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Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Interactive Puppy Review

If your child hasn’t asked you yet, then be prepared, because Zoomer Interactive Puppy is on the ‘Hot Toys for Christmas 2014′ list. Zoomer is an interactive puppy that will become your child’s new best friend. He is just like a real puppy, but without the mess!
Zoomer Interactive Puppy will bark, talk, sit, lay down, rollover, and will learn to speak. He is just waiting for a home to go to. He is perfect for any child that wants a puppy, but isn’t quite ready for the real thing, or maybe you can’t have a real puppy where you live, then this is the perfect option for you and your child.

Zoomer Interactive Puppy – Ready for Adoption

Zoomer Interactive Puppy Zoomer Interactive Puppy is ready to be adopted. The interactive puppy arrives and is ready for your child to teach him everything! He can learn tricks, talk, and wags his tail when he is excited and will respond to commands. Zoomer is so smart he can understand English, Spanish, and French. Zoomer Interactive Puppy features includes:

  • Runs
    Wags Tail
    Plays Dead
    Gets Excited when his belly is rubbed
    And so much more…

Zoomer is the perfect puppy and pet. He doesn’t make any messes in the house, but brings hours of love and enjoyment to any child. Zoomer will quickly be a part of your family. Children love to teach Zoomer new tricks, and then watch how excited he becomes when you rub his belly, just like a puppy.

Why choose Zoomer Interactive Puppy?

Zoomer Interactive PuppyParents are choosing Zoomer Interactive Puppy for several reasons. One of the main reason is this gives their child a chance to prove their responsibility to a puppy. If the child teaches, plays, and spends a lot of time with Zoomer, then they will with a live puppy. Another reason parents are choosing Zoomer is this puppy doesn’t soil on the carpet, doesn’t cost anything to feed, and brings company and a best friend for their child.
Zoomer Interactive Puppy comes with everything you need. You can charge Zoomer with the USB that comes with him. Zoomer also has a free App that teaches your child how to train Zoomer. If you want something special for your child, then Zoomer is an excellent choice.

What others are saying about Zoomer Interactive Puppy?

Zoomer Interactive PuppyChildren absolutely fall in love instantly with Zoomer. Zoomer is always ready to play and be taught. He never gets tired. Children enjoy playing with him every day. He won’t sit in a toy box after a few days, because children fall in love with him. He is easy to work with and perfect for either a boy or a girl.
Zoomer Interactive Puppy has a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating. There are several version of the Zoomer Interactive Puppy but most of them have a similar rating. Here is a sampling of the comments about Zoomer:

“The Zoomer puppy has been AMAZING for our family – we have four boys under the age of 10; all of whom want a real life puppy. Giving them the gift of Zoomer has been a true test to how much attention our furry friend would receive. Gotta say, the results so far are awesome! Boys have taught Zoomer 19 new tricks; and have truly taken to this electronically-furry-guy in as another sibling. 🙂 Zoomer is fun for adults to play with too (yes when the kids go to bed, we try to teach Zoomer additional tricks and have fun with our new buddy. The only downside is that the charge that it holds is way too low….roughly 20 minutes and then it needs to be charged a full hour or so.”
“I received the Zoomer Interactive Puppy for review from BzzAgent. This is, however, my honest review. I have two children, ages 2 and 6. They both LOVE this toy! It’s the new favorite in the house. This is the perfect “pet” when you don’t want the real thing. 🙂 He is able to be taught tricks, although it can be a bit difficult, we are getting the hang of it. (Please note that it does take some time to teach him, and this may be frustrating for younger children.) Overall, Zoomer is a fun interactive toy that my I enjoy using with my children.”
“I have to say I am impressed. My 5 year old loves this toy and has not had any trouble figuring out how to “train” it. Even my 1 year old gets a kick out of watching it go.”
“Even though my son has a slight problem with his speech Zoomer understands what he says almost all of the time. My son loves teaching Zoomer new tricks, his two favorite are when he plays dead and goes to the bathroom. We have had Zoomer for a few weeks now and my son is still playing with him, he loves Zoomer so much he wants to get another one so Zoomer has a friend!”

More Reviews of the Zoomer Interactive Puppy

There are currently 66 reviews of the Zoomer Interactive Puppy at Take a look at them by clicking the link.

Final Thoughts About Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Interactive PuppyZoomer Interactive Puppy is the perfect 2014 Christmas gift. He is affordable, and loveable. Every member of the family will fall in love with Zoomer. Zoomer is an excellent way to teach your child responsibilities with a pet before you get a pet. One thing that parents love about Zoomer is he won’t make a mess on the floor, and he won’t be chewing up furniture. Zoomer will fly off the shelves fast, so if you want Zoomer for your child, then now is the time to order him. You and your child will have something to play with every day!

Where to Purchase the Zoomer Interactive Puppy has a number of versions of the Zoomer Interactive Puppy. It is a great place to find one you will love. It will be shipped to your door with Free Shipping.


If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


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