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Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven Perfect Christmas gift

The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven is marching off the shelves for Christmas 2015. It caught my eye as a perfect Christmas gift for my Granddaughters. We have three of them involved in the Girl Scout’s organization. Here in Canada, it is considered Girl Guides. We have two younger ones in Sparks and the older one a Guide. Every cookie-selling season they are out there enthusiastically selling boxes and boxes of cookies. Of course, in between times, if they are lucky they might find some in the freezer but in reality they just have to wait until there are more cookies to sell. While waiting, the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven will allow them to make their own cookies.
The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven is a real working oven where little bakers can start from scratch to mix, bake, and ice, their own Girl Scout cookies. The Patent Pending heating technology cooks cookies while preventing burning small fingers.

What’s In the Box?

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

  • Oven
    Baking pan
    Measuring tool
    Thin Mints starter mix


Pros of the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

  • Real working oven
    Oven preheats in 5 minutes
    Children learn the basics of baking
    Can see cookies baking in window
    Patent Pending heating technology cooks cookies
    Self-slider to control safely putting and taking cookies from oven
    Easy to set up
    Refill mixes readily available
    Outside of oven does not get too hot

Cons of the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

  • Takes time during baking and cooling processes
    Need to use the starter mixes for it to work successfully
    Very small cookies

What Others Are Saying About the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven currently has a 3.9 out of 5 stars rating at It has only been available for a short time and here are some of the comments:

This is a fun toy for a child, boy or girl, interested in baking. It is easy to use and the outside does not get too hot. the measuring is fun with the syringe and the child is rewarded with a tasty treat for following the directions. there are a wide variety of replacement mixes available including oatmeal, peanut butter, trefoils, sugar, chocolate chip, coconut caramel and PB sandwich
This is a cute and fun oven. It is really not difficult to do and my kids enjoyed it a lot. They really loved the idea of having their own little oven. It was not difficult to make the cookies from the mix and put them in. They really loved having their own oven. I also liked that it was very safe, especially compared to the real oven (Of course I still always used supervision). They can see the cookies cooking in the window, which they liked. The cookies are close to, but not exactly like, the real thing.
My daughter just turned seven years old and she loves any kind of projects. She also loves helping to cook in the kitchen. My eight year-old son, not so much. BUT, he enjoys eating cookies and we have found that he will sit still long enough to help his sister make the cookies since he knows he will get to eat some of the cookies.”
“Short version of the review: The product works, the instructions are quite extensive, and it takes around 30 minutes to make a small batch of cookies.

Long version: The oven looks cute, doesn’t weigh much, and comes with everything you need to make a single batch of Thinmints.

Setup isn’t too hard, plug in, turn on and start work on the batter. The Thinmint instructions take around 30 minutes including a variety of steps, including cooling, washing and decorating. The small tray needs to be lubed up a little.

In our case, the water mentioned in the directions was too little – we needed to add almost twice as much to get a decent consistency. Scooping is a challenge because the batter is extremely sticky.

Instructions for Using the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

  • Wash and dry all the parts.
    Mix the cookie batter
    Scoop into the tray
    Slide the tray into the oven
    Cook for 7-9 minutes (needed 10 in our case)
    Let cool for 10 minutes
    Slide the tray out
    Remove the cookies, and place on wax/parchment paper
    Melt the icing/chocolate cover
    Decorate the cookies
    Let cool, eat

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven Refill Pack Bundle: Thin Mints, Caramel Coconut, PB Sandwich, Chocolate PB, and Trefoils

Girl Scouts Cookie OvenGirl Scouts Cookie Oven Refill Pack Bundle: Thin Mints, Caramel Coconut, PB Sandwich, Chocolate PB, and Trefoils is a set of 5 Girl Scout Cookie Oven Refill Packs. These packs allow your bakers to make a variety of cookies and tastes.

Where to Purchase the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven is available at with a 33% savings. However it is going to be very much in demand as a Christmas 2015 gift. If you think your Girl Scout would love this don’t delay, get it ordered.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


Christmas 2015

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