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Leftover Turkey

What to Do With Leftover Turkey?

The big Christmas feast is over and you are left with many leftovers. Don’t discard them as they can be turned into scrumptious meals.

Once the Christmas dinner is done, remove the stuffing from the bird and store separately. It should be used within two days or frozen. An idea is to shape into rounds or patted into muffin tins. These individual serving sizes can then be pulled out with some turkey and reheated.

Left over turkey does make wonderful sandwiches. In our home we love to add some cranberry sauce to the bread plus the turkey and some lettuce. There are even some who love to add the stuffing to these sandwiches.

However it is not possible to use up all the turkey. If you have had a particularly large bird you may find that you have a whole breast left. Remove it from the bone and freeze. It can be used later as a turkey roast. The meat on the drumsticks cam be sliced and layered in a casserole. All the bits that are left can be used for soups or crepes.

The very best of soups start with the stripped bones. Break the carcass into small pieces and cover with two quarts of cold water. Add chopped carrots, celery leaves, an onion, a few peppercorns and a pinch of thyme. Simmer, partially covered, for three hours. Strain and use as a soup base or freeze for use as a real broth later on.

If you have leftover gravy use up within two days as it is highly perishable. It can be heated and poured over sandwiches.

We have some suggestions for left over turkey. Some are festive enough for New Year’s Eve entertaining and some are family fare (with a new twist) and some have a foreign accent. We will start with a French soup quite different from our idea of throwing the meat and bones in a pot – POTEE DU LENDEMAIN (Turkey Noodle Soup).

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