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Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

For Christmas 2018 the Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart is a wonderful gift for children from age 3 to adult. My daughter introduced this ride-on-toy into our family and I think we eventually owned about 7 in the family.

Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart Initially it was bought for her daughter who at the time I think was four years old. However I remember that all the adults had to try this PlasmaCar. They were very intrigued that you could control this car just by changing your body position. Twist, turn, or wiggle and the car moves. Since it sits very low to the ground there is really no danger if you happen to fall off. After 13 years we still have one in our garage. When our Grandchildren visit at least one of them will dig it out and take it for a spin.

Benefits of the PlasmaCar

  1. Enjoyable for 3 years to adults
  2. No batteries
  3. No gears
  4. No pedals
  5. Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

  6. Safety seat
  7. Award winning
  8. Many colors available
  9. Can be used indoors


What Others Say About the PlasmaCar

All the members of our family highly recommend the PlasmaCar. We never found the wheels a problem but reading the reviews I see some people swapped up the wheels for polyurethane ones. Here are comments from other owners:

Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

We have older teen daughters that had a coulple of these when they were younger but that was a very long time ago. We moved on a cul-de-sac when they were in grade school and would walk it up the street and ride it down at crazy fast speeds with their friends. Thank God they didn’t get hurt but they sure did have fun. I don’t remember them ever tipping over. Now we have a 5 year old son and I wasn’t sure how he would take to this. He has a Scooter, Electric Go Kart…….. He likes fast! So I wasn’t sure if he would think this would be a dud. I’m so glad we went for it! 
I just got this yesterday for my 3 year old son for Christmas. As others suggested, I purchased the polyurethane wiggle wheels for a smoother ride for in and out of the house. All I can say is I love this thing. I rode it all over the house while my little one was sleeping before I wrapped it up. With the poly wheels, it doesn’t make a sound. Super smooth ride, easy to operate and loads of fun for a 40 year old woman! I can’t wait for my son to open this on Christmas morning so I can play with it again!
Today I jazzed this Lime green Original PlasmaCar with lime striped ribbons and a trio of helium balloons and presented it to our Grandson for his 3rd Birthday. He was all smiles and dancing around as he hopped on , trying to get the hang of driving. “Here let me show you “,said his Dad as he climbed aboard and took off around the family room. “No, Andy, I’ll show him said his Mom, confiscating it. “You’ve almost got it” said Grandpa, there’s a little trick to it” he said as he stepped in front of Mom’s ride and took over. “Cut it out, give the poor boy his present will you, he can do this !” I said to Grandpa. I knew this because I had tried it before putting it in the car to head for the party. ” Wiggle the wheel back and forth, there, you’ve got it ” I said to our Birthday Boy. Off he went . “I can doood it !” he said.
Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart
Purchased this for my son’s second birthday, and it was his absolute favorite gift by far! He absolutely loves riding it up and down the driveway and on the sidewalk.

I love that it will grow with him, as he doesn’t quite understand the “wiggle” feature of it (putting both feet on it and moving the handle back and forth to go forward). Right now, he’s content to push off with his feet. The construction is durable, and the car came completely assembled!

Update: Four months after our initial purchase and this is HANDS DOWN the best birthday gift we gave our son. He uses it every single day and has the device completely mastered. It’s fascinating to watch!

Update #2: We’ve reached a year since the initial purchase. Now that it’s spring, our soon-to-be 3 year old STILL loves this toy. It’s the first outdoor toy he grabs.
But this thing he has been on for hours today – forcing his mother to dodge as she was emptying the dishwasher as he zooms around the kitchen and living room. He loves it. Don’t know how well it will last, but he loves it, has already spent more time on it then toys that cost many times more, and it hasn’t marked up my hardwood floors – so he’s happy, I’m happy and that’s what matters.
Fantastic rider!… So fun if you have a sloped driveway, kids love it!
It is very impressive at first when you see a little one riding down the slope with a hysterical scream of joy, so just to make it safe have them wear a helmet and some bike protections, this soothes anxious mind 🙂 actually the rider looks very stable and well balanced even in sharp turns.
The choice of color is great, alternative brands cost 20 bucks less, but the award winner is Plasma and we didn’t want to even try another one!

Where to Purchased the PlasmaCar

Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

The PlasmaCar can be purchased at,, Canadian Tire, Mastermind Toys,,, Walmart, and

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