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Top Ten Christmas Ideas Barbie and the Diamond Castle

Based on the movie of the same name Barbie and the Diamond Castle Princess Liana shimmers in her fancy dress. This beautiful purple, pink, and orange sparkly dress will magically change from fancy to plain. Princess Liana has blonde hair topped by a jeweled purple tiara. To complete the costume she sports matching purple high heels. The pendant lights up when the dress goes from fancy to plain and when Barbie Princess Liana sings. With Princess Alexa, the two Barbies sing a duet from the movie. What little girl wouldn’t like this for Christmas.

Every litle girl dreams of being a Princess and this rendition allows her to engage in this fantasy. Even small girls can play with this sturdy Barbie with parental supervision. The high heels and the tiara will need some parental assistance for the small girls.


In the Barbie & The Diamond Castle DVD, Barbie and Teresa star as two best friends Liana (Barbie) and Alexa (Teresa) on a journey to discover music, magic and the power of friendship. Both Barbie and Teresa dolls feature a glittery fashion transformation that turns their humble skirts into ornate ball gowns with the touch of a button. The dolls also sing songs from the movie, and when Barbie and Teresa dolls hold hands they sing a delightful duet. Their beautiful gem-inspired necklaces also light up, flash to the sound of their voices and feature magical princess sounds.

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Barbie and the Diamond Castle – Princess Alexa Doll

Princess Alexa is dressed in a gown that transforms at the pull of a ribbon from humble to elaborate as well. She sings songs featured in the video, and she also comes with a jeweled tiara and a light up pendant, as well as a hairbrush for her luxurious mane of long brunette hair.

This is what one parent had to say about these Barbie dolls “I got both Princess Liana and Alexa for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Both of my girls ages 3 & 5 1/2 fight over Alexa. Her dress is beutiful and easy to change looks. The songs she sings are beautiful as well. She sings together with the Liana doll, very neat. Her dress comes off, which Liana’s does not. One thing I really like about it is that her necklace is permanately attached, not one more thing to lose.”

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment

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