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Baby Alive Potty Dance

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance

Looking for a doll to give for Christmas 2018? Baby Alive dolls have been very popular for many past Christmases. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll with Blonde Hair, or Brown Hair, or Black Curly Hair are all great choices. These dolls have 50 phrases, talk in English and Spanish, have a bottle, potty, pretend soap dispenser, comb, rewards chart, and stickers. They are suitable for girls and boys age 3 and up. After giving her a bottle she will let you know she has to tinkle and put her on the potty and she pees. She will sing a song in English or Spanish.

Baby Alive Potty Dance

For Christmas 2008 Baby Alive Learns to Potty was a much sought after doll. At the time our Granddaughter was three and was delighted to receive a Baby Alive doll. Her Daddy’s response was worth the investment in the doll. He was astonished that a doll could talk, pee, and poop. Four years later her twin sisters sat spell bound when she had the doll speak to them. If the doll had not had any play at all these two reactions were worth every penny.

However Baby Alive was played with many hours and is still going strong with the younger girls. She was designed to be fed and to be changed but we have found that there is not a huge demand for this. The girls like to dress and undress her. They like to put her in their cradles and strollers where they rock and walk her.

Baby Alive Potty Dance


Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll is a hard body interactive doll not a soft cuddly baby doll. Therefore it is not recommended for children under age 3.


Benefits of Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

  1. 50 plus phrases
  2. Flip a switch from Mommy to Daddy
  3. Talks in English or Spanish
  4. Sings
  5. Dances
  6. After bottle goes potty
  7. Helps with potty training

What Others Say About Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

For our family Baby alive was a success. Here is what others think about Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance

This Baby Alive is very cute and a lot of fun. My toddler loves her. She’s interactive and says things that are kind of funny but very context appropriate. After giving her water, she will tell you she has to use the potty and will do a potty dance if you wait too long. Her left hand has a sensor to know if you are holding it and if so, she will dance. She sometimes asks you to hold her hands. I love that she doesn’t do/say the same things every time. Sometimes she has to pee right after drinking water, sometimes she waits a little bit and wants to play first. Sometimes she pees very quickly after sitting on the potty, sometimes it takes a little longer.

OK, I’d never heard of a “potty dance” as an adult found the doll a little creepy. But the little one loves it and takes it to the bathroom with her. As long as she’s happy, we’re happy. Looks cute, lots of different phrases (with sound effects) and limited motion (rocks back and forth on her feet.) Plenty loud to be heard several feet away. The “award chart” makes it even more interactive, especially since that’s part of real-world potty training.

The area on the stomach that needs to be pressed is easy to find and takes almost no effort, so even the youngest child can make her speak.
Baby Alive Potty Dance
This is a great doll for potty training. My daughter pretended to have her dolly going potty while she was going.

This is a very adorable doll. My daughters really enjoy dolls, and they liked her a lot. I like that she comes with different accessories. It makes her more fun to play with. This is a good sized doll. It isn’t too big or too small so she can carry it along and it doesn’t seem overwhelming.

I am pleased with the quality of the doll. My kids had no problems with her. She held up well to their handling.

Everybody has a few Baby Alive dolls. We’ve had three or 4 over the years with our girls. It was time to get our youngest one, and we got this one not really knowing what the Dance part was. More than a dance, it’s this adorable baby-like ‘I’ve got to go potty’ movement. Then it also dances on the toilet.

It’s great for a young one who is starting potty training since it teaches going potty on the toilet. And everybody thinks it’s pretty cute. I also like that it doesn’t use diapers since my kids always wanted more Baby Alive diapers. (We usually just dried out the old ones, but it’s nice that this doll has moved on from diapers).

It’s a nice change/upgrade to the Baby Alive dolls. It’s really cute. My 4 year old loves it! So I certainly suggest it.
Baby Alive Potty Dance
This doll is a one doll teaching and entertainment center! She has a large repertoire of phrases including her warning on impending tinkle time “uh oh! Got to go!” She comes equipped with a training toilet; underwear; a brush; a wash rag and a sippy cup.

This doll can also dance. Like the Beatles before her who closed 1963 and heralded 1964 with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” this doll asks to hold hands and dance. (“I’m Happy Just to Dance With You,” anyone)? She can ask for a specific toilet escort. I like the way she can request one “parent” to the other. Dads are important.

Once the doll fills up on water, just sit her on her potty; push her belly button and she’ll use it. Be sure to wash her hands after she uses it. That’s what the little cloth is for.

This was more interactive than I had expected. She knows when she is laying down, asks you to hold hands (hold one hand and she will dance), he legs move on their own to imitate dancing. I found it awesome that you can switch to mommy mode or DADDY mode! My boys love dolls too, and they enjoyed that feature. Once she drinks water, you expel it by putting her legs in a seated position and holding the button down on her belly. I had initially expected a sensor in the potty, as it claims to only go in the potty, but in fact, if full of water, she can go anywhere as long as her legs are in the seated position and her tummy is pushed. Having this for my potty training 2 year old means the doll might mess just as often as my daughter does 😝… luckily the dolls is just water. The accessories are cute, drink cup is soft and easy to squeeze, though I bet my kids will distort it pretty quickly. It has a hair brush and a “soap” dispenser, as well as underwear, potty… a one use sticker chart, which we are using for our daughter and not the doll. I’m hoping having the doll go will make training easier for her, as she is so used to 3 brothers and can’t use the bathroom quite the same way as them. Nice to have someone on her side. She loves this doll and all it’s cute little sayings and dancing.

Where to Purchase Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking Baby Doll is available at many places – Amazon,, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

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LEGO for Christmas 2018

LEGOFor Christmas 2018 we have been highlighting enduring toys. What could be more long lasting than LEGO? Starting way back in 1932 in a Danish carpenter’s workshop it continues to be one of the most sought after toys for play. It was 1958 when the plastic bricks with the stud and coupling system really changed LEGO into the building system of today.
Today it is possible to buy LEGO for small children with the large DUPLO bricks all the way to adults who still love to build the many LEGO sets. LEGO is now sold in 140 countries.

LEGOFor Christmas 2018 we have been sharing some of our experiences with the toys we have been recommending. LEGO is no exception. Over the years our grandchildren have had many LEGO sets. These have varied from theme sets that the boys loved to LEGO Friends for girls. They have always been used for many hours.

Benefits of LEGO

  1. Variety of sets
  2. Durability of sets
  3. Promotes creativity
  4. Develops fine motor skills
  5. Helps with mathematical and problem solving skills


What Others Say About LEGO

We are not the only family that loves LEGO. There are many more:

Lego in general are educational, the kits have taught my 5 and 3 year old to follow directions without having to read and the larger kits have provided us with fun family time. This collection will inspire them to use their imagination to build whatever they please in whatever color they wish.

Love this set!There are so many places to act out scenes from the movie and attach your favorite characters all around Dr. Strange’s place. Our 10 year old hasn’t out this away since receiving it in June for his birthday. Lots of imaginitive play going on here!
Perfect for a Lego crazy person, kept my kid off electronics and busy for several hours.. has some features he enjoyed
This is one of the most fun 3-in-1 kits that I have found at such a great price. You have the ability to build not only the advertised 3 dinosaurs but also a fourth bonus build set of instructions are available at Lego We bought two kits so we could have dinosaur battles with our grandson. He is really getting into dinosaurs at the moment, so this kit came at a perfect time

Great details, lots of fun. My boys love playing with this set. So many great things to this set. Wouldn’t recommend for younger kids, the amount of steps and details are pretty extensive. However if you’re like me and you like building the sets for your youngins, then this one is still a lot of fun for younger kids to play with once it’s assembled.
My 5-year-old is obsessed with legos and police. This was a dream-come-true gift for him. It took a long time to build (seeing as how he is 5) but it has been worth it. He has spent hours playing with this and incorporating the other police legos he has. Well worth the investment for our family!

LEGOThis is a great lego set with nice internal gears for movement that any Star Wars fan will love. It took my 10 year old son about 8 hours to assemble it and he only needed my help for 2 pages and that was minor stuff. It’s a collector’s item set so it includes a nice display stand and a minifig of BB8.

I take care of my elderly father and I asked his pain management doctor if she could think of anything for him to keep his hands and mind busy, she suggested Lego’s and I thought that’s a wicked cool idea because I have tried everything I could think of, small wood work things, word find books, coloring books, puzzles and now Lego’s. So to encourage him to work on his very simple Lego set I bought myself this BB-8 set. I was completely ignorant as to how much Lego’s had advanced. When I opened the BB-8 box I was stunned and in shock. I am 47 and I have not ‘played’ with Lego’s in a very, very long time so I got him a very simple set and I bought this ‘hell monster’ that I love & am still working on, so I give it 5 Stars because it is awesome and it is not Lego’s of old, when I opened it “It’s a trap!” were the first words that popped into my head! If you are an older person do not buy Lego’s blindly. REALLY read the description and prepare yourself for the shock! LOL. It truly is an amazing project and it is looking beautiful so far. If you enjoy a challenge I highly recommend. BTW my dad hasn’t even touched his little truck Lego. SMH

LEGO Recommendations for Christmas 2018

On this holiday list the following LEGO sets are suggested:

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696

– 484 pieces classic collection of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors. Includes windows, eyes, 18 tires and wheel rims, green baseplate

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108 Building Kit (1004 Piece)

– Build a 3-level New York City building including the Sanctum Sanctorum with an Infinity Stone, pizzeria with fire extinguisher, Peter Parker’s apartment, window exploder functions and water tower This fun toy includes includes 5 Infinity War figures: an Iron Spider-Man figure, Iron Man figure, Doctor Strange figure and Ebony Maw figure, plus a big Cull Obsidian figure

LEGO 6212644 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 Building Kit and Magic Castle Toy (878 Piece)

– LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall castle building toy recreates scenes and locations from the iconic Harry Potter film series. The perfect toy for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14 who enjoy advanced building. Accessories like magic wands, the Sorting Hat, and magical creatures like Basilisk, Fawkes, Scabbers, and Hedwig.

LEGO City Police Station 60141 Building Kit with Cop Car, Jail Cell, and Helicopter, Top Toy and Play Set for Boys and Girls (894 Pieces)

– Includes 894 LEGO pieces for kids to build the best toy jailbreak story they can imagine. Includes 4 police officer minifigures, 3 crooks, a police cruiser, plus a police dog and a 3-level police station, minifigures, cop car, jail cell, helicopter, watch tower, toy motorcycles 

LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron 42083 Race Car Building Kit and Engineering Toy, Adult Collectible Sports Car with Scale Model Engine (3599 Piece)

– This 1:8 scale Bugatti Chiron race car model features an active rear wing, 8-speed gearbox with paddle gear shift, W16 engine, steering wheel, suspension and spoked rims and comes in luxurious box packaging with a collector’s booklet.

LEGO Star Wars VIII BB-8 75187 Building Kit (1106 Piece)

– LEGO Star Wars BB-8 droid from Star Wars: Episode VIII, The Last Jedi makes the perfect gift for any Star Wars or LEGO fan authentic detailing, and wheel-activated rotating head and opening hatch with non-functioning welding torch includes a display stand, decorative fact plaque and a small BB-8 figure

LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train 10875 Battery-Operated Building Blocks Set, Best Engineering and STEM Toy for Toddlers (105 Pieces)

– includes 105 pieces, 2 cool cargo wagons, harbor, boat, café, 2 cranes, action bricks, 24 track pieces and a remote-control app.

LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House 41335 Creative Building Toy Set for Kids, Best Learning and Roleplay Gift for Girls and Boys (351 Pieces)

Includes 351 pieces to build a creative tree house building playset. Mia’s Tree House features Mia and Daniel mini-doll figures, plus Mimi the bunny and Cinnamon the bird pet figures. Features a folding ladder, a cool skateboard for the mini-dolls to ride and wild animal figures

Where To Purchase LEGO

LEGO can be purchased almost everywhere. As part of the top ten toys on the market LEGO has an enormous distribution base. It can be found at, Amazon, Walmart, Mastermind Toys, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, and Indigo-chapters.

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Playmobil For Christmas 2018

Playmobil This Christmas 2018 Playmobil would be a great choice for children at least 4 years old up to about 12. At least 25 years ago Hans Beck started inventing these wonderful toys. He wanted something simple with flexible parts. Over the years these figures have developed, so that now the people have heads that swivel, legs that bend, arms that move and hands that grasp. The animals have heads that move up and down.

My five grandchildren had many of these different Playmobil sets. They loved them. The boys had sets that were based on adventures and history. The girls were more into fairies, fantasy, and houses. The wonderful thing about Playmobil is that there are many add-on sets. In choosing which ones would be a great success with the individual child there are so many themes it is hard to miss.

Benefits of Playmobil


  1. One of the best benefits of Playmobil is that the children are engaged in creating something. It allows them to expand their imagination.
  2. The parts (and there are many in each set) are of high quality, brightly colored and flexible.
  3. Once the Playmobil sets are assembled they are great for solitary place and for play with others.
  4. Available in large and small sets. The large sets allow for a theme to be developed and the small sets are great to augment the larger ones. The small sets can also be a beginning point for children and make great gifts for children.
  5. Playmobil has taken many awards; the Oppenheim Best Toy award, the Family Fun Toy of the Year award, the Dr. Toy 10 Best Toys winner, the Parent’s choice Gold award, the Toy Wishes all-Star award, Nick Jr. Magazine’s Best Toys award, Scholastic Parent and Child award and IParenting Media award. At the 2009 Toy of the Year American International toy Fair awards, Playmobil achieved number one for Girl Toy.


What Others Say About Playmobil

All of our grandchildren loved their various sets and we highly recommend Playmobil sets. Many others share our feelings:

I will admit that I am a little biased; we’re huge fans of Playmobil in our household. They’re generally good quality and the attention to detail is superb. For example many other sets have a “front” and a “back” for play and the back side is usually neglected a bit, or just painted or stickered. Here, you have 365 degrees of play as the entire structure has multi-directional rooms/ platforms and play areas. I’m just so impressed by the small touches (like the fish, crab, shell and even book!)

Playmobil The PLAYMOBIL Berk is a smash hit! My kid loves, loves, loves the How to Train Your Dragon Series and receiving this was a gift from the various Berk gods. The Berk island is fairly easy to set up for parents, just take your time and follow the directions. Once set up the structure stays together well with the exception of the little deck, which can be a bit wobbly. (Maybe it’s supposed to be that way.) The details and little LED lights insides are really neat. This was a well thought-out platform.

This set is well worth the price, although I got it at a discount at a secret store, ha ha. You have to build it yourself, which is half the fun, and there are a lot of small pieces. It just got cooler and cooler as it came together. There are opening gates that have sliding padlocks to lock them. There are two “dungeon” areas where you can keep your wild beasts or prisoners of war. The makers of this product really pay attention to detail. The emperor has a removable toga and crown, and is carrying a decree actually written in Latin. I don’t speak enough Latin to interpret it all, but I read “By this sign you conquer” and “seize the day” on it. The gladiators not only have their weapons, but also belts, helmets, and wristbands that are removable. There are torches on the side of the arena that are removable and can be carried by the characters. The horses can be removed from the Playmobil chariot and ridden by the characters. And, the best thing is the trap door that leads right to the dungeon. My son kept putting everything and everybody into that trap door, nothing was safe.

My apologies for a sweeping stereotype statement but once you purchase Playmobil products, you will quickly come to the conclusion that Germans love detail and (along with the Japanese) lead the world in it. This was the Christmas choice by my 6 year old granddaughter and she loves it….along with her other Playmobil toys/kits/products.
This is such a great set and will provide hours of imaginary play. All the little trinkets made my kids really excited to play with the set… little rocks, teeny tiny flowers, potion bottle and cauldron. The down side of the tiny items is of course the risk of them getting lost – however I still have playmobile sets from when I was little and they hold up well and a most of the pieces are still there. I think it is well worth the price. My daughter received this for her 6th birthday and it was a huge hit.
Our family has loved Playmobil for years. This set has truly been magical (hehe), as the children are engrossed for hours on end in quiet, imaginative play. The customer service was superb, as I had a few questions regarding shipping. Highly recommend this seller and I will definitely revisit for gift shopping.

Where to Purchase Playmobil

Playmobil Playmobil is available almost everywhere. It can be purchased at Amazon, Walmart, Master Mind Toys, Chapters.Indigo, and

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

As we head into Christmas 2018 the busiest shopping days are upon us. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will see a frenzy of purchasing especially in North America. Here are some ideas for these days.


Cyber Monday Sale: Up to 70% Off

Cyber Monday Sale: Up to 70% Off
‘Tis the sale – Cyber Week Sale. Up to 70% Off.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Cyber Monday: 20% off sitewide! Use code CYBERMONDAY 11/26-11/27

Giving Tuesday: 20% off sitewide! Use code GIVINGTUESDAY 11/27-11/28


Black Friday to Cyber Monday Special – Double the amount of chocolate on all orders from! Don’t miss this deal! This wonderful sale is valid from November 23rd to 26th.

Melissa and Doug

Take 10% Off $25-$74 and 15% off $75 or More at Melissa & Doug. Use Code HOLIDAY18

Callaway Preowned

30% Off Your Entire Order. Plus Free Ground Shipping. Starts November the 26th through the 30th. Use Coupon Code 30CY18 at Checkout.


Electronic deals. Valid 11/23
Black Friday doorbusters. Valid 11/23
Spend $50 on Black Friday, get a 20% off coupon for a future purchase. Valid 11/23

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Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing For Christmas 2018 if you are buying for a baby the Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing is a perfect gift. This cradle and swing is great for a newborn and can still be used for a baby approximately nine months. The Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing has two different motions – side to side or forward and back. The soft comfy fabrics are completely machine washable. Overhead there are three mobile figures plus a mirror. There are 16 different songs and sounds.

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n SwingIn our family we have owned three of these swings. The first one was a gift for my Grandson. I remember when it was being given that someone said when she had one it was the only thing that allowed her to have a shower. The first one was used for my first-born Grandson then for his brother two years later. The second one was for my first-born Granddaughter. When the twins (girls) were born four years later these two Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swings were brought together and they were a God send. I don’t think my daughter could ever have had a meal without these swings. One of the girls like to go side to side and the other forward and back. One of them liked to be more upright while the other would fall asleep in a reclining position.

At the time one of the swings was six years old and had been used several times. At some time the motor did stop but there was no problem with having Fisher Price replace it. Our swings were always used in a plug-in mode.

Benefits of the Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing

  1. 2 Ways to swing, side to side or forward or back
  2. 2 Recline positions
  3. 6 Swing speeds
  4. 16 Songs and sounds
  5. Easy to convert to different positions
  6. Soft cosy fabrics
  7. Fabrics machine washable
  8. Mobiles and mirror


What Others Say about the Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Our family is not the only one pleased and very happy with these Fisher Price swings. As we recommend the Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing here are some other comments:
Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing

my son loved it. The motor did go bad and thankfully I sent everything in and Fisher Price had a new motor here within 2 days & even went my little one a little gift for the trouble. The new motor is perfect & now my little niece is getting some use out of it.
My daughter loves this swing! If i cant get her to nap or just fall asleep for bed I’ll put her in it and within 10 minutes shes out! I love the different swing settings and the different music. There have been a few times where it has stopped swinging randomly but then started back up again. Thats the only issue ive had with it. Other than that id reccomend this swing to anyone!

It was a gift for my baby from my best friend that has bought it in USA. I am from Argentina. We all loved it!!! My baby has slept a lot with it and enjoy its music and also nature sounds. It worked perfectly. Now my baby is 1 years old and I will sell it
Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing
My daughter is 3 1/2 weeks and is in this swing daily. She loves the music and sounds.It’s perfect position for her to lay and feel craddled
My baby loves the swing. Since birth until now that he’s 6 months old he loves it. Never broke or had a problem with it. I recommend it!!!

i didnt know if this would help me as much as it ended up helping, but i was so grateful/thankful to have gotten this swing for my little girl. at 3m old she was not soothed any other way than walking up and down the hall. the fact that this swing can switch directions helped soothe her and give me a much needed break. she is now entertained by the mobile and the sounds that it has, range from day to night to nature sounds. the mirror on the mobile has started being noticed and there are moments where ill catch her looking and coo at it. the different speeds are great, but i mainly stay at the 4th level and below for now. the swing/base itself is a good sized object so i wouldnt say its a space saving, but for the features, id take that any day. also, i love that it is pretty portable and that i can have it run on batteries if i want to be outside with her and my other two or if we are inside i can just have it plugged in. before i forget, i also have to say that the seat and cover are so soft and comfortable, i have found myself wishing i could be a little one and be rocked in there a time or two(maybe more) overall, id recommend this 100% to anyone.
Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing
I totally love this swing . It has so many Features. It has side to side swinging on it and also back and forth swinging and I like that cause I am able to switch it up when I need to soothe my son . It has 16 songs on it and it’s very durable and easy to wash and put together . It also has a adjustable seat which is awesome cause if hes sleeping I can put it down and if hes up and wants to look around I can also adjust it to that too. It takes 4 d batteries and the mobile is cute with the animals on it . I would recommend this to any parent that is looking for a amazing swing for there child.

We loved our swing! The sounds for night and day are soothing, assembly was fairly easy. Watch your fingers when pushing the locking buttons in. My guy loved watching the birds! The plush cover is so soft and washes great. I have now passed it on to our next new family member..worth every penny.
I had one of these with my first son and he wouldnt sleep/take naps anywhere else!!! it was a life saver which is why I bought this one again from fisher price!!! cant wait to use this one with new baby!!!
Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing
Our little one really enjoys the swing set. it has adjustable volume with a few different sounds and is pretty sturdy. We as parents love that it comes with an A/C adapter, considerinh how many baby toys are battery powered.

The unit we received made a really loud grinding noise when turning on the swing, but did work A quick call to the manufacturer and they sent us a new motor unit.

Where to Purchase the Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

The Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing can be purchased at, Walmart,, and

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Radio Flyer Wagon

Radio Flyer Wagon

Radio Flyer Wagon For Christmas 2018 we have been talking about toys and equipment that can be used over and over again. The Radio Flyer Wagon is definitely one of these enduring items. Not only is it made of sturdy high quality materials; it spans the ages eighteen months to at least five years. Also some school age children are happy to have a ride to school in this durable wagon.

Radio Flyer WagonIn our family we have owned at least three of these wagons. Including the one we left in Florida it may be that we owned four. We highly recommend the Radio Flyer Wagon. Our oldest Grandson is now fifteen and we still have our original wagon. I put the seats down and use it to help me move some gardening materials around the yard.
Our wagons have been used to transport children from place to place, to move materials to the beach, to be a float in a parade, and now to move planting materials.

The Radio Flyer Wagon we had in Florida had a canopy to shade the children from the hot sun. Although we have not had any trouble with the tires you can upgrade to all-terrain air tires. The front wheels have an axle for easy steering and to prevent the wagon from tipping. This wagon has seat belts but they are not a three-point harness. It is my opinion that if you have a small child in it you need to carefully supervise them.

Radio Flyer Wagon

Benefits of the Radio Flyer Wagon

  1. Sturdy materials
  2. Easy steering
  3. Seat belts
  4. Folding handle
  5. Seats fold up or down
  6. Radio Flyer Wagon

  7. Axel on front wheels
  8. Dura-Tred tires
  9. Cup holders
  10. Storage area
  11. Award winning


What Others Say About the Radio Flyer Wagon

We have been more than happy with the Radio Flyer Wagon and highly recommend it. Here are some comments from other owners:

Radio Flyer Wagon

This thing has been my greatest purchase for my twins! (They are 9mo old) We’ve been going everywhere in it and they are so much more tolerant of walks since they aren’t as tied down as they are in the stroller and it makes them way less sweaty. I bought it originally just for the beach and was a little skeptical after hearing a few people say it doesn’t do sand well but it worked great for me! It got the twins and their toys to the shore no problem. It obviously doesn’t go as smooth as on street or dirt but it’s so much easier than the stroller (which was a nightmare). It’s totally doable. I love this wagon so much!

My kids absolutely love this!
We took it to the beach and to some campgrounds.
For everyday use it works great and cleans off easily.
The tires give it great traction on most terrains.
If you have any significant amount of weight you will end up dragging it through the beach.
This is the case with any wagon we’ve ever used.
We let some air out of the tires and that helped us get better traction in the sand.
Fold up/down seats have seatbelts which is great.
Cup holders are a nice touch.
Overall, we are very pleased with the wagon and would recommend it to anyone with kids especially if you have a family vacation coming up.

Glad I spent the extra money on this model vs the one with plastic wheels. My 2 year old loves riding it in and it is easy enough for her to get in and out of it. The tires are inflatable and wide which makes it much easier when you have to cross over grassy areas and makes big bumps in the sidewalk a little softer. The cup holders are a nice feature and make it easy to drag along some bottles of water when going to the playground.

Radio Flyer Wagon A Christmas gift for the two young grandchildren, this has been a much used “Wagon”. It even has cupholders. The two fit in nicely and sometimes the 10 year old wants to ride, too. It is sturdy, turns easily, does not tip over. The plastic is soft and appears to be durable. I am not sure of the weight limit, but it can be used to haul, bring groceries from a car to the house if you have some distance. The parents love this, too! Worth every penny 

Purchased this wagon for my grandchildren. My grand daughter is an extremely active 2 1/2 year old and her little brother is 5 months. I went to help my daughter out with the kids for a few weeks and was reminded just how much work it is to try to care for the needs of 2 small children at the same time. Kudos to all you parents that do it! Anyway, I didn’t want to leave her without trying out a wagon to see if it could make life more manageable. Her 5 month old likes to be held a lot and fusses around when put down for a few minutes. And the 2 year old, well –she’s 2 !!! She wants someone to play with her and the 5 month old seemed too young to be her playmate until we strapped them both in to this.

The 5 month old was able to sit up with just the lap strap and he looked into his sister’s eyes and grinned a HUGE grin! Neither one of them wanted to get out. They would have been happy going around the lake on the sidewalk with one of us pulling for several laps. I left after the wagon had been there for 4 days and they still wanted to go on multiple walks a day. Back home, they would sit and play in it for long amounts of time too.

The biggest benefit is for 2 little children to be able to look at each other and also clearly see their environment while going on a comfortable ride. The 2 year old does not always just sit still, but really enjoys being able to put the seat up and down and crawl around on it while riding. You may want to make sure kids are always buckled in from the 1st ride on so that they don’t get in the habit of moving around a lot while you are in motion –if you are concerned about safety. I would definitely buy it again and am looking forward to buying the accessories to go with it. Thanks Radio Flyer!

Radio Flyer WagonThis is an awesome wagon! We bought it so we could take it with us for our daughter when we go camping, to the beach, etc. She LOVES it! This wagon literally has been in our living room when it’s not in use since the day we bought it because if we try to take it out to the garage without her, she freaks out! It’s easy to pull, the wheels turn very smoothly and effortlessly, it’s very spacious, and seems very durable. At one point I got in it myself (200lbs) with my daughter and my significant other pulled us around. It was still extremely easy to pull and it didn’t seem to strain it much. The sides push out slightly if you put too much pressure on them, but it doesn’t seem like a problem. The seat belts are okay, but I’m not sure just a lap harness would do much if my daughter wanted to get out LOL. We now take walks around the block with the wagon instead of the stroller because my daughter likes it so much better! We’ve even closed the seats and laid her down in it to nap while we were at a family gathering in the forest. I highly recommend this product!

Radio Flyer Wagon

Where to Purchase the Radio Flyer Wagon

The Radio Flyer Wagon can be purchased at, Walmart,,, Costco, and Chapters-Indigo.

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel – Dry-Erase Board, Chalkboard, Paper Roller

For Christmas 2018 if you are looking for a lasting gift the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel – Dry-Erase Board, Chalkboard, with a Paper Roller is a great choice. Our family owned three of these great easels. There was one for each household plus Grandma’s house.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art EaselThe first one was bought as soon as our first-born Grandchild could stand up. It was in their kitchen area and he was delighted to scribble on it. Because we had had an art easel for our own children we quickly bought a Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel to have when our Grandchildren came to visit. We can personally attest to the quality of these easels. After having it for at least twelve years we sold it to a delighted new mother. All sides were well used and many very creative pictures were painted. The one caution I would give is to keep an eye on what is used on the chalkboard. Markers and crayons are not easily cleaned off the chalkboard. I liked the paper roller where it was easy to have the paper right there, pull it up, cut it off, and clip it on to the easel.

The Benefits of the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

    Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

  1. Create with paint, crayons, markers, chalk, and pens.
  2. Easy Clean up.
  3. Easy Paper change.
  4. Folds easily.
  5. Height adjusts.

  6. Storage Trays for paint, brushes, crayons, etc.


What Others Say About the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

We were more than satisfied with our Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easels. The ones that we owned were of good sturdy materials, easy to assemble, and greatly used. It seems not everyone has had the same experience. Here are some of the comments:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Works great! My wife and toddler love it! I like the adjustable height for the chalkboard/dry erase board which allows it to grow with your kids. There is a slight issue with the instructions, if you try to assemble as seen in the images with the hinges facing out you will run into alignment issues with the pre-drilled holes and the screws used to bolt together the 2 piece legs will be too short. Once I figured that out and flipped the legs around it went together very easily. Once assembled it is quite sturdy and very stable. Our 15 m/o likes to push it around the living room. I am sure as she gets bigger she will start using it as designed.

This was a gift for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. She’s had it about a year now, and it still gets regular (almost-daily) use. My father-in-law put it together, since we had the party at their house, but he said it was quick and easy. I like that it is double-sided, as she does have other siblings who like to do art with her occasionally. We don’t use the chalkboard much, she prefers the dry-erase and the paper. The dry-erase board comes clean fairly easily, but I tend to use a washcloth and a spritz of water or windex when it needs a thorough cleaning. Most of the clips have broken by now, but it’s not a huge issue. I have small tin buckets that fit in the little cup holder spaces, and we use them for crayons and colored pencils. The easel is sturdy and perfect for the average 2-6 year old child.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art EaselSo glad I purchased this. It was costly, but well worth it. I have two young children, so I rip paper off and clip on one side and pull paper and clip on the intended side too. I purchased paint cups, paint brushes, paper rolls separate, as I was able to get more for less money than if I purchased as the kit with this. The racks and clips on both sides make it easy to have two children paint on either side at the same time.

My kids love this easel. They use it for everything.
Why I couldn’t give this five stars:
1.The chalk board didn’t fit on properly when I was putting this together. I had to drill a hole into it to make it a little wider so that it could fit on the peg. Otherwise it was pretty easy to put together with my 7 yo DD and have used it quite often.
2. We use the chalkboard markers with it which tends to show better than the sidewalk chalk we have. Definitely have to use a light spray of water to clean it off. I also keep a Magic Eraser with the board for the girls to use to really clean up the chalk board when they’re ready to start a new drawing.
3. Would have preferred this to come with a starter paper roll for the price.
4. It’s not easy to collapse and put to the side in a small house. You have to unscrew the middle portion to do so. Since we keep a roll of paper in there, then it’s not worth the effort.
This easel is wonderful! We got this for our son’s birthday, and it is everything we want in an easel. I like how one side is a dry erase board and the other side is a chalk board. The trays are a nice touch, and the side with the dry erase board has a tray where you can put paint containers. The only down side is that the spaces for the containers are made specifically for the four Melissa & Doug paint containers, and you can’t really fit much more.
In the middle of the easel is a rod where you can add a roll of paper to drape over the top of the easel and clip it to the side so that your child can paint. The easel comes with four removable clips, which is another down-side because my son constantly takes these clips and loses them. At the moment, I have absolutely no idea where they are. When I find them, I put them back on the easel, but then the second I turn my back, he takes them off again. I think it would be better if there were clips attached to the board, like the way a clipboard works.
The chalkboard is neat… it’s made out of a different material than a classroom chalkboard, so if you’re like me and don’t like the way a chalkboard feels or sounds, then you’ll like this one! It’s more of like a plastic… hard to explain, but it erases nicely, and if there is chalk residue on it, you can easily wipe it clean.
This easel is well-made and sturdy. I like how your child has a choice between markers, chalk, or paint, and that you can have two kids working on it at once. This has not let me down yet!! Worth every penny.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art EaselI read the reviews before I purchased this. I am very dissappointed in the quality of this item. It is a pain in the rear to assemble and the screws that hold the legs together at the top of the easel are stripped out. They keep falling out as I am putting the other pieces together. I also notice that the chalk board is exactly as other described it. There is no way you can use chalk on this surface. Very poorly made. Look around and purchase something else. I don’t feel as if I should have to buy new screws and repaint the chalk board for it to be useable. It should work as it is.

The kids and I love this thing! The only reason for the lack of a 5th star is that the holes are predrilled SLIGHTLY crooked, as the other reviews state. It wasn’t difficult to pull the pieces together a bit as my husband pushed the screws into place through. Several reviews also state that the chalkboard is too slick to draw on, I believe this is because it is meant for chalk markers, not sidewalk chalk. I didn’t want chalk dust all over the floor so that’s perfect in my opinion! The chalk markers also work on the whiteboard & erase very easily, whereas dry erase markers are requiring moisture to remove, whether it be a baby wipe or a damp cloth. I don’t find it structurally unsound or wiggly at all, perhaps this is because of how tightly the screws fit into place on the one we received.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art EaselNice Product, chalkboard is a melamine coated piece of MDF board, scratches upon conditioning and more so after. M&D makes nice products and this is no exception. Grab a can of Chalkboard paint at any local hardware store. Lightly sand the existing Chalkboard with 600Grit and in 30 mins you’ll have a perfectly good chalkboard. (Make sure you clean the existing chalkboard with a clean barely-damp rag thoroughly, even tack rag or blow clean with compressed air post sanding, prior to spraying the Chalkboard paint)

Where to Purchase the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel can be purchased at
Melissa & Doug Holiday Sale: Take 10% Off Orders $25-$74, 15% Off Order $75 Or More. Use Code: HOLIDAY18
• Paper, paint, cups, paint brushes, and chalk sold separately; works best with 18-inch paper roll

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Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

For Christmas 2018 the Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart is a wonderful gift for children from age 3 to adult. My daughter introduced this ride-on-toy into our family and I think we eventually owned about 7 in the family.

Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart Initially it was bought for her daughter who at the time I think was four years old. However I remember that all the adults had to try this PlasmaCar. They were very intrigued that you could control this car just by changing your body position. Twist, turn, or wiggle and the car moves. Since it sits very low to the ground there is really no danger if you happen to fall off. After 13 years we still have one in our garage. When our Grandchildren visit at least one of them will dig it out and take it for a spin.

Benefits of the PlasmaCar

  1. Enjoyable for 3 years to adults
  2. No batteries
  3. No gears
  4. No pedals
  5. Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

  6. Safety seat
  7. Award winning
  8. Many colors available
  9. Can be used indoors


What Others Say About the PlasmaCar

All the members of our family highly recommend the PlasmaCar. We never found the wheels a problem but reading the reviews I see some people swapped up the wheels for polyurethane ones. Here are comments from other owners:

Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

We have older teen daughters that had a coulple of these when they were younger but that was a very long time ago. We moved on a cul-de-sac when they were in grade school and would walk it up the street and ride it down at crazy fast speeds with their friends. Thank God they didn’t get hurt but they sure did have fun. I don’t remember them ever tipping over. Now we have a 5 year old son and I wasn’t sure how he would take to this. He has a Scooter, Electric Go Kart…….. He likes fast! So I wasn’t sure if he would think this would be a dud. I’m so glad we went for it! 
I just got this yesterday for my 3 year old son for Christmas. As others suggested, I purchased the polyurethane wiggle wheels for a smoother ride for in and out of the house. All I can say is I love this thing. I rode it all over the house while my little one was sleeping before I wrapped it up. With the poly wheels, it doesn’t make a sound. Super smooth ride, easy to operate and loads of fun for a 40 year old woman! I can’t wait for my son to open this on Christmas morning so I can play with it again!
Today I jazzed this Lime green Original PlasmaCar with lime striped ribbons and a trio of helium balloons and presented it to our Grandson for his 3rd Birthday. He was all smiles and dancing around as he hopped on , trying to get the hang of driving. “Here let me show you “,said his Dad as he climbed aboard and took off around the family room. “No, Andy, I’ll show him said his Mom, confiscating it. “You’ve almost got it” said Grandpa, there’s a little trick to it” he said as he stepped in front of Mom’s ride and took over. “Cut it out, give the poor boy his present will you, he can do this !” I said to Grandpa. I knew this because I had tried it before putting it in the car to head for the party. ” Wiggle the wheel back and forth, there, you’ve got it ” I said to our Birthday Boy. Off he went . “I can doood it !” he said.
Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart
Purchased this for my son’s second birthday, and it was his absolute favorite gift by far! He absolutely loves riding it up and down the driveway and on the sidewalk.

I love that it will grow with him, as he doesn’t quite understand the “wiggle” feature of it (putting both feet on it and moving the handle back and forth to go forward). Right now, he’s content to push off with his feet. The construction is durable, and the car came completely assembled!

Update: Four months after our initial purchase and this is HANDS DOWN the best birthday gift we gave our son. He uses it every single day and has the device completely mastered. It’s fascinating to watch!

Update #2: We’ve reached a year since the initial purchase. Now that it’s spring, our soon-to-be 3 year old STILL loves this toy. It’s the first outdoor toy he grabs.
But this thing he has been on for hours today – forcing his mother to dodge as she was emptying the dishwasher as he zooms around the kitchen and living room. He loves it. Don’t know how well it will last, but he loves it, has already spent more time on it then toys that cost many times more, and it hasn’t marked up my hardwood floors – so he’s happy, I’m happy and that’s what matters.
Fantastic rider!… So fun if you have a sloped driveway, kids love it!
It is very impressive at first when you see a little one riding down the slope with a hysterical scream of joy, so just to make it safe have them wear a helmet and some bike protections, this soothes anxious mind 🙂 actually the rider looks very stable and well balanced even in sharp turns.
The choice of color is great, alternative brands cost 20 bucks less, but the award winner is Plasma and we didn’t want to even try another one!

Where to Purchased the PlasmaCar

Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

The PlasmaCar can be purchased at,, Canadian Tire, Mastermind Toys,,, Walmart, and

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Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer
Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer is a great trike to have under the Christmas 2018 tree. It is perfect for children aged 3-5. I suspect that may be even younger children might like this Radio Flyer Big Flyer however they need to be able to reach the pedals and have the coordination to push them.

Our Grandsons had a Radio Flyer Big Flyer and they loved it. The fact that it is so low to the ground it is very safe. The seat adjusts so as children grow it accommodates their longer legs. We did not need them but you can add pedal blocks to adjust the reach to the pedals. The extra grip on the big wheel gives it added traction. Although the manufacturer states it is suitable for children up to 7 years in our experience the children had moved on to two wheeler by then. We think of this Radio Flyer Big Flyer as red but it is also available in pink.

Benefits of the Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer

  1. Performance grip tread on big wheel
  2. Adjustable seat
  3. Chrome handlebars
  4. Low center of gravity for stability and safety
  5. Racing design
  6. Good for weight up to 65lbs



What Others Think About the Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big FlyerOur Grandsons loved their Radio Flyer Big Flyer and had many hours of enjoyment with it. We were not the only ones to like this trike, here are some of the comments of others:

This is the best version of this child oriented big wheel tricycle. The steel reinforced steering construction really makes a difference. The two we have purchased lasted through four kids. They jump curbs, do 180s, smash into other bikes. Fun!
good price, quality elements (e.g. chrome!), easy enough to assemble (15 minutes?). My son just turned 3 and is 39 inches tall, the pedals are just out of reach for him. Just account for that since most 3-year-olds won’t be able to reach the pedals.
I bought this for my grandson who had already wore out two other Big Wheels. I liked this one for its added rubber strip around the big wheel and its more sturdy construction. My grandson, who is only 5, has put this Radio Flyer through its paces; jumping off curbs and doing power slides. So far no visible wear like the standard plastic Big Wheels he wore out. Over all he loves it which is all that really matters to me.
Great ride on toy!! Our son and daughter love this big wheel!! Even though our 2yo daughter is so small and short and can’t reach the pedals she still loves riding on this and uses her feet to scoot everywhere. My parents suggest getting those pedal blocks to put on pedal to help her reach 🙂 The big wheel is same great radio flyer quality!
The kids love this. I have twin 5 year old girls that really like this Big Wheel.

It is easy for them to spin out but not so tipsy that they feel like they are falling off.

Great low center of gravity makes for more enjoyable rides for the little ones.
This is our replacement to the first Radio Flyer big wheel that my boys rode until it, literally, fell apart! They ride it nearly everyday and they are NOT gentle! They typically get going as fast as they can and then drift it across our pavement or jump it off a ramp! The first one had 3+ years of absolutely rough and tumble play! This is WORTH every dime! Its been a wonderful toy for our boys and very well loved!

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer
Where to Purchase the Radio Flyer Big Flyer
The Radio Flyer Big Flyer can be purchased at,,, Walmart, Target, and

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Little Tikes Cozy Coupes

Little Tikes Cozy Coupes

For a toddler 18 months and older Christmas 2018 will be perfect if there is a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe under the tree.
Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
We fell in love with theses adorable Little Tikes Cozy Coupes. We have had at least seven of these cars in our family. You can see some of our prior reviews of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck and the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Edition by clicking these links.

It is my opinion that there is not a better value toy on the market for toddlers and preschoolers. The very first Cozy Coupe that we owned I bought at a garage sale. It was at least five years old at that time and we had it for just less than ten years. Although a bit faded this car still ran beautifully. From time to time even the older children tried to squeeze in to it. These quality built vehicles will take up to 50 pounds.
Although it is all right for Grandma to have an old one at her house, there were new versions of the Cozy Coupe at my Grandchildren’s homes. My twin Granddaughters had a Little Tikes Ride ‘N Rescue Coupe and a Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe. They had these cars from the time they were 18 months until they graduated to “big girl” bikes. Seldom a day went by that they were not in use. When the girls were no longer using them we donated them to their day care where they are still in use.
Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe
If you take a look at the review we did about the Little Tikes Cozy Truck you will see how they fell in love with it. They were equally thrilled when Roaming Rascals acquired the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Cab.

Features of the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

  • Handle on back for parent-controlled push rides
  • Removable floor
  • When the floor is in, little ones’ feet are protected
  • Take the floor out allows kids to use foot-to-floor power
  • Door opens and closes
  • Working horn
  • Designed with a high seat back
  • Cup holders in the rear
  • Microphone features four “city sounds”
  • Caster front wheels spin 360 degrees
  • Requires 2 “AA” batteries for microphone (not included)
  • Weight limit up to 50 lbs.
  • Assembly required

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Assembly

Little Tikes Ride 'N Rescue CoupeFor the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe assembly it is suggested that you don’t leave it to the very last minute, as it can sometimes be a challenge. That said my husband and I assembled two Cozy Coupe cars –Little Tikes Ride ‘N Rescue Coupe and a Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe for our twin Granddaughters. We are far from handy with tools but we were able to do this with no trouble. As it seems that there can sometimes be assembly problems we suggest you try looking for some videos. One of the reviewers for the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car as well as having an excellent video had these tips:

Use a rubber mallet instead of a hammer
Forget using a screwdriver – you will need to either pre-drill the holes or use a decent cordless screwdriver (It needs some muscle)
If you can find videos (in addition to mine) – watch them prior to assembly. Taking parts back off of the Cozy Coupe will make your nightmare that much worse.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Parent Friendly

I think one of the great things about the Cozy Coupe cars is their height. The top of the roof is at a very comfortable height for an adult to push it along. The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Cab had the added feature of a handle on the back for parent-controlled push rides.
The other nice thing about these later versions of the Cozy Coupe is that they have removable floorboards. For most of the life of the cars they will be propelled by the child’s feet, however for very young children who have yet to be able to do this the floorboard is wonderful. Small children tend to get their feet caught under the seat area of the car, as they don’t understand that when the car is being pushed they need to lift their feet off the ground.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Kid Friendly

Little Tikes Cozy Truck I can tell you from personal experience that my Granddaughters were thrilled with the Little Tikes Cozy Coupes they owned. Even though they had their own Cozy Coupes and had quite a bit of experience using the Little Tikes Cozy Truck they were all over the Taxi Cab. They loved the cab’s eyes, the working horn, the color (yellow), and the idea that it was a taxi. At Roaming Rascals they don’t put batteries in their toys so the microphone was not working but it was used without the sounds.

What Others Think About the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

We have no trouble giving these Little Tikes Cozy Coupes 5 stars plus. Others have this to say:

Our Granddaughter, almost ready to walk, can stand and play inside and out of cab. The audibles are good; could use more manipulatives inside cab, though. She’s not yet ready to sit and make it move by her own two feet so the extra flooring piece is a great idea. You can even take the cab for a walk because of handle in back – helps save back of parents and grandparents! The door “lock” is essential. I can see she’ll play with and in the taxi for years.

Thank you so much this was a gift for my Great nephew, it was great to order this from Ohio and have it delivered to Tucson, Az. He is soooo excited and we get pics often of him enjoying his “new wheels”. you made this experience very smooth from order to delivery to pics for family.

My two year old granddaughter loves it. Very easy for her to drive around. The add in floor is a nice feature. She likes having someone push her as well as drive it herself. Sometimes the front wheels turn around and get stuck but not a problem. She loves the little cab and the sounds of the city and horn. I bought the gas pump too. Great fun with both.

The Cozy Coupe Cab was easy to assemble, came with extra pieces, and is extremely durable. My 2 year old has been very brutal with this toy and it does not break at all. He loves to sit and watch tv in it, get pushed around in it, crawl all over it, and “drive it for hours.

Where to Purchase the Little Tikes Cozy Coupes

Little Tikes Cozy Coupes are available at, Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Amazon.
I can not highly enough recommend these Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.

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