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Adora Friends 18″ Dolls

Adora Friends 18" DollsAdora Friends 18" DollsAdora Friends 18" Dolls

Adora Friends 18″ Dolls

For Christmas 2014 are you looking for an amazing doll to purchase for your daughters, nieces or special Goddaughter? Do you want to give them a doll that they really connect to and love? A doll that will actually be played with and will be loved? Well, the Adora Friends 18 Inch Doll is the perfect choice. This doll comes in the choice of five combinations of skin and hair color. This allows you to pick the perfect one for your loved one.
The Adora Dolls have been producing friends for girls for over twenty years. Each doll is handcrafted with the finest materials, and created by designers, artists, and sculptures who are dedicated in creating a doll that creates memories for little girls for a lifetime.

Friends for Life With the Adora Friends Doll

Your special one will not only get just a doll, but a friend. The Adora Friends 18 Inch Doll comes with a magical friendship bracelet. The bracelet symbolizes friendship for life, and the color of the bracelet has a special meaning and bond for friends. There are many features, which include:

  • Soft, curly hair
  • Eyes that close when you lay her down
  • Adora Friends Dolls are completely posable
  • Legs and arms are made of soft vinyl
  • American Girl clothing fits them
  • They weigh four pounds

Why Choose Adora Friends Over Other Dolls?

Adora Friends 18” DollsParents love the idea of giving their daughters and nieces a doll that comes with a special meaning and bonding – friendship. Having a doll that you can share your secrets with when you are young is magical. Little girls love dressing up a doll, and having tea parties, slumber parties, and even going to the park. The Adora Friends 18 Inch Doll is 18 inches tall, so she isn’t small, but the perfect size. The Adora Friends dolls have soft, smooth hair that can be brushed, and fixed, and the skin is a special soft vinyl that feels like real skin.
The Adora Doll Company ensures parents that each doll is completely safe. Several testing labs along with the CPSA test the dolls, and every Adora doll is safe for children six and over. Parents who purchase an Adora Friends 18 Inch Doll are getting a doll that is safe, and will last for years and years.

What Others Are Saying About the Adora Friends Doll

Adora Friends 18" DollsCurrently the Adora Friends 18 Inch Doll are being sold on and they have a 4 out of 5 star rating. Customers are saying that the dolls are fashionable, fun, and just adorable. Several customers are saying the dolls are lifelike, and the skin is soft and feels like real skin to the touch. The girls that have received an Adora Friends 18 Inch Doll love the doll instantly, and take her everywhere. The girls love to brush her hair, watch movies, and take her to their friends’ houses too. It’s a doll that doesn’t sit on a shelf, but is actually played with.
Here are some of the 36 customer reviews at

“She is just beautiful, her hair also has 2 tiny little braids on both sides, which I didn’t notice in the picture. Her hair is thick and styles beautifully which my granddaughter will love. I like the fact that the top of her torso is not cloth, but plastic, so she looks nice in tank tops and dresses with narrow straps. The rest of her torso is cloth so she is comfortable to hold.
This doll has a beautiful face. She looks so lively — almost as f she were about to talk or laugh. She’s very well jointed and the way her neck is connected to her body allows her head to be cocked at an angle unlike American girl dolls. Her feet are really beautiful. Her toes are so cute, and she even has a little arch! She’s a bit more slender than American Girl dolls, but could probably wear most of their clothing depending on the style. An excellent value for the money.”
“Having collected almost all of this series of dolls, I would like to say how beautiful, well made and attractively packaged they all are. Their faces are much,much prettier than AG dolls and are easier to dress as preferred as they don’t have the body tie off at the neck.
Adoras 20″ toddlers are equally gorgeous, far superior to AG babies in my opinion, as they all have different expressions and are weighted in their bottoms ( on which they all wear a tiny little diaper), they really are quite realistic!”

More Reviews of the Adora Friends Doll

Currently there are thirty-six reviews of the Adora Friends Doll at To see what the other reviewers have to say about this doll click on the link.

Final Thoughts About the Adora Friends Doll

Adora Friends 18” DollsChristmas 2014 is just a few months away, and you want to give a toy you your daughters, nieces, and loved one that actually keeps them company, entertains them, but a toy that actually gives back too. The doll doesn’t need batteries, and it can teach little girls how to get dressed each day, brush their hair, and just everyday responsibilities. Get a doll that you know will be loved, and create memories. One of the hottest dolls of the year is Adora Friends 18 Inch Doll. Make sure to buy early, because this doll will sell out fast.

Where to Purchase the Adora Friends Doll

We are suggesting that you shop early for Christmas 2014 and currently for the Adora Friends 18 Inch Doll it is selling at at $55.00 to $75.00 depending on which model you chose. In some cases this includes Free Shipping right to your door.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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