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Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite a Christmas 2014 Must Have Gift

Are you looking for a portable handheld game system for Christmas 2014? The Nintendo DS Lite is on the top of children’s Christmas 2014 gift lists. It comes with ultra-bright, dual screens, and the screens have touch screen ability. The upper screen is 3.53 inches, and the lower screen is 3.02 inches. The Nintendo DS Lite can play most DS and DSi games. The Wi-Fi is built in, which allows players to connect and play with other players too.
The Nintendo DS Lite streams Netflix, so players can watch movies and shows on it. The battery life can last up to nineteen hours on a full charge. A built-in camera is added along with a built-in microphone. The picture on the Nintendo DS Lite is excellent. It has a 3D screen with a resolution of 800 x 240.

Nintendo DS Lite Features

Nintendo DS LiteThe Nintendo DS Lite is a perfect Christmas 2014 gift, because it is easy to transport. It can be taken on road trips, sleepovers, and can be played anywhere. The Nintendo DS Lite has the feature of Netflix, which allows for movies and television shows to be viewed. It is affordable, which is an added plus for parents and grandparents looking for that perfect Christmas 2014 gift. The Nintendo DS Lite includes:

  • Excellent Battery Life
    Touch Screen
    Dual Screens
    Built-In Wi-Fi
    Built-In Microphone
    Digital Camera
    3D Screen
    Excellent Resolution
    Many Color Options
    And much more…

The Nintendo DS Lite is on children, teens, and even grownups Christmas 2014 list. It does more than just play games, which is an added bonus. The Nintendo DS Lite allows players to connect to Wi-Fi, then play and chat with friends all over the world.

Why Choose the Nintendo DS Lite this Christmas 2014?

Nintendo DS Lite In our family we have owned three Nintendo DS Lite game consoles. They have been very used and brought hours of entertainment to older Grandchildren. Our twin granddaughters are now chasing their older sister’s device. So this makes a perfect Christmas gift for them.
The Nintendo DS Lite can play all Nintendo games along with Game Boy Advance Game Paks. The battery life is amazing, as it can last up to nineteen hours on one charge. If you travel, and you are looking for something to keep your child entertained, then the Nintendo DS Lite will be perfect, because when the child is tired of playing games the child can watch a movie or television show right on the Nintendo. It comes in a variety of colors, so if you need to purchases more than one for Christmas 2014 presents, then you can. The colors from which parents can choose include blue, pink, red, gray, white, and metallic rose.

What others are saying about the Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS LiteParents love the Nintendo DS Lite handheld game system. There are a variety of games that can be played on the game system, and having the ability to watch movies or shows is an added bonus. The graphics are excellent. The touch screen is handy. Everything that you want in a game system is included in the Nintendo DS Lite. The price is affordable, which is always great. If your child, nephew, grandchild or husband has asked for the Nintendo DS Lite for this Christmas 2014, then now is the time to buy it, before they are sold out.
The Nintendo DS Lite has a 4.5 out of 5 stars at We are not the only ones pleased with this gaming tablet. Here are some other pleased owners’ remarks:

We received this very quickly in great condition with an excellent case for protection. My son has played it several hours many days a week for over a month now and we are very impressed. Great battery life and graphics. Highly recommended.
i bought this as a gift for my mom who is technology challenged and it is easy for her to use. Glad I ordered one of these. Started my gameboy advance collection again. Received my purchase on time and with no complications. In good condition as stated in description when ordered. Works great and have no problems with it

Still a classic winner. Still a good value to play DS games and its compact size allows for easy transport.”

More Reviews of the Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS LiteThe Nintendo DS Lite currently has 2,104 reviews at Of these reviews 1,532 are 5 stars. Before purchasing we think it makes sense to read the various opinions to make sure it will suit your needs. Just click on the link to access all the reviews.

Where to Purchase the Nintendo DS Lite

When we purchased the Nintendo DS Lite, we bought it from We were very pleased with the price and service we received. We highly recommend both the Nintendo DS Lite at

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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