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Classic Toys for Christmas 2017

Classic Toys for Christmas 2017 Gifts With Lasting Play

For Christmas 2017 we are looking back at classic toys. Over the years as grandparents we have often fallen into the trap of giving our five grandchildren the latest, most hyped Christmas toys. It seems that many of them have been short-term hits. We have learned the hard way that it is much better to stick to the classic toys.
Many of the classic toys are under the category of development toys. The ones that we have observed to be used over and over again are:

Wooden Puzzles by Melissa and Doug

– there are many choices when it comes to these puzzles. There are puzzles that are very directed to different age groups. Once the children get beyond the ones where you just put the piece back into its shape, there are much harder ones. Our girls loved the ones that were themed like:

Under the Sea Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Dinosaur Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Fairy Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle

Ballet Performance Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel

– We had three of these easels in our family. They were used frequently and at different stages of our grandchildren’s growth patterns. Sometimes it was quite messy with finger painting and sometimes magnificent art pieces were produced.


Magnetic Dress-Up Sets

– My granddaughters had several of these sets and spent many hours dressing their magnetic dolls. I like the fact that they could be put back into the original containers. This way all the pieces were there for the next time they came out.

Merry Mermaid Magnetic Dress-Up Set

Lila & Lucky Princess & Pony Magnetic Dress-Up Set

Princess Elise Magnetic Dress-Up Set


Beading Sets

– It is hard to imagine that any child goes without spending some time playing with beads. The following ones are sets that the girls loved.

Butterfly Friends Bead Set

Sweet Hearts Bead Set

Bead Bouquet Deluxe Wooden Bead Set


Card Games

– We have found as the children have grown and changed they have loved to play cards. When they were younger they always wanted to win but gradually they began to understand it is fun to play regardless who the winner is.

Classic Card Game Set

These are a few suggestions of classic toys that would be great gifts for Christmas 2017. They can be given knowing that they won’t be a one-day wonder. They allow for hours of enjoyment.

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