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Ben 10 Sumo Slammers

Ben 10 Sumo SlammersBased on the cartoon series Ben 10 Sumo Slammers, these are one inch figures that are ‘Sumo-Deformed’! “Taking a humorous page from the show – where Ben is obsessed with collecting hard-to-find Sumo Slammer cards – Bandai America has created the unique Sumo Slammer Battle Sets. Each comes with six “sumo-sized” figures that face-off against one another utilizing the packaging as a dojo. These sets also come with five humorous game cards, with highly stylized artwork, that can be used in a Japanese Menko battle, a play pattern considered as the forerunner to the modern card game phenomenon.”

Little boys love battles and they love to collect cards. They can play with the cards or trade them with their friends. For children who watch the TV series or have the Ben 10 videos they can recreate the scenes from the cartoons. Because they are small they can fit easily into a pocket, lunch box or backpack.

With the Ben 10 cartoons being so popular this year these Ben 10 Sumo Slammers battle sets are being touted as a must have Christmas gift. Bandai continues to strongly support Ben 10, with more and all-new Ben 10 toys and playsets. There is no doubt that they will delight on Christmas morning!

These Sumo Slammer figures may be short and squat, but their roly-poly physiques can really pack a punch! Collect them all for hours of imaginary play and fun battles with your friends. Checking online there is already beginning to be shortages so don’t delay order today.

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