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Transformer Constructicon Devastator


Transformer Constructicon Devastator

Constructicon Devastator, six toys in one, is massive! By far the largest of the robots Transformer Devastator is created by combining 6 different construction vehicles. The LONGHAUL (dump truck),MIXMASTER (cement mixer), SCAVENGER (excavator), RAMPAGE (bulldozer), SCRAPPER (scoop loader), and HIGHTOWER (crane) connect together to form the gigantic Constructicon Devastator. These 6 vechicles are fun just as vechicles that little boys love to play with at a make-believe at a construction site. It should be noted just as in the recent movie they do not turn into individual robots.

In the robot form Constructicon Devastator, is capable of snapping open and swallowing smaller transformers in the extremely sensitive motion-activated Vortex Grinder. He has approximately 11 phrases, glows with power,and all before him quake in fear, knowing the destruction is inevitable! A massive Transformers toy that does justice to its movie inspiration; great for young fans and older collectors alike.

Why Boys Love It! The main transformer also has a weapon that glows and makes construction noises. He also has a few programmed speech lines for added fun. Devastator requires 2AA batteries for various noises and for the weapon to function.

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Transformers Constructicon Devastator, 5-Pack


Transformers Constructicon Devastator, 5-Pack includes Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Long Haul,Hightower, Scrapper and Energon Weapons and Stars. Although this is a bit on the pricey side it does consist of five-pack of awesome robot-to-vehicle figures. This toy is actually a re-color of a group of Transformers: Energon figures, also called the Constructicons, but who, when combined formed a character called Constructicon Maximus. Only the Steamshovel is intelligent,with the other 4 robots being “drones”, its easy to tell this is an Energon recolor, because
this toy comes with a small Energon plug that plugs into the decepticon symbols found around the smaller robots.

The smaller robots of Constucticon Devastator are all well made from quality plastics. And although the toys combined mode is flimsy, it is still a neat gimmick and is not really any more flimsy than the original toy. Compared to the original devastator this mold takes them all down with superior engineering and construction.

All parts are usable in all modes. Great articulation in all robot forms including the combined mode.

For many of the true collectors this is a must have gift for Christmas Because of the popularity of this year’s movie Transformers 2:The Revenge of the Fallen there is an increased urgency in acquiring all the Transformer figures.

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