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Christmas Table Centerpieces

4 Marvelous Christmas Table Centerpieces – To Make

Marvelous Christmas Table Centerpieces - To Make
Christmas is a time to pull out all the stops, a chance to create a wonderland of Holiday decor in your home!  However, these festive decorations can get expensive so in this article we will discuss a four quick, easy, and best of all inexpensive Christmas Centerpiece ideas!

The Christmas dinner table should be dressed in all its majesty for this special meal – Here are a few quick ideas to lay the foundation for your magnificent centerpiece.

First Steps to Make Your Christmas Table Centerpieces

  1. Begin with a solid color fabric tablecloth, White, Taupe, or Beige is best but Christmas Red, Forest Green or Gold will work just as well.
  2. Drape a smaller colorful print tablecloth or hemmed fabric across the midsection of your table; set the cloth in the opposite direction of the tablecloth.  If your table is rectangular, drape the cloth in the middle with corners pointing toward the floor and walls.
  3. Place crystal, silver or gold candlesticks at each side of the centerpiece (or where it will sit) these should not be higher than your centerpiece, even with candles in place.

You are now ready to choose your project; what follows are four ideas and instructions for creating the perfect Christmas centerpiece quickly and with minimum cost!

  • Faux Gift Box
  • Jingle Bell Bowl
  • Lemon/Lime Lace &      Lovely
  • Santa’s Candy Cane Vase

Faux Gift Box Christmas Centerpiece

Faux Gift Box Christmas Centerpiece
Begin by finding up an empty box, with separate lid.  It should be square, around 8 inches tall.

Supplies for Faux Gift Box Christmas Centerpiece:

  • Gold, silver or other shiny gift-wrap
  • 3 ft. gold, sliver or other flocked ribbon
  • 3 ft. printed Christmas ribbon
  • One 6-inch diameter bow
  • Scotch tape
  • White tissue paper

Directions for Faux Gift Box Christmas Centerpiece:

  1. Wrap the box with shiny paper, tucking the edges over the rim and secure with tape.
  2. Wrap lid in the same paper, tucking edges under and securing with tape.
  3. Wrap the box with the ribbon, using two pieces cut to fit just up to where the lid will sit.
  4. Wrap box lid with ribbon to appear connected to ribbon on box.
  5. Secure large ribbon bow on lid with tape or use hot glue gun or self-adhesive bow.
  6. Rumple 3-4 pieces of white tissue paper and place in the between the candlesticks where your centerpiece will sit.
  7. Place your beautiful pretend gift in the center of your table.  Arrange tissue paper to resemble piles of snow around package!

Jingle Bell Bowl Christmas Centerpiece

Jingle Bell Bowl Christmas Centerpiece
This is a simple, simple, little arrangement — but it’s very beautiful!

We all have pretty clear glass bowls in our china cupboards or hidden away for safekeeping.  Pull yours out and use it in this quick and easy design.

Supplies for Jingle Bell Bowl Christmas Centerpiece:

  • Large deep 10′ or 12′ inch clear glass bowl, punch bowl or pedestal (Trifle) bowl
  • 24 small silver jingle bells
  • 24 small green jingle bells
  • 24 small red jingle bells
  • 12 medium sized white Christmas bows

Note: These bells can be found at any craft store.

Directions for Jingle Bell Bowl Christmas Centerpiece:

  1. Simply pour the jingle bells into the bowl in layers.  Begin with the red bells, arrange in a single layer until you run out of bells.  Repeat this with the      other color
  2. Toss as many white bows over top of the bells as you desire, that’s it!  Your cute jingle bells centerpiece is finished.  Set on your table and enjoy!

Large bells can be substituted for all or part of the bells layers for added festive effects!

Lemon/Lime Lace Lovely Christmas Centerpiece

Lemon/Lime Lace Lovely Christmas Centerpiece
This project begins at the florist shop.  Purchase a few Lemon leaves and you’re on your way.

Supplies for Lemon/Lime Lace Lovely Christmas Centerpiece:

  • 20 lemon leaves
  • 8 smooth skinned lemons
  • 4 smaller, smooth skinned limes
  • Shallow clear glass bowl or decorative short pedestal platter, at least 6 inches wide
  • 3-4 yards pretty lace
  • 3 festive small tassels or thin Christmas ribbon curls

Directions for Lemon/Lime Lace Lovely Christmas Centerpiece:

  1. Place the lemon leaves in the bottom of the shallow bowl, clear glass works best so the leaves will show.  Allow some of the leaves to overlap the edges of the bowl.
  2. Position lemons and limes in bowl in a relaxed fashion.
  3. Intertwine the lace in, around and under various lemons and limes.
  4. Place the tassels so they hang over the edges of the bowl, these look good grouped together and left hanging over the front edge.  Use  your own instincts here.
  5. Add one or two curls of ribbon in and then you are finished!

Place this fun, tangy arrangement center-point of your Christmas table.

And now last but by no mean least is this fantastic, colorful and dramatic centerpiece.  Its fun and goes together in a snap, literally!

Santa’s Candy Cane Vase Christmas Centerpiece

Santa's Candy Cane Vase Christmas Centerpiece

Supplies for Santa’s Candy Cane Vase Christmas Centerpiece:

At least 24 individually wrapped red and white striped candy canes.

  • 1 empty coffee can or vase that is not taller than the candy canes
  • 1 large thick rubber band
  • 36 inches of wide red ribbon
  • 1 medium sized red ribbon bow
  • 1 roll double-sided scotch tape
  • Small tightly bundles grouping of red or white flowers

Directions for Santa’s Candy Cane Vase Christmas Centerpiece:

  1. Begin by purchasing a small bouquet of red or white mini-roses or a bright bouquet of pine boughs, holly berries and leaves.  This bouquet should be no more than 8 inches tall including the tightly bound stems, and as wide as the vase or more, 6-8 inches wide.
  2. Place a long strip of double sided tape around the outside top edge of the vase or coffee can.
  3. Position rubber band on vase/can situating it about half way down; this is going to hold the candy canes as well as the tape in place.
  4. Insert enough candy canes under the rubber band snug against the next and with crooks out, to completely cover the outside of the vase/can.  Make sure there are no spaces for the vase/can to show through.
  5. Place another piece of tape around candy canes, over the rubber band.  Measure ribbon around diameter of vase/can, cut and place this ribbon on top of the double-sided tape to secure the ribbon. Secure medium sized bow to ribbon at seam.
  6. Carefully pour a small amount of warm water into vase, place your pretty flowers in the vase!

You have completed this terrific centerpiece.  Place in the middle of your prepared table.  This centerpiece has that “Wow” factor you are after, step back and enjoy it!

Whichever you idea you choose to decorate your Christmas table, your guests will be awed at the beauty you created!  These ideas are inexpensive to make, but look exquisite; adding that undeniable glow under the candlelight and the warmth of the Christmas season; relax now and bask the radiance!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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