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Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas Tree Skirts-Make It Yourself

Christmas Tree Skirts-Make It Yourself

Wonderful (Green) Inexpensive Christmas Tree Skirts-Make It Yourself!

A Christmas tree skirt is a useful, decorative tool under almost every Christmas tree, covering a multitude of tree-stand imperfections. Chances are we are all using the same tree-stands every year. This common and sometimes old, cumbersome, eyesore may need to be hidden!

So here in this article we will discuss creative ways to make the needed Christmas tree skirt. If you put some thought into it, you can come up with lots of great, clever ways to disguise that beat-up stand, or you can use one of these suggestions–a couple even qualify for “Green” ideas!

Cowboy/Western Christmas Tree Skirt theme:

Go to any fabric store and hunt up the cowboy, western, and country patterned, flannel cloth. This is a heavy cloth that is used in making PJs and warm shirts, etc. Well, it can easily become a Christmas tree skirt.

Supplies for a Christmas Tree Skirt:

4 yards of 45″ wide cowboy, western, or country print flannel
4-1/4 yards fringed trim (if desired)
Fabric glue

Instructions for Christmas Tree Skirt:

Lay cloth on a worktable, right side up.

  1.  Working in small 6-inch sections, spread a 6″ line of fabric glue onto cloth
  2. Place 6″ fringe along glue line, pressing as you go to adhere the fringe to the cloth.
  3. Repeat this step until you reach the end of the cloth. Cut fringe.
  4. Leave one inch of the attached cloth, turn, and glue end down.
  5. Allow glue to dry for 4 hours.
  6. Arrange the cloth around the tree stand. If no trim is desired, just skip that step.

If you like, you can find cowboy, farm, western-themed Christmas ornaments to adorn the cloth, using the same fabric glue to attach.

Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt

This is a fun and fabulous idea and faux fur is very inexpensive and when added under the tree creates a certain warm feeling in the room. The faux fur fabric comes in a rainbow of colors and textures. Brown imitation mink is very glamorous! This fabric creates limitless possibilities in a fertile mind!

Purchase 4 yards of the fabric; no need to add to it, it’s dramatic as is. Simply arrange the fabric under your tree in folds to add that classy, special something to your holiday décor.

Light and lovely lace Christmas Tree Skirt (Go Green)

Have you ever gone to a second-hand store, such as Goodwill, and seen hangers and racks full of beautiful lace curtains and tablecloths? These are great to purchase and use for beautiful Christmas tree skirts. No sewing involved in these quick and easy skirts!

These sheer curtains are available in any color, with or without patterns, and they supply the creative mind with a multitude of possibilities. As you will see, some are made of silks, satins, and even lovely pastels; they are more than willing to become your new tree skirt.

  •  Simply purchase a few in the same pattern or texture and gracefully lay them under your tree in a pretty draping fashion.

Tablecloths make a Christmas Tree Skirt-From that same second-hand store

Lacy, crocheted, and open-weave patterned tablecloths work best for this project. These older tablecloths may have a few light stains and are past their prime for use on a table-scape, but arranged under the warm glow of your Christmas tree lights, they receive the gift of salvation and become useful and beautiful once more!

  • Simply purchase a few of these vintage or antique tablecloths (if you are really lucky) in the same pattern or texture and gracefully lay these under your tree, simply wrapped around the tree stand.

Anyone can create drama under the Christmas tree and do it without spending much money. In these times of economic pressure, and at this time of year, saving money is of utmost importance; try one of these simple ideas under your tree this year.  You will be the only one who knows from whence that lovely and creative Christmas tree skirt cometh.

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