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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel – Dry-Erase Board, Chalkboard, Paper Roller

For Christmas 2018 if you are looking for a lasting gift the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel – Dry-Erase Board, Chalkboard, with a Paper Roller is a great choice. Our family owned three of these great easels. There was one for each household plus Grandma’s house.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art EaselThe first one was bought as soon as our first-born Grandchild could stand up. It was in their kitchen area and he was delighted to scribble on it. Because we had had an art easel for our own children we quickly bought a Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel to have when our Grandchildren came to visit. We can personally attest to the quality of these easels. After having it for at least twelve years we sold it to a delighted new mother. All sides were well used and many very creative pictures were painted. The one caution I would give is to keep an eye on what is used on the chalkboard. Markers and crayons are not easily cleaned off the chalkboard. I liked the paper roller where it was easy to have the paper right there, pull it up, cut it off, and clip it on to the easel.

The Benefits of the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

    Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

  1. Create with paint, crayons, markers, chalk, and pens.
  2. Easy Clean up.
  3. Easy Paper change.
  4. Folds easily.
  5. Height adjusts.

  6. Storage Trays for paint, brushes, crayons, etc.


What Others Say About the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

We were more than satisfied with our Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easels. The ones that we owned were of good sturdy materials, easy to assemble, and greatly used. It seems not everyone has had the same experience. Here are some of the comments:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Works great! My wife and toddler love it! I like the adjustable height for the chalkboard/dry erase board which allows it to grow with your kids. There is a slight issue with the instructions, if you try to assemble as seen in the images with the hinges facing out you will run into alignment issues with the pre-drilled holes and the screws used to bolt together the 2 piece legs will be too short. Once I figured that out and flipped the legs around it went together very easily. Once assembled it is quite sturdy and very stable. Our 15 m/o likes to push it around the living room. I am sure as she gets bigger she will start using it as designed.

This was a gift for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. She’s had it about a year now, and it still gets regular (almost-daily) use. My father-in-law put it together, since we had the party at their house, but he said it was quick and easy. I like that it is double-sided, as she does have other siblings who like to do art with her occasionally. We don’t use the chalkboard much, she prefers the dry-erase and the paper. The dry-erase board comes clean fairly easily, but I tend to use a washcloth and a spritz of water or windex when it needs a thorough cleaning. Most of the clips have broken by now, but it’s not a huge issue. I have small tin buckets that fit in the little cup holder spaces, and we use them for crayons and colored pencils. The easel is sturdy and perfect for the average 2-6 year old child.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art EaselSo glad I purchased this. It was costly, but well worth it. I have two young children, so I rip paper off and clip on one side and pull paper and clip on the intended side too. I purchased paint cups, paint brushes, paper rolls separate, as I was able to get more for less money than if I purchased as the kit with this. The racks and clips on both sides make it easy to have two children paint on either side at the same time.

My kids love this easel. They use it for everything.
Why I couldn’t give this five stars:
1.The chalk board didn’t fit on properly when I was putting this together. I had to drill a hole into it to make it a little wider so that it could fit on the peg. Otherwise it was pretty easy to put together with my 7 yo DD and have used it quite often.
2. We use the chalkboard markers with it which tends to show better than the sidewalk chalk we have. Definitely have to use a light spray of water to clean it off. I also keep a Magic Eraser with the board for the girls to use to really clean up the chalk board when they’re ready to start a new drawing.
3. Would have preferred this to come with a starter paper roll for the price.
4. It’s not easy to collapse and put to the side in a small house. You have to unscrew the middle portion to do so. Since we keep a roll of paper in there, then it’s not worth the effort.
This easel is wonderful! We got this for our son’s birthday, and it is everything we want in an easel. I like how one side is a dry erase board and the other side is a chalk board. The trays are a nice touch, and the side with the dry erase board has a tray where you can put paint containers. The only down side is that the spaces for the containers are made specifically for the four Melissa & Doug paint containers, and you can’t really fit much more.
In the middle of the easel is a rod where you can add a roll of paper to drape over the top of the easel and clip it to the side so that your child can paint. The easel comes with four removable clips, which is another down-side because my son constantly takes these clips and loses them. At the moment, I have absolutely no idea where they are. When I find them, I put them back on the easel, but then the second I turn my back, he takes them off again. I think it would be better if there were clips attached to the board, like the way a clipboard works.
The chalkboard is neat… it’s made out of a different material than a classroom chalkboard, so if you’re like me and don’t like the way a chalkboard feels or sounds, then you’ll like this one! It’s more of like a plastic… hard to explain, but it erases nicely, and if there is chalk residue on it, you can easily wipe it clean.
This easel is well-made and sturdy. I like how your child has a choice between markers, chalk, or paint, and that you can have two kids working on it at once. This has not let me down yet!! Worth every penny.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art EaselI read the reviews before I purchased this. I am very dissappointed in the quality of this item. It is a pain in the rear to assemble and the screws that hold the legs together at the top of the easel are stripped out. They keep falling out as I am putting the other pieces together. I also notice that the chalk board is exactly as other described it. There is no way you can use chalk on this surface. Very poorly made. Look around and purchase something else. I don’t feel as if I should have to buy new screws and repaint the chalk board for it to be useable. It should work as it is.

The kids and I love this thing! The only reason for the lack of a 5th star is that the holes are predrilled SLIGHTLY crooked, as the other reviews state. It wasn’t difficult to pull the pieces together a bit as my husband pushed the screws into place through. Several reviews also state that the chalkboard is too slick to draw on, I believe this is because it is meant for chalk markers, not sidewalk chalk. I didn’t want chalk dust all over the floor so that’s perfect in my opinion! The chalk markers also work on the whiteboard & erase very easily, whereas dry erase markers are requiring moisture to remove, whether it be a baby wipe or a damp cloth. I don’t find it structurally unsound or wiggly at all, perhaps this is because of how tightly the screws fit into place on the one we received.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art EaselNice Product, chalkboard is a melamine coated piece of MDF board, scratches upon conditioning and more so after. M&D makes nice products and this is no exception. Grab a can of Chalkboard paint at any local hardware store. Lightly sand the existing Chalkboard with 600Grit and in 30 mins you’ll have a perfectly good chalkboard. (Make sure you clean the existing chalkboard with a clean barely-damp rag thoroughly, even tack rag or blow clean with compressed air post sanding, prior to spraying the Chalkboard paint)

Where to Purchase the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel can be purchased at
Melissa & Doug Holiday Sale: Take 10% Off Orders $25-$74, 15% Off Order $75 Or More. Use Code: HOLIDAY18
• Paper, paint, cups, paint brushes, and chalk sold separately; works best with 18-inch paper roll

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