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How to Plan a Christmas Party

A Christmas party is a lovely way to connect with family and friends. It helps to get everyone in the mood for the festive season. In able to pull this off without undue stress at a time of year when there are many demands upon your time early planning helps.

First you want to decide who will be invited to the party. Will it just be your friends or will it be your friends and your children’s friends and their families. Having decided that you are then able to plan the time you would like to have your guests attend and on what day. If you have decided on having children particularly young children an afternoon or very early evening time works best. If you get your invitations out early you will have a better attendance, as people will not have committed their time to other activities.

Sometimes it is wise to stagger the times. Have the families and small children come early and the strictly adult crowds come later. Before you finalize the guest list take stock of how much room you have to accommodate a crowd. You want your guests to be able to mingle and have enough space to be comfortable. Your invitations need some sort of reply in them from the list of people invited. A “regrets only” invitation with your phone number saves you from numerous phone calls. Now a days many people are using the computer to send out their invitations. Evaluate the age group that is being invited, as many seniors are still not comfortable with computers. You can either send them all by regular post or some by e-invitations and some in the mail.

Time to take stock of your home. Does it reflect the Christmas feel and smell? Walk through your home and decide if your Christmas decor allows room for people to freely move about without knocking over your displays. Are there precious ornaments in reach of small children? Can you detect the lovely odors of Christmas? Does your home smell of pine and Christmas baking? After making sure the Christmas decorations won’t be harmed during the party, put some spices like ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon in water and heat these on the stove; they can easily produce the scents. There are potpourris with Christmas scents available or room sprays. If you have an artificial Christmas tree buy some fresh pine boughs to use as decorations.

Will your party have a particular theme? Have you planned some activities to keep the children entertained? Have you decided on what type of food will be served? Will it be finger food only? Are you thinking of having a variety of appetizers? Are you maybe going to cook up a big ham and a roast of beef so your guest can make themselves sandwiches? You can make these decisions based on whom your guests will be and what time they are coming. If you decide on a theme you need to plan well in advance so you have time to select all the items needed to carry it off.

Skating Party: For a family party you might want to book the local indoor rink or in the very cold parts of the country an outdoor facility. After everyone is finished skating they can then come back to your home for hot chocolate, warm snacks, and Christmas cookies.

Pot Luck: Your guests arrive with their favorite Christmas hors d’oeuvres and maybe the recipe for them. This saves you from the major food preparation.

Craft Party: Plan some crafts that children can easily make. They love to draw, paint, and glue. They love to feel the accomplishment of making something. There are making ideas for making Christmas decorations that they can take home with them.

Cocktail Party: This is a more formal way to entertain. You can get out all your recipes for appetizers and starting early make several then freeze them until the day of the party. If you are under a lot of stress and very busy you can buy a huge selection of snacks at the grocery store. Or you can have the party catered. Don’t forget to plan on the beverages. A non-alcohol punch is a must. Children usually love the blend of juices and the designated drivers will be grateful. Christmas eggnog is fun to have. This rich beverage can be a Christmas tradition. Wine and beer seem to have taken the place of other forms of spirits.

The idea to have a Christmas party is to have fun and enjoy your guests. Early planning will help you stay relaxed and not over tired. Christmas parties are a great way to entertain.

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