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Cubby the Curious Bear

Cubby the Curious Bear

Cubby the Curious Bear Cubby the Curious Bear by FurReal is a plush bear for children age 4 and up. Like the Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth that is suitable for younger children, Cubby is in demand for Christmas 2019.

Cubby the Curious Bear is an interactive bear that loves to play. He has 100 plus sound and motion moves. With movable arms, legs, mouth, eyes, and nose he is very expressive. He likes to dance and hug. Cubby comes with an all in one comb, bottle, and treat. When it is time for bed he plays soft music, sleepy sounds, and is very cuddly. Hasbro states a combination of the quiet music and white sound help to put children to sleep.
Cubby the Curious Bear

What Others Say About Cubby the Curious Bear

Cubby the Curious Bear is new on the market but already there are beginning to be very positive reviews. Here are a few:

This bear puts the 2018 Teddy Ruxpin to shame! Cubby has to be the cutest teddy bear I have ever seen. His mechanical mechanisms have very little sound compared to past furreal friends and other interactive pets, which majorly cuts down on the creep factor. His movements and design are so realistic and I’m just blown away by this bear! This is a MUST buy for any Teddy Bear collector! Just buy him, you will not be disappointed.

When you first turn Cubby on, it’s virtually impossible not to smile at just how cute he is. Let’s face it, there have been those interactive toys that are a little too high on the creep factor. Cubby is anything but creepy, and he’ll keep you laughing and smiling with his facial expressions and sweet babbling. It’s really impossible to describe him without seeing him in action, so I made a video showing just some of things he can do. While he may ultimately be a novelty item for some children and adults alike, I certainly think he’s an absolutely adorable gift. He really seems to interact with you, and isn’t that what so many of us doll and stuffed animal lovers wanted as a child?
(Note: The baby bottle is mine and not included with Cubby. I’ve always loved dolls that appear to be drinking from a real bottle, and I’m sure many children feel the same.)
Cubby the Curious Bear
We have had many FurReal animals over the years (I have a 13 year old). My 3 year old went crazy for Cubby and she plays with him often. He is a VERY good size. I can understand why the manufacturer recommend ages 4+ for this big guy as he can be a bit to carry for my 3 year old.

This bear is SUPER soft. One of the softest FurReal animals that we own. (We have the the GoGo Walking Pup, Pom Pom Panda, Magical Unicorn, Cuddles the Monkey and Booties the Cat. Both my girls have loved all their FurReal animals and this one is just as great as the other animals we have.

The downside:
The only downside I have, is the brush that attaches to the bottom of the Honey Jar never stays on and we are going to lose or misplace that soon. The comb issue isn’t enough to dock a star, but something to keep in mind.

Features on this Bear include:
Amazingly interactive and lifelike: this delightfully curious, expressive bear Cub loves to play with you during the day. This is new! Cubby has a nighttime mode, he makes sleepy sounds and plays soft music which you can rotate through by squeezing his paw.
Responds with 100+ sound-and-motion combinations: he can move his head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, & arms.
Comes with fun 3-IN-1 accessory: it’s a treat, a bottle, and a comb.

Now these types of toys do lose their luster quickly. But they are always a hit when the kids have friends over. Everyone always wants to check out our wonderful collection of FurReal Animals.
Cubby the Curious Bear
I had Teddy Ruxpin as a child, and now my little girl has Cubby! This bear is so incredibly soft! It can be played with all day long, and then has a nighttime mode. It has quite a wide range of movement! My daughter absolutely LOVES this bear, and has been carrying him around all day. The batteries have been lasting quite awhile so far. Cubby comes with a brush, a bottle, and a honeycomb soother. He has reactions to being brushed, fed, given the soother, tickling his stomach, patting his head, hugging, etc. he plays peek-a-boo. He does so much that he won’t get boebing! I highly recommend!

In a way, this bear is kind of creepy because of all the things it can do. When you talk to it, it babbles back. You can ask it to play peek-a-boo or for a hug and it will react appropriately. The nose and mouth and ears all move in really cute ways. It’ll go to “sleep” when you lay it down or put it into sleep mode (which starts with the cutest little realistic looking wiggling to get comfortable). His fur is very soft, though he is not super cuddly because he’s pretty hard right under that fur. My youngest really enjoys playing with him so he’s totally worth it.

Cubby the Curious Bear

Where to Purchase the Cubby the Curious Bear

The Cubby the Curious Bear can be purchased at, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and at other toy retailers. The Cubby the Curious Bear is predicted to sell out for Christmas 2019.

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