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Fisher Price iXL Learning System

Fisher Price iXL Learning System

Fisher Price took a page from Apple this year in developing a hand held device for children that mimics the iPad. This 6 n 1 small computer that utilizes touch screen technology. It comprises a Photo Album, Story Book, Note Book, Music Player, Art Studio, Game Player all masked in one for kids.

New this year from [B]Fisher Price[/B] comes this ipad like toy, the Fisher Price iXL Learning System. If you are looking for an outstanding toy this Christmas that is not only hours of fun but also very educational look no further than the Fisher Price iXL Learning System

It is already appearing as one of the most sought after gifts for Christmas 2010. It is recommended for children ages 3 to 7 years old. It arrives with pre-loaded software for the various applications listed and is out of the box ready. The iXL uses more technology than other toys coming on the market this year so it promises to entertain, educate, and engage your child.

It is very, very smart. It flips open and turns from a book to a game player and so much more—it’s like having six digital devices in one! Kids will love all the different ways to play, learning important fundamentals along the way. Folds closed for on-the-go fun.

The Fisher Price iXL Learning System comes in every little girl’s favorite color –PINK. This new iPad like device for children is a small computer that opens like a book and has a touch screen. Just like Mummy’s iPhone! Children love to mimic the adults in their lives and they also want to use all the adult toys that are currently so popular.

Looking for a Christmas toy that will totally engross your little boy? The Price iXL Learning System]Fisher will deliver this. It is a small compact hand held device with 6 n 1 apps loaded on to it. Your little boy will think that he has just received his very own iPad. Just like the pink version for little girls this amazing new blue toy opens like a book, has a colored touch screen, and kid friendly navigation icons.

It is also exceeding the predict sales for 2010 and maybe in extremely short supply by Christmas. Don’t wait until they have all been snapped up order yours today!

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