Shred the ones you aren’t going to use, you know the ones you got from your insurance agency or the bank?  They make great packing materials to use to protect the gifts you must ship.
  • Now, you have a stack of salutations to use in your personal love and best wishes collage poster artwork!
  • Using pinking shears (that are available in several patterns making zigzag, scalloped, and wavy patterned edges and will work on any paper) cut the hand written messages out of the card backs.  These will be used in your collage.

Supplies needed for this project:

  • Pinking shears in various patterns
  • Double sided scotch tape
  • Poster sized backing, poster board, cardboard, colored paper
  • Hanging poster frame with glass
  • Various small paper, foam, ribbon or foil accents, to add color

This whole project will be done on the backing you choose.  It should be one color (part of it will show through) one piece and fit the frame perfectly.

  • Arrange the cut scraps of Christmas greetings on the backing in a loose informal way, be creative since it’s going to be looking back at you for a while after it’s hung.  Have fun arranging the accents around to create drama and glitz.
  • After you have each one set where you want it, then lift it off of its spot, affix a piece of double sided tape to its back and replace it, do one at a time so you’ll remember where it was.  Soon you’ll have all the love signatures attached.  Then you put it in the frame, put on the back and viola you have completed this terrific love poster!

Its fun also to collect the cards and signatures from only one person over the span of a few years and then using this same method, create a gift FOR that person using their own words and signatures!  This is an opportunity to be very creative, using color backings and accents.  Talk about re-gifting!

Almost every room in my own home is adorned in some way with recycled Christmas cards; in art made from these cards or just the love note signatures from the people I love the most!

This is a great way to re-use the pretty and thoughtful holiday cards you receive each year, as well as creating ways to remember the emotions of Christmas all year long, for they are there hanging artfully and

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