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Christmas Eve Dinner
In our home we have a tradition of having the same food for every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. My husband teases me that it is declared in the family bible that thou shall eat Ham. Never mind I like the rituals of this time of year and the food is part of it. Our Christmas Eve meal is as follows:

We sometimes have soup. I have a lovely recipe for Pear and Leek soup. We have postponed this part of the meal with the small children that are now part of the family. The babies particularly don’t handle soup well.

For my husband and I who grew up in English households we cannot believe that our children don’t like mincemeat. However they love, as do the Grandchildren, Pumpkin pie.

We always have Christmas crackers that we pull and we wear the funny paper hats that are in them It is all part of our Christmas tradition.

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