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Top Ten Christmas and Toy Ideas 2011

Featured Top Ten Christmas and Toy Ideas 2011

These were in everyone’s Christmas lists for Christmas 2011. Many of them will be at the top of the Christmas lists for 2012.

Top Featured Gift – IPad 2

Apple IPad 2
I think that the IPad 2 is going to be on a great many of this year’s Christmas lists. The initial IPad flew off the shelves and was an instant hit. With the improvements to IPad 2 even many of the initial buyers will want a new one. Yes it is rather expensive but the versatile applications make it a gift for all members of the family.

Top Featured Gift – Xbox Kinect

XBox Kinect for XBox 360
People are loving the Xbox Kinect no controller interactive games and entertainment webcam type device. Launched less than a year ago it has set new records in sales and shows no sign of slowing down. It is predicted to be one of this year’s hot selling electronic devices. The Xbox Kinect is a great family Christmas gift as there is something for every age and everyone’s activity level. Don’t delay on this one!

Top Featured Gift – Lego Hogwarts Board Game

Lego Hogwarts Board Game
Lego has combined with the popularity of Harry Potter to produce this fun board game. Touted to be on many Lego fans most wanted Christmas list 2011 the Lego Hogwarts Board Game is suitable for a wide age range. This 332 piece set with the delightful 9 micro Harry Potter figures can be assembled in about 1/2 hour and is fully customizable. Once assembled the game can be played by preschoolers and adults alike. The set up and degree of difficulty of the game can be altered to suit the ages playing. As the Lego Hogwarts Board Game is cropping up on the best selling lists all over the world it is wise to order early so you don’t disappoint your Lego/Harry Potter fan.

Top Featured Gift – Lego Technic Snow Groomer

Lego Technic Snow Groomer
For all the winter sports fans who love snow the Lego Technic Snow Groomer is a cool realistic model. It is a great Christmas gift for an older child as it is not for beginners. It is a challenge to build and needs time but once complete it is an elegant, realistic, cool vehicle! The 590 pieces will construct an unique, large snow groomer that has many moving parts or start again and make it into an Arctic Tracker.

The pieces can be used to build other models or other pieces of Lego can be added to the Lego Technic Snow Groomer to give it a customized look. Because it is rare to find toys that relate to snow this Lego set is much in demand.

Don’t delay as this is on many Lego fan’s (young and old) Christmas 2011 list!

Top Featured Gift – Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle

Nintendo has created the most popular handheld gaming console ever produced and the Nintendo DSi XL is the new generation. A fabulous Christmas gift for any member of your family the Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle is perfect. This DSi XL is 93% larger than both the DS Lite and the DSi. The increased size allows for a stunningly clear crisp screen. Gaming is easier and more interactive. Added digital cameras and PictoChat software allow players to easily share pictures and text. For old and young gamers this is a great Christmas gift. Don’t be disappoint oder today!

Top Featured Gift – Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Everyone is looking for tablets as gifts for Christmas 2011 and the Kindle Fire is at the top of one of the most desired gifts. It is hitting the shelves just in time for holiday giving. The Kindle Fire is very desirable because of its competitive pricing. AS more and more people are using eReaders to store and read books the demand for these tablets is increasing everyday. The touch screen with all its vibrant colors makes this eReader a joy to own. Releasing on November 15,2011 you can preorder the Kindle Fire here.

Top Featured Gift – MGA Entertainment Lalaloopsy Doll Crumb Sugar Cookie Doll

MGA Entertainment Lalaloopsy Doll Crumb Sugar Cookie Doll
Christmas 2011 is almost upon us and as we search for that perfect gift for little girls age 6-12 the MGA Entertainment Lalaloopsy Doll Crumb Sugar Cookie Doll comes to mind. Girls of this age are collecting these adorable dolls and the MGA Entertainment Lalaloopsy Doll Crumb Sugar Cookie Doll on Amazon is touted to be in great demand for Christmas 2011.

Top Featured Gift – Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game
Angry Birds has become a worldwide phenomenon! Young and old people are playing this game on their computers, their iPads, and their iPhones. The Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game is an offline version of the Angry Birds games. It allows the players of all ages to build their own structures and plot how to get the eggs back from the mean pigs. It still works on the launch angles and teaches kids how to catapult the birds to knock down the structures. It allows several players to participate and keeps children off the screen which is a good thing. With all the hype around Angry Birds there is already becoming shortages for the Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game. This is a great Christmas 2011 game for the family.

Top Featured Gift – Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

Leapfrog's LeapPad Explorer
The world has gone crazy for the popular iPad and other forms of tablets! To meet that demand Leapfrog has developed one that is geared for and built for children 4-9 years old – the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer. Imagine your child having their own type of an iPad and not begging to use yours all the time. This slim, sturdy tablet is on all the lists for the Hottest Christmas gifts 2011. It has more than 100 educational books, games, videos, and apps. Subjects like mathematics, reading, and science are covered in a fun and interactive way. To add to the fun the easy to use camera and video feature allows children to be director, photographer, and editor with a few small clicks. The Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer is selling fast for Christmas 2011. Don’t Wait Order Today!

Top Featured Gift – FIJIT Sage AND FIJIT Seraphina Friends

FIJIT Friends Sage These fun interactive toys by Mattel are flying off the shelves and are in short supply in many, many stores and online shopping areas. Designed for girls ages 6 to 12 they are the latest rage! FIJIT Sage and FIJIT Seraphina plus their other friends provide hours of fun with their dancing, singing, and conversation. Both Fijit (Sage). and Fijit Friends Seraphina. have over 150 built in responses. Their soft supple bodies are fun to touch and poke with unexpected results. They respond to voice recognition and dance beats. This is a fun interactive doll that is the Christmas 2011 hit! Shop early! Don’t be disappointed!

Top Featured Gift -Stinky the Garbage Truck

Stinky the Garbage Truck What little boy doesn’t love trucks and especially big noisy ones like the garbage trucks. The Stinky the Garbage Truck was produced with this in mind. It is a perfect Christmas gift for boys aged 3 and up. It is a real working garbage truck with the added features that it talks, tells jokes, eats, exercises, and sings! Stinky the Garbage Truck has articulated moving parts that allow him to move his head and upper half of his body, allowing him to dance and exercise. Little boys delight to the jokes that Stinky the Garbage Truck tells. This is a perfect gift for the young boys on your list.

Top Featured Gift -Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set
This is a revival of the old game of spinning tops. The Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set is a fun game for children especially boys age 4 and up. The manufacturers recommend it for ages 8 and up but this fall I watched a 4 year old in action with it and he was completely immersed in this game. The Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set Forces children to think and to plan their attacks. It captures the imagination of boys while holding their attention. There is no doubt that the Dads will get right into playing it too.

Top Featured Gift -Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron

Hasbro's Nerf Vortex Nitron
Boys young and old love guns. It seems even in families where guns are frowned upon that boys find a way to fashion a gun from a stick. Hasbro has taken this love and developed a whole line of Nerf products. The Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron is the latest in the line. This Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron has state of the art technology that allows the discs to fly straighter and faster. The electronic scope has pulsing lights to seek out the target plus an acceleration trigger on the blaster to let you achieve amazing distance. This is a great gift for the young and the not so young boys on your Christmas list.

Top Featured Gift -Barbie

Every Christmas young girls have a new Barbie on their Christmas wish list. For Christmas 2011 we have featured 3 different Barbies:

    Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

  1. Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll – this is a great Barbie for the very young little girl who is just receiving her first Barbie. A complete review of Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll can be found here but don’t delay as this popular Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll. is already sold out in many places.
  2. Video Girl Barbie – The Video Girl Barbie is for an older girl who is interested in shooting her own videos. It is a rather ingenious combination of a Barbie doll and a video camera. Your budding photographer can make amazingly great videos of about 25 minutes in length. There is software included that allow the producer to load the videos to the computer, edit them, and share them with their friends. By adding Video Girl Barbie to your girl’s Barbie collection she can use the other Barbies and their accessories to set the stage for her productions.
  3. Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set

  4. Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set – For all the horse loving little girls the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set is perfect.
  5. It is suitable for young and older girls as it appears to be very well made. The horse can trot, rear up, and whine. With a little help the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse can be made to jump. The Barbie doll in the set is all equipped with suitable riding gear.

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La Perla Naturale Silk Robe for Women

This Christmas treat your special gal to a La Perla Naturale Silk Robe. This is a truly beautiful luxurious robe that she will love. The supple fabric will encase her in soft, comfortable robe that is also very sophisticated and sexy to wear.

For anyone who is not familiar with the wonderful quality of the Texere silk products I urge you to try them this Christmas. There is an amazing quality to both the fabric and the stitching. The robe has classic styling and fits everyone’s body shape.

User Friendly La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

I received my La Perla Naturale Silk Robeas a Valentine’s gift and I was thrilled with it. The robe arrived in a beautiful box that spoke of the elegance within it. I had wanted to find a robe that was warm yet lightweight and easy to pack. For me, this silk robe was just what I had wished for. It fit perfectly and I like the idea of having the belt attached. Over the years I have misplaced more than one belt for a robe that I loved.

Silk has that wonderful quality of being lightweight but at the same time warm. Many ski underwear companies use silk for its ability to retain heat. The Texere Company uses a high quality of silk at extremely affordable prices.

The La Perla Naturale Silk Robe I received was an ivory white color but this gorgeous rove also comes in black, pewter, and pink. The white robe is a perfect gift for a bride and would make a wonderful shower gift.

Easy Care La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

I was a bit nervous about washing the robe, as I did not want it to shrink or mark. Since I have not had very much experience in washing silk garments I was very careful in hand washing it in cold water. My fears were unfound as it washed like a dream and was even softer after its first wash.

I love this La Perla Naturale Silk Robe so much that I have put a black and a pink one on my wish list. I was very pleased on a recent holiday to take it out of my suitcase and find it wrinkle free and ready to wear.

What Others Are Saying About the La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

The La Perla Naturale Silk Robe is given an amazing 5 star rating at Recent owners of this luxurious robe have this to say:

Its a beautiful and flattering robe. Its well made and I like that the belt is attached. I wouldnt put anything in the pockets and so even if they are wouldnt matter. The material isnt quite as soft as I thought it would be but then again I havnt washed it yet. I love this robe.

This robe is just the right length and weight. I bought it for a robe easy to pack and take on a trip, and one that would be long enough for me. It was perfect!

This is the most beautiful robe–at any price, and in this case, so reasonable! The silk is perfection, soft and subtle. Also, it came in a lovely gift box carefully wrapped in tissue. A great gift.

I purchased this robe for my daughter to wear on her wedding day before getting into her wedding gown. The robe arrived quickly and is beautifully packaged. I’m going to give it to her as one of her shower gifts and I don’t even have to wrap it! I can’t give any other reviews right now as she hasn’t worn it yet, but I’m sure she’s going to love it and feel very special on her special day!

For More Reviews of the La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

You will find the La Perla Naturale Silk Robe reviewed and loved by 35 customers. To read what they have to say go here.

Where to Buy the La Perla Naturale Silk Robe

You will be pleased with the reaction you get when you give your lovely lady a La Perla Naturale Silk Robe this Christmas. For delivery right to your door and a 21% savings is by far the best place to buy this gift.

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Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set

The love of both Barbies and horses seem to be in many young girls dreams. Christmas is a time when every girl is yearning for a new Barbie. The Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set combines the love of Barbie and the love of horses. What a perfect Christmas gift for your horse loving daughter. Our parent’s review of the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set will help you decide if it is what your young girl would love.

Parents Review of the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set

Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set
Like most little girl’s her age, my daughter absolutely loves horses. Our home is filled with different collectable horses and my daughter’s entire room is filled with horses and unicorns. We even have her taking lessons on weekends, now that she is a big girl! It wasn’t too surprising to us that Barbie’s horse, Tawny, has made it once again on her birthday list. While I think this horse is cute, most of the Tawny dolls made for Barbie are cheaply made and unrealistic. Since I know my daughter will be bored with this doll in five minutes, my husband and I had always put off buying this doll.

Seeing that Tawny was once again on her list however, my husband and I decided to do some research online, seeing if there was a Tawny horse play set that my daughter might like. To my surprise, my husband found a play set that wasn’t there last year – the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set. After doing a bit more research, I found that the doll originally wasn’t sold in the United States, being sold as a Toys R Us exclusive in Canada in 2009. Seeing this cute doll for sale here, we immediately purchased it, and made our daughter smile when she opened this horse for her birthday. So far, here is what we think of the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set.

Fun Factor of the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set

When I first found than horse and Barbie play set, I was ecstatic. My eldest daughter absolutely loves horses and has been begging me to get Barbie her own horse for a long time. The problem I had with many of the Tawny horses that are at the toy stores is that they are just a normal, plastic horses. They don’t move or make any noises, something that I think my daughter will find boring in less than five minutes. Even worse, Barbie can’t even ride some of these horses! For this reason, I immediately fell in love with the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set. Not only do you get a cute Barbie doll, but a Tawny horse that actually trots and makes horse noises!

So far, my daughter has had a great deal of fun making Tawny trot, rear up, and whine. I have to admit, Tawny needs some help to jump, but at least this doll seems more realistic when it jumps, unlike the hunk of plastic horses that are normally sold for Barbie or Barbie like dolls. Already, we have had horse competitions in our living room, where Tawny and Barbie are jumping over different toys and furniture in the room. With how much fun my daughter has been having with this Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set, I consider it worth every penny and the wait for researching to find the right Barbie horse.

Since I was not able to find a Barbie stable for Tawny, both of my daughters have build a small barn for her out of boxes from birthday presents. I am hoping to find a barn for Tawny for Christmas, but right now, it is cute seeing these two dolls next to my daughter’s Barbie townhouse.

Ease of Use of the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set

Recently, Mattel has come out with a variety of Barbies ranging from Video Girl Barbie to Barbie’s Princess charm collection (we own both of these) that have their own novelty and charm. I was worried that this Tawny horse and Barbie set would easily break or be difficult for my daughter to use. So far, this doll has been just as easy to use as my youngest daughter’s Princess Charm Barbie. To make this doll trot, you push a button on its back, and there is another button by her tail that lets the doll rear up and whines. With this Barbie horse, I can’t help but be amazed at how much Barbie and her friends have changed since I was a little girl.

The only thing that is a bit tricky with the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set is that it does take batteries. Tawny takes four AAA batteries, which are not included with the doll. While this isn’t a huge deal, taking the batteries out of Tawny is a major pain, but at least they last for a long time. I would recommend purchasing some rechargeable AAA batteries to go with the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set if you are giving it as a gift.

Novelty & Kid Friendly of the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set

Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set
Unlike some other dolls, the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set is perfect for girls of all ages. There is almost no learning curve with this doll, meaning that our six year old can easily play with Tawny when big sister lets her. I was concerned at first that the doll would break after some use, but I haven’t had any issues so far. My girls are very rough on their dolls and it’s not too uncommon for some of them to break. With constant rough housing and traveling to school with the girls, Tawny is still working perfectly!

My daughters have also fallen in love with the cute Barbie doll that came with Tawny. In this set, Barbie is all dressed up and ready for her show with Tawny. I love that Barbie comes with a helmet and different riding equipment, allowing my girls to have a more realistic feel to what a real horse trainer may wear. While Barbie’s outfit is a bit nicer than what you typically see on TV, it makes my daughter’s happy!

Inside the Box

  • Tawny Horse
  • Riding Themed Barbie
  • Brush
  • Barrettes for Tawny’s Hair
  • Award Cup
  • Saddle

What Others Thinks of the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set

I couldn’t be more impressed with the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set, and I have been telling all my friends about this cute doll. Already, they are searching online for this doll, knowing their daughters will love it as a Christmas gift. So far, this doll has a four out of five star rating, and I expect it will only get better once more parents discover this cute horse. Here is what other parents think of this cute Barbie horse play set…

“Purchased for my granddaughter who fell in love with the horse and doll. She combs her hair often and wants another for a friend to the Tawny Horse.”
“I bought this toy combo for my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday and she not only loves it, her older siblings, ages 5 and 6 1/2, do too. I wondered how long it would do everything it’s supposed to and it’s holding up just fine. It trots, neighs, and rears up on it’s back legs all day every day. My daughter says they play with it all the time and the 3 year old can work it without any help. Like most kids, my grandkids are animal lovers and this horse and doll combo is perfect for them to interact with. Well worth the money.”
“This toy looks wonderful, we purchased it for my 2 year old for Christmas.”

Others Review on the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set

Want to look at other reviews on the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set? Click here to see what other parents and grandparents think of this cute Barbie horse play set. If your daughter’s are anything like mine, they are guaranteed to smile when they open this cute play set.

Where to Purchase the Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set

Since this Barbie Champion Tawny Trotting Horse and Barbie Doll Set is a bit hard to find in the United States, I recommend purchasing it on It is at a better price than most other sites online and you get free shipping, something I consider a major plus. It is rare for these dolls to arrive broken with Amazon, but I know from experience that Amazon has a great return policy, and are happy to pay for the return shipping. If you are a busy mom like me, Amazon is the best way to go this holiday season.

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Barbie Video Girl

For little girls around the world Christmas means receiving a new Barbie. For well over 50 years these dolls have been girls’ most wished for Christmas gifts. Can there ever be too many Barbies? For Christmas 2011 the Video Girl Barbie is the most sought after Barbies. To help you decide if it is right for your little girl we have had parent review this doll for us.

Parent Review of Video Girl Barbie

Barbie Video Girl
As my parents have been getting older, they have been spending much of their time traveling. Our daughters are always excited to get postcards from my parents, especially when they travel to places they read about in school. The downside to them traveling, however, is that it sometimes means my parents aren’t there for holidays. During a recent call from my parents, they informed our girls that they wouldn’t be at our home for Thanksgiving, disappointing my girls.

To help make up for them not being there, they sent a care package with gifts for our three children. My youngest daughter was very happy to find the Barbie Princess Charm School Blair Doll (which I reviewed here), but the biggest surprise was for my eldest daughter – Video Girl Barbie. While they originally were planning on giving this as a Christmas gift, they decided to give it to her early, knowing that my daughter has been eyeing this doll for the past year. Even though we have not had this doll very long, it does not disappoint! Here is what we think so far of Video Girl Barbie.

Fun Factor of Video Girl Barbie

Barbie Video Girl
I have to admit, the Video Girl Barbie is one of the neatest toys I have seen in a long time. Never in a million years would I have considered making Barbie a video camera. My oldest daughter has been having a blast making movies with this cute doll. She is able to record about 25 to 30 minutes of video, all of which my daughter can watch on the little full color LCD camera on the back of the doll. While some people have complained about the video quality, I was quite impressed with how well the little camera was able to record. Grant it, it isn’t as great as our family video recorder, but children really don’t need a high definition video camera for recording Barbie movies.

What I have to say impressed me the most with this cute doll is that my daughter is then able to move the videos onto one of our computers, where she can make music videos or edit the video. This free downloadable software is easy to use and she is able to do all of this easily on her own. She has been quite proud to show us her own Barbie movies that she produced inside of her Barbie townhouse. Since this doll is also poseable, this can make for some very entertaining videos, especially if she has having tea parties with her sister’s dolls.

Ease of Use of Video Girl Barbie

Barbie Video Girl
While the Video Girl Barbie is very nifty, she is not designed for very young children. She can be easy to break, but that isn’t too surprising with her being a video camera. Other than that, my daughter has had absolutely no difficult recording videos. She enjoys watching her own videos and playing them back in real time to see how her video is looking. So far, she has been recording Barbie movies that she has been producing in her Barbie townhouse. For a basic camera for kids, it is very powerful, since it will even let you do some basic editing on the doll itself.
Barbie Video Girl
The first time you do use the editing software, however, I recommend having an edit. To upload video, you will need to use the USB cable that came with the doll and upload the video into special software. This free software is very easy to use, but some children may need some help understanding how to get around in this Barbie editing software. Also, it is important to note that while the videos can be uploaded onto any computer, the editing software will only work on Windows based systems.

Novelty Factor of Video Girl Barbie

For older girls, the Video Girl Barbie is a great way to get girls interested in not only playing with Barbie’s but with using a camera. The camera in this Barbie is fairly hi-tech and allows your little girl to have some fun making her own Barbie movies. Unlike most Barbie’s, I expect Video Girl Barbie to have quite a bit of replay video – no pun intended! My daughter has even brought Video Girl Barbie to school, allowing her friends to see this cool video, and to show her off during show and tell at school.
Barbie Video Girl
Along with recording videos in Barbie’s point of view, I have to say that this is one of the most fashionable Barbie’s I have seen in a long time. Barbie looks much like you would expect an amateur photographer to look, wearing jeans, a trendy hoody, and ankle boots. In many ways, this is one of the most modern Barbie’s I have seen in a ages that actually is close to portraying a real working woman.

In the Box

  • Video Girl Barbie
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual

What Others Think of Video Girl Barbie

At the moment, Video Girl Barbie is considered the hottest Barbie doll for girls this Christmas season, and many stores in our area are already selling out of this cute doll. On, this cute Barbie has a four out of five star rating, and is expected to be a hot seller by Amazon. Here is what other parents and grandparents have to say about Video Girl Barbie…

“We purchased this for our daughter’s 7th birthday. She loves it! The video quality is surprisingly good for something that fits inside a Barbie doll! The audio isn’t bad either. You do need quite a bit of light for recording, but we were able to record things inside the house with light just from open blinds. The editing software is a little tricky to figure out, but I was able to “produce” a 2 minute video with intros, transitions, sounds, and credits in about 30 minutes. I don’t have any prior experience with editing software, and I’m sure it will get much quicker now that I’ve figured out how to do it. I don’t think my daughter will be able to edit any videos herself, but I would rather help her anyway. Overall, I think this is a great product, and I would definitely recommend others buy this if they are thinking about it.”
“I bought this one for my niece and she loves it! You have to get in good light to film. But I think she was worth the price. I love it, it’s a Barbie that does something!”
“This is a very cool Barbie. I’d love this if I was a kid. It’s always fun to create scenes with your barbies and now with this one you can film those scenes too! Makes a great present for any kid interested in barbie and film!”
“I bought this for both of my daughters this past Christmas and am just getting around to a review. The whole idea of being able to produce short films with Barbie was too much, even for me, to pass up! It is a really great concept and not a bad price for what it is. The video and sound quality are really not too bad for something encased in such a small package, but you need to make sure you have plenty of light or the picture will be too dark to see. Outside lighting has been the best option for us. My girls love creating videos and having me put them together for them to show their friends. I think it is a great toy!”
“My daughter loves this doll. I was very surprised by the video quality of the camcorder. We are able to upload all of her videos to the family website and computer and do so many things with them. In fact we sent grandma in Georgia a video card last week. This toy has her interested in photography now as well. I give Video Girl a 10 and 2 thumbs up.”

Other Reviews of Video Girl Barbie

Unsure if your daughter will like Video Girl Barbie for Christmas? Read what other parents and grandparents have to say about Video Girl Barbie here.

Where to Buy Video Girl Barbie

Even though Video Girl Barbie has been out for some time now, it is still one of the hottest items this Christmas . Nearly every parent I know is trying to find this doll for their daughters, especially girls who are starting to hit their tween years. To make sure you can get a hold of this doll in time for Christmas, I recommend purchasing it at Not only do they have the best price for this doll, but have the best return policy of anywhere online. Since this Barbie is also considered a camcorder, I recommend going with somewhere that has a great return policy, since you never know if the electronics inside the doll will have problems. Having returned stuff at Amazon before, I can tell you that they honor all of their products!

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Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

Every year under many little girls’ Christmas trees there will be a new Barbie Doll. For the young girls who are getting their first Barbie, the hottest selling one for Christmas 2011 is the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll. If you are trying to decide which Barbie to introduce Barbie to your little girl we have provide you with a parent’s review of the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll.

Parent Review of the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll
One of the things both my daughters love is getting care packages from Grandma and Grandpa. Since they live so far away and have been traveling during their retirement, my parents love sending them postcards and gifts if they have to miss major holidays. Since my parents knew they weren’t going to see the kids for Thanksgiving, they sent a care package to the house.

We usually don’t know what my parents are going to send, so it’s always fun to open the box and see. To our surprise, we found two gifts for our youngest daughter – Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll and The Barbie Princess Charm School DVD. While we knew our daughter would love this DVD, we had not seen this doll before, which immediately caught my daughter’s interest. Here is what she thinks so far of the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll.

Fun Factor With the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

Before I go any further discussing Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll, it is important to understand that this Barbie doll was designed to be a starter Barbie. Little girls who watch the The Barbie Princess Charm School DVD can play with the main character of the DVD, role-playing being the long lost Princess Sophia for her kingdom. For parents who haven’t seen the DVD, Blair can transform into her princess self after being crowned. To show this transformation, there is a lever in the back where you make the train of her dress come out, or crank it to make the skirt short.

To help portray each of the scenes of the movie, girls can dress Blair up in three different outfits, the student, party dress (short skirt without the clip on top), or the princess (long skirt). The only drawback to the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll is that you cannot take off her clothes, meaning you can’t accessorize this doll with anything other than what she came with. For very young little girls this is perfect since it means less small pieces that can be lost. My daughter hasn’t seemed to care that she can’t accessorize Blair, sine she is having a great fun just recreating the different scenes from the movie.

Ease of Use With the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

If there is one thing that the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll was designed to be, it is easy to use for little girls. While other dolls may be more complex, the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll was designed to be easy to use for little girls and durable. The lever on the back of the doll is well made, something that is not very easy for kids to break. I thought at first that it may be when I saw my daughter playing with it, but after some heavy use and going to preschool with her, it is still holding up. Even though it is holding up well, I am still teaching her to be gentle with the doll, preparing her for any other future Barbie’s she may have that have some cute novelty factor, such as the Video Girl Barbie her sister was given by Grandma and Grandpa.

As a parent that is used to picking up small Barbie accessories all over the house, I am glad that the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll came with very few accessories. We keep her shoes and a necklace in a bag, since my son is under a year old. Everything else on this Barbie is attached or painted to this doll’s body, something I find as a major plus. The only piece we have to worry about is the clip on shirt, which is actually quite cute and easy to keep up with in our household.

Novelty Factor of the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

Since the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll did come from a movie, I expect that it will likely lose a lot of its coolness once my daughter gets tired of watching the The Barbie Princess Charm School DVD. Since I expect this to take another three or four months, this makes the Princess Blair Barbie a great deal in my book. My daughter is so far carrying this doll everywhere with her, and seems to be a great starter Barbie for her.
Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll
What is unique about this doll is the fact that she does have articulated legs, allowing her to sit or do just about anything you want with a doll. Compared to some of the older dolls, I found this to be quite unique. Right now, she is having fun having tea parties and classes in her Barbie Glam Vacation Home with this cute doll.

In the Box

  • Barbie
  • Tiara (not removable)
  • Clip On School Uniform Top
  • Shoes
  • Necklace

What Others Thinks of the Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

At my daughter’s preschool, every parent is trying to get a hold of Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Dolll and all of her friends. Many of the local toy stores have bumped up the price of this starter Barbie doll since they know they will spend most of the Christmas season with this doll out of stock. At At, Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll has a four out of five star rating. Here is what other parents of this cute Princess Blair doll…

“I have two little girls, one is seven months and one is three. My three year old loves this Barbie doll. Her baby sister does too. Okay maybe my youngest is too young to play with Barbies, technically, but she loves this doll. Once in her hand, she doesn’t want to let it go. As for my three year old, this is her third Barbie and technically she might be a little too young as well, but she loves her Barbies. And me, Mom. I love them too. I loved them when I was a child and I love them still. After all who wouldn’t love a Charm School Princess?”
“My granddaughter really enjoyed this Barbie Princess. Excellent quality and she really enjoyed playing with Barbie. I love sitting and listening the the stories she makes up while playing with Barbie on the porch.”
“The Barbie Princess Charm doll was a great hit for my 5 1/2 year old grand daughter. The plastic shirt goes on easily and stays on and then removes well also. The skirt goes up and down very well. The shoes come off and on well without difficulty. She loves to comb the hair and it does not pull out, I like the way the knees bend, she sits in a chair well. She looks beautiful. This doll was easy to remove from her container, plastic ties cut easily, there are just a lot of them, the hard plastic ties in the back of her head are not easy to remove, you have to grasp the dolls head and pull, if you cut them they leave sharp plastic points in the dolls head. Would like to see the dolls under wear painted like the upper body was. We left the crown attached to her head so it wouldn’t get lost for now. It takes 10-15 minutes to remove from the box. A great toy doll and she loves it.”
“My 4 year old granddaughter loves the new Barbie movie Princess Charm School, and she loves this new Charm School Barbie too. I overheard her playing with it and she was creating dialogue for Barbie that pretty much followed the plot line of the movie that she has viewed so many times now. The only drawback as far as Catherine is concerned is that Barbie cannot be undressed. Her outfits can be altered by adding the “school girl top” or by twisting her so that her full length gown becomes street length, but there is no completing undressing her and changing clothes like the 4 year old wants to do. In spite of that, my granddaughter is in love with this new Barbie.”
“My grand daughter’s eye’s lit up when she saw the Barbie. She has tried all the combinations and is absolutely fascinated.”

Other Reviews of Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

Want to see what children think of Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll? Find unbiased reviews from real parents and grandparents on one of the hottest dolls of the season here.

Where to Buy Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll

With Barbie Charm School being one of the newest movies in the Barbie franchise, it isn’t too surprising that Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll and her friends are considered one of the hottest dolls of the Christmas seasonfor little girls. Even though other stores carry Barbie Princess Charm Princess Blair Transforming Doll, most are overcharging for this doll, with some places charging as much as $30 for this doll. To get the best price on this Princess Blair doll, I highly recommend you purchase her on Not only do they have the best price on this doll, but have an amazing return policy, something I would want just in case you do get a doll that doesn’t function properly. With how Amazon backs up all of their products, you can sit back and relax this Christmas season knowing that you will have one of the most popular dolls of the season!

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Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron

Every Christmas it seems that one of Hasbro’s Nerf guns is one of the hottest selling toys. Boys young and old always like to have guns that they can use in their imaginary play. For Christmas 2011 the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron tops the list for boys aged 8 years and up. It is amazing how many of the Dad’s love to get into the game! Retailers are already experiencing sold out conditions for these guns. If you would like to have one of these fun disc type guns for your “boy” order now!

Parent Review of the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron

Hasbro's Nerf Vortex Nitron
Being an odd fall in our area, my family and I have been enjoying a beautiful extended summer. With this beautiful warm weather, my kids have been eager to be playing outside more, especially after school. Since I know they will be spending most of the winter indoors playing video games, I have been encouraging them to be outdoors as much as possible! During one of our recent trips to the park, my son was amazed at the different kids playing with Nerf guns, and a bit disappointed he didn’t think to bring any of his own. It soon turned into envy though when he saw one of his friends from school playing with a Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron.

Being one of the newest guns to the Nerf family, my husband and I were a bit surprised when we saw this Nerf gun in action. The traditional ammunition was replaced with discs, allowing them to shoot further and make a traditional Nerf game more interesting. While I was planning on getting this for my son for Christmas, I soon found the ‘other little boy’ in our household ordered it on, wanting to see what this gun was like in action. So far, my husband and son have been having a blast playing with the Nerf Vortex Nitron. Here is what we think so far of the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron.
Hasbro's Nerf Vortex Nitron

Technology of the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron

Being a household that loves Nerf products, I was amazed at the new design and features incorporated into the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron. When I first heard about this new Nerf rifle, it sounded more like a gimmick to me. It wasn’t until we had the Nerf Vortex Nitron in our hands that my husband and I were thoroughly impressed. I would have to say that the coolest thing about this new gun is the new acceleration system. With the acceleration trigger system, the discs in the gun fly like nothing I have ever seen, and allowing kids to shoot one another from a distance with these discs.

The shape of the discs themselves also seems to encourage the discs to go even further. So far, my son has been testing out the XLR-long disc technology in this gun, shooting this gun in our backyard with the neighborhood kids. While the discs do fly pretty far, this also means that kids are going to be running all over the place to get the discs, forcing them to get a bit more exercise! While some parents have viewed this as a negative, I view this as something fantastic since it gets kids outside running and having fun the old fashion way!

As a parent, I will say that the electronic scope that is on the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron is a bit of a gimmick. While my son loves it, it really doesn’t have much of any function, other than having pulsing lights. My son doesn’t seem to care too much however, since it seems to add to his play. Even if the scope doesn’t work as I may have originally thought, it is pretty high tech for a toy Nerf gun at this price.
Our only suggestion to parents is that you buy plenty of batteries for the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron. The gun takes 6 C batteries and two AAA batteries, making it a pricy toy if you don’t use rechargeable batteries.
Hasbro's Nerf Vortex Nitron

Kid Friendly Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron

I can say without a doubt that the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron is one of my son’s most favorite outdoor toys. This cool looking Nerf gun is the perfect way to get kids playing outside and using their imaginations. If you had a Nerf gun growing up, I can tell you that the Nerf Vortex Nitronis nothing like what we played with as kids. This fully automatic gun comes with 20 disc magazines, giving children the maximum amount of firepower to go after their friends. Unlike other gun, kids can also go chasing after their friends from a distance with this gun. My son especially loves the short reloading time, allowing him to quickly pick up the discs and get back to playing. Older Nerf toys with similar technology took forever to load, forcing the last toy like this to be collecting dust in our garage.

While the gun is very easy to use, I would recommend picking up an extra magazine for the Nerf Vortex Nitron. Even though the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron comes with 20 discs, it has room for additional magazines and discs, allowing kids to play even longer. It also is completely compatible with all N-Strike and Vortex Mission Kit Accessories. My son has already had fun adding these items to this cool looking gun.

Usability of the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron

Compared to most other Nerf guns, the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron is a bit bulky for most small children. For a typical eight or nine year old, however, the gun seems to fit perfect in their arms. It is not too heavy or too bulky. Since the age range is for eight and up, this isn’t too surprising. We know from experience that the gun is a bit too heavy for younger children, since my six year old daughter has some problems controlling the gun when she tries using it. Being made for older children, however, I don’t consider this to be much of a flaw.

The only issue we have seen with the Nerf Vortex Nitron, however, is that it does have some problems shooting straight. Our gun shoots a bit to the right, making it challenging to accurately shoot until you determine the angle to point the gun. Our son hasn’t seemed to notice this, but I know my husband has spent some time trying to figure out the right way to shoot the Vortex Nitron. Being a fully automatic kid’s gun, however, I consider this to be about normal. Our kids seem to care more about the gun looking cool and being fun to play with rather than being accurate. For a kid’s toy, it does good enough in our opinion.

Included in the Box

  • Nerf Vortex Nitron Gun
  • 20 Disc Removable Magazine
  • 20 Discs
  • Instructions

What Others Think of the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron

Talking to my son’s friends parents, I wasn’t too surprised that quite a few of my son’s friends are getting Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron guns for Christmas. This gun is one of the neatest things that Nerf has put out in quite some time and its absolutely loved by my husband and son. On, the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating. Here is what other parents think of the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron…

“This Nerf gun is fantastic! Everything about it is cool. It shoots automatically and has great distance each shot. There’s only two things I don’t like about it. One, if you’re shooting inside your house you can lose the discs (bullets) very easily. They basically bounce off every wall you have in your house! The second one, the laser sights that come with this gun aren’t very useful. It’s basically a flashing green light with low visibility. Once again this guns range is incredible! If you really want to test it go outside on a nice day with no wind and fire away!. My guess would be this gun shoots between 35-50 feet! It shoots farther than any other of my Nerf guns! My rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars.”
“I love this thing! My neighbor’s boys have Nerf rifles that shoot bullet-shaped Nerfs. This, to me (of course I’m about 6-times older than they are) is better. Shooting 2-inch Nerfrizbies about 20-feet with accuracy. Really cool! The sights are a bit off since the Nerfrizbies come out towards the left, but that’s easy to adapt to. The scope is stupid, doesn’t do a thing but light up uselessly and I no longer know where it is (I also seem to have lost one of the Nerfrizbies…). BTW: do not shoot your wife when she steps out of the bath (at least not from a close distance!)! 
I don’t know if kids would like this or not. There is something appealing about loading up bullet-shaped Nerfs and blowing away your closest friends. That can not be done with this one. Great for playing with the cats, though!”
“My nephew has over ten different Nerf guns that we play with on occasion, and I can honestly say that this particular Nerf gun has got the longest range of any Nerf gun we’ve ever shot. We took it to an open field recently and measured how far it was able to shoot a disc. After five shots, the average distance was around 40 feet and the longest disc was close to 50 feet! Pretty amazing in my opinion for a simple Nerf gun. I’d definitely recommend it to any parents in the market for a cool gift for their kids that they will have a guaranteed good time playing with.”
“I bought this for my son’s 12th birthday on a whim. He’s growing out of things like Nerf guns (where did the time go?), but I thought he’d still get a kick out of this over-sized, high-tech gizmo. And…I was right. He loves it. His eyes were huge when he opened the package, his smile filling his face. He immediately inserted the many batteries this thing takes and made for the door. I could hear him shouting to his sister to watch as he shot the discs like a machine-gun in the front yard. I hadn’t seen him that happy about a gift in a while. Is it the kind of toy that has any learning value? No. Is it a toy that he’ll play with over and over? Probably not. But…he loves it now, he’s playing with it and his friends, he’s running around outside like a madman, and that’s enough for me. Added bonus: I think it’s a hoot, too. I love getting out with him and shooting away. Recommended!”
“I sent it to her as a surprise. This is a suped-up version of the kinds of things I used to play with as a kid. Nerf is getting much better at making their toys.”

Other Reviews of the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron

Looking for other reviews on the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron? See what other parents and grandparents think of this popular toy right here! With this toy being one of the hottest toys of the Christmas season, it isn’t too surprising that everyone is trying to get a hold of this cool Nerf gun!

Where to Purchase the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron

With Christmas being just around the corner, I have been encouraging most of my friends to purchase the Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Nitron early for their kids. My husband originally went looking for this toy at several large retail stores and it was completely sold out. Luckily, we found it on, where it was not only cheaper, but delivered to our house for free. Since Amazon has such a great return policy, I was happy that my husband purchased this Nerf gun from one of my favorite online retailers. As well, I would recommend keeping it in the box. It makes it much easier to hide and wrap during the Christmas season!

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Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

The Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set appears on all the hottest toys lists for Christmas 2011. It is a prefect gift for children ages 8 to 10 years old. If you are looking for a fun gift for the boys on your Christmas list don’t delay. Supplies are already getting short order today! To help you with your decision we have had a parent whose child owns the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set give us their opinion of it.

Parent Review of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set
One of the things I love the most able the Fall season is it is one of the few times I can get my children to help with chores. With the yard filled with leaves, my son was very eager to go outside and earn some money by raking and bagging leaves. Not only did he clean up leaves in our yards, but both of our elderly neighbors. Like most children, this newly earned money was burning through his pocket and he couldn’t wait to spend it on new toys. While we thought he was going to want to go to a toy store or search online for something new, we were surprised to find that he had already picked out a toy – the new Beyblade Battle Tops.

Having seen the commercials, I was a bit reluctant at first to let him spend his money on this toy. I was worried that it was another marketing gimmick for kids being heavily marketed for the holiday season. Even though I was reluctant to help him buy it, we eventually went onto to see if there was a Beyblade starter set to help him see if he would like this toy. After a bit of searching, we found the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set. Within two days, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set arrived at our house. Having no expectations at all for this toy, I was blown away at just how much fun it was to play with our son. After a month of play, here is what we think of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set.
Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Kid Friendly Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

When I first sat down and played with the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set with my son, I was amazed at just how much fun it was to play this simple game. I know that children love games that are simplistic in nature, but I could easily see children having fun with this game for hours. In many ways, the box is right; this is the 21st century version of the classic Battling Tops game. I remember playing a game like this with my friends when I was a kid, but I have to admit, Beyblade is much more fun!

With this game, children are battling different tops to see which one is the most effective top in combat. The difference is that each of these tops is customizable, allowing children to build their own spinning top based on five different top pieces. To win, you have to have the most effective top. Some pieces are mean to be faster, while others are meant to slow down faster tops.

This classic spin on popular spinning top games relies on rip cord powered launches, allowing the metal rimmed tops to race across the contoured arena. While the game seems complex, children are able to easily catch on. After reading the rules to the Beyblade Metal Fusion set, we were able to start building and playing with this set within a half hour, something that I consider not bad since we were also being distracted by the TV. In many ways, the game seems like a hands on version of Pokémon. So far, my boys have been playing with this game for the past month and they are still enjoying hours of play!

Educational Features of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set
What I like the most about the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set is that children are being forced to use their brains. It is very difficult finding learning games for boys that not only force them to think, but keep their attention. If your boys are anything like mine, it seems that the only things that keep their attention are video games. I was surprised to see that the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set seemed to do just that. My son is very eager to get this game out, especially when he has friends over!

Unlike many other learning games, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set requires kids to think strategically and design their top using different combinations of pieces. They have to think through different aspects of the top, including spinning direction, height, wheel shapes, and top types to design the best top for the job. As well, it requires children to have some understanding of motion. With my husband being an engineer, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set has created some great bonding opportunity between the two of them as he teaches them how the tops work.

To make the game even more interesting, there are even different levels of rules to allow players of different experience levels to play. Younger children can play a more simple game, while older children can use more advanced rules and play styles. I can easily see my son playing with this game for many years, especially with all the different options that are available.

Playtime with the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set
The biggest concern that my husband and I had the first time we saw the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set was that it would be a toy that would only keep our son’s attention for a day. We are happy to report that he has been playing with it for over a month and only seems to want to play this battle top game even more. He has been spending his allowance to get more Beyblade tops and pieces. I am expecting that we are likely going to be adding more pieces to the set for Christmas. I have to admit that I am happy that we got the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set, since each of the individual pieces in this set can be a bit expensive.

My only complaint with the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set is that the concave designed arena is a light weight plastic. Even looking at their website, they warn you that it will not be able to withstand heavy use. It has lasted so far but I am unsure how long it will last if you have a child that plays this game as much as ours. Since the arena is fairly cheap, it isn’t a huge deal, but it seems like it should have been made out of a sturdier plastic. For the price, however, I am not surprised. It doesn’t distract from the game and it does a great job keeping the tops under control.

Included in the Box

  • 2 Beyblade Tops (Lightning L-Drago & Storm Pegasus)
  • 2 Assembly Tools
  • 2 Launchers
  • 2 Rip Cords
  • Rule Book
  • Tournament Tablet
  • 2 Online Code Collector Cards
  • Instructions

What Others Think of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Right now, Beyblade battle tops are the hottest toys at my son’s elementary school. Everyone is collecting these cool tops. In many ways, it is like Pokémon from a few years ago, but a bit more advanced and educational. We are already collecting different Beyblade items to put in our son’s stocking this Christmas and I expect that all Beyblade items are going to be an absolute hit this Christmas season. So far, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set has a 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Having everything your children need to get started, I highly recommend purchasing this set for your children. It will save you money and keep your kids from being disappointed since it has everything you need to play in this set. We aren’t the only ones who love this Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set. Here is what other parents and grandparents are saying about this Beyblade starter set.

“This is one of the few indoor toys that gets my 11 year old son off his wii and DS. He loves it as does his friends. They really enjoy custom designing to create their ultimate bey by taking the components apart and putting them together again in different combinations. Different beys are built to attack, defend, balance or for stamina. Kids can play alone or with friends – or in the case of my son, he’s also played with his 1 year old brother, 7 year old sister as well as his 84 year old Great Grandad! Often 10 to 12 year old boys are hard to buy for so was happy this toy was a hit.”
“My boys and their friends LOVE these. The plastic arena with this set is great a thing to have because I do worry about these metal tops on my hardwood floors. My boys brought them to a family gathering and even the adults participated in the fun. They’ve recently been banned from my son’s school, not because they’re dangerous but they’ve been a distraction. Easy to see why…they’re a lot of fun!”
“My son loves this game! The stadium is extremely durable and the beyblades are easy to assemble and switch around.”
“I never thought this toy would be so entertaining to my kids, and really thought it wouldn’t hold their attention very long. Was I wrong! This simple toy is hands-down the best of this Christmas! I have 2 boys, 6 and 9, who never tire of battling and shouting, “Let it rip!” My 6 year old is likely excited that he is now able to make a “top” spin, as he had little luck with the old-fashioned variety!”

Other Reviews of the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

Want to see what other parents and grandparents have to say about the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set? Click here to read more reviews about one of the hottest toys this Christmas season.

Where to Purchase the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set

We helped my son purchase the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set from Not only was the set in stock, but it was $10 cheaper than anywhere else in our community. Along with free shipping, it seemed like a great deal in my book. Since Christmas is just around the corner, I like to avoid shopping in toy stores since it means I will lose half of my day waiting in line at a toy store. With, I can order whatever I want without dealing with the hassle of holiday shopping. Since Beyblade items are one of the hottest toys this season, I recommend purchasing the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set early!

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Stinky the Garbage Truck

A hot selling toy this Christmas season is the adorable Stinky the Garbage Truck ! Having shopped everywhere for one of these cute Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck for my 31/2 Grandnephew I was delighted to find it at Amazon! Not only did they have a supply of them it was much cheaper than the stores had been and they shipped it right out to me. As this a perfect gift for a young boy it seems to be in great demand for Christmas 2011. Don’t delay!

Parents Review of Stinky the Garbage Truck

Stinky the Garbage Truck
Back in September, we celebrated my little boys fourth birthday. Due to being in daycare, he had a rather large wish list of toys, some of which I’m keeping aside as Santa gifts. While he loves most cartoons, he absolutely loves big trucks! Currently, our living room is filled with different types of constructions trucks and fire trucks, making it not too surprising that he had quite a few Matchbox toys on his wish list. After seeing his best friend’s Stinky the Garbage Truck however, this was quickly at the top of his list.

Wanting to give him a gift that he would love, my mother and father ordered Stinky the Garbage Truck from Amazon. From the moment he opened this cute little garbage truck, he immediately fell in love with Stinky. While I wasn’t for sure how long Stinky would last, I was happy that he was able to get this cute toy. Surprisingly, Stinky the Garbage Truck is still around two months later, and is one of his most favorite toys. So far, here is what we think of Stinky the Garbage Truck.

Stinky the Garbage Truck Ease of Use

Stinky the Garbage Truck
With my son loving trucks, it is not too surprising that he wanted Stinky the Garbage Truck . When I first saw how interactive Stinky was, I was worried it would be too advanced for my four year old. So far, Stinky really does seem to be a new best friend for my son. From the moment Grandpa helped him take it out of the box, he has been playing with Stinky the Garbage Truck. With the toys different sensory points, Stinky is able to move his head and upper half of his body, allowing him to dance and exercise. Not only that, but he seems to enjoy telling jokes and singing with my son. If there is one thing I have to agree with Mattel on when it comes to this toy, it is that it has a lot of character!

With five different interactive modes, it is easy for my son to keep busy with this cute little dump truck. It is really the only interactive toy he has that he can play with without the assistance of an adult. Along with being completely interactive, Stinky the Garbage Truck also has a manual mode, where kids can play with him like a normal garbage truck. I never know how I am going to see him playing with Stinky, making it quite cute when he is racing him around the carpet.

What seems to amuse my son and Grandpa the most, are all the moving parts that are part of Stinky. My son can move just about anything on this toy, making it quite cute to watch. His headlights even turn on when he is pushed or pulled something that really amuses my four year old. My only complaint with Stinky is that he eats lots of batteries as well. This toy takes 4 C batteries and he seems to go through them pretty quickly. Thank god for recharge batteries!

Stinky the Garbage Truck Kid Friendly

Stinky the Garbage Truck
If there is one thing I can say about Stinky the Garbage Truck , it is that he is full of life. He loves to sing and tell jokes, making him a perfect little buddy for my little man. While he is a tough looking toy, he is very friendly. With his tough and gruff voice, he sounds like some of the characters my son watches in cartoons. While I was worried at first that this tough voice would scare him, it seems to have not even fazed him. Since Stinky the Garbage is a bit loud though, I would recommend only purchasing him for kids over the age of three. It is likely that small children will be nervous around the toy since it is very noisy.

While Grandpa thinks the toy may be a bit too noisy, my son absolutely loves it. When Stinky the Garbage Truck is going, you can hear the sounds of gears and other sounds that you would expect from a garbage truck. For boys who love to make lots of noise, Stinky is perfect! What my son loves the most about Stinky is feeding time. When Stinky the Garbage Truck wants to be fed, children can put small toys into his mouth, which can later be dumped.

Stinky the Garbage Truck Educational

Stinky the Garbage Truck
When my father purchased Stinky the Garbage Truck, we didn’t expect him to really be educational. While he does talk, he is just a truck. We were surprised when we opened the box to find a DVD with two Big Rid Buddies episodes. Both of these episodes feature Stinky the Garbage Truck , and teach important message such as friendship and teamwork. So far, my little guy loves these episodes and pretends he is just like Felix in the cartoons. Since these cartoons are cute and have given me a break from Sponge Bob, I consider them a very cool bonus that came with this toy!

Included in the Box

  • Stinky the Garbage Truck
  • 4 C Demonstration Batteries
  • Big Rid Buddies DVD
  • Instructions

What Others Think of Stinky the Garbage Truck

In my opinion, Stinky the Garbage Truck is one of the cutest Matchbox toys I have seen in years. I am very happy that my son got this gift from Grandpa and Grandma. After a month, it is still constantly played with and has held up pretty well. We aren’t the only family who has fallen in love with Stinky. On Amazon, Stinky the Garbage Truck has a 4 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the most popular kids’ toys on Amazon. Here are what others parents have to say about Stinky the Garbage Truck.

“Stinky is so much fun. My son hasn’t played with him yet. He’s a Christmas gift that I bought early. I remembered at the stores last year, prices went up as Christmas approached, so I did my shopping early. I opened him up, and Stinky’s really cool. My son has TONS of Matchbox cars and Hotwheels, so Stinky will have a lot to eat:)”
“As a grandmother, nothing beats watching your grandchild open a gift and scream with delight. To both of us it was worth every dime.”
“We bought stinky for our 5 year old son. it was all he wanted for christmas. he LOVES stinky and so does our other 3 year old son, but i find him highly annoying!!! he is LOUD and the sound of his mouth moving is loud too. to hear the same noises over and over again, makes you want to throw stinky in the real garbage truck. but the boys really love him and he makes them smile and laugh, as long as you can handle the noise, it is a great gift.”
“My two year old got this for Christmas and thinks he is hilarious! He loves putting cars in his mouth and watching him poop them out lol. He tells funny jokes and dances. Stinky interactes with my son which is cool. I could see why some parents think he is a little annoying, but he makes my son happy so he is a winner in our house.”
“My almost 3 year old loves Stinky the garbage truck. He especially likes to load him up with “garbage” and dump it out. Overall, this is a fun toy for anyone into trucks, especially garbage trucks. 
From the parent’s perspective, they toy is loud and I find it a little hard to understand what he is saying. but this doesn’t detract from my son’s enjoyment.”

Other Reviews of Stinky the Garbage Truck

Want to read what others have to say about Stinky the Garbage Truck? Click here to read other reviews written by real parents and grandparents just like us! See why Stinky the Garbage Truck is likely going to be one of the hottest toys this Christmas season!

Where to Purchase Stinky the Garbage Truck

When my father first went looking for Stinky the Garbage Truck, he made the mistake of first looking the retail stores. At the time of purchase, the retail stores was still charging $60 for this kid’s toy. While Stinky the Garbage Truck is very cute, this is a bit overpriced even for him. Luckily, Amazon had Stinky for about $40, making him a real bargain with free shipping. Along with having the best price on Stinky the Garbage Truck, Amazonalso has one of the best return policies online. While Stinky arrived just fine, we have had other toys come broken or break during the first week. Amazon has always taken them back without question, something that has been a real lifesaver for me as a busy single mom.

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Review of Fijit Sage & Fijit Seraphina Friends

One of the hottest new products on the market for Christmas 2011 is Mattel’s Fijit Friends interactive dolls. Designed to appeal to girls ages 6 – 12 years old they are flying off the shelves. To help you with your 2011 Christmas shopping we have posted this parent’s review of the FIJIT Friends Dolls.

Parent Review of Fijit Sage & Fijit Seraphina Friends

FIJIT Friends SageOver the past few months, my girls have started doing odd chores around the house, something my husband and I started to start teaching them responsibility. With each chore they do, we have been giving them a bit of spare change. We don’t believe in allowance in our household, but we do allow the girls to do some extra work to earn money. As the girls have started helping around the house and earning money, they started keeping track of the money in their piggy banks a bit more as well, especially after they saw the Fijit commercials on television. Seeing that our girls wanted these dolls badly, we told them that they could get them if they paid for half of their Fijit dolls with their own money. My youngest was determined that she wanted the pink Fijit Friends (Seraphinia) and my oldest daughter wanted the yellow Fijit (Sage).
FIJIT Friends Seraphina
Thinking that our girls wouldn’t get the money together in time, we planned on getting the Fijit Friends Sage and Fijit Friends Seraphina. for our daughters for Christmas. Little did we know that the girls would get the money together for these toys, especially with the new price break. Being a mother who keeps her word, we went on Amazon and ordered these two Fijit dolls. While I was uncertain at first how well these dolls would hold up, they have so far been well received by our daughters. Here is what we think so far of Fijit (Sage). and Fijit Friends Seraphina.

Fijit Ease of Use

When my husband first took our Fijit Friend Interactive Toys out of their boxes, I had no clue what to expect. Both Sage and Seraphina looked rather cute, but I was expecting for these two dolls to be a headache. The last time my daughters had interactive dolls, we ended up spending an hour at the computer trying to figure out how to get them to work. To my surprise, the Fijit Friends worked right out of the box. After pushing Fijit Friends Sage’s belly, it was ready to start working.
FIJIT Friends Sage
Curious if the doll would really do what was advertised, I got out of my IPad 2 and set it to start playing music. Immediately, both Fijit Friends Sage and Fijit Friends Seraphina started to dance. I had read online that the dolls had some problems hearing music unless it was loud, but we had no problems with this with our dolls. With the TV playing Sponge Bob, the doll still responded to the music, starting to dance to my daughter’s amusement. I can say that the doll’s beat detection system is really amazing. It does perform different little dances with different types of music, which truly amused me.

My daughters also love the cute little songs that come with the Fijit Friend Interactive Toys. Both Fijit Friends Sage and Fijit Friends Seraphina. come with their own original songs. While the girls do have MP3 players, I have heard these songs playing over and over throughout the house. If your daughters are anything like mine, be prepared to hear the Fijit’s song over and over!

Fijit Technology

In many ways, the Fijit Friend interactive toy dolls remind me of the old Furby my younger sister had when we were younger. Like the Furby, the Fijit Friends doll responds to voice commands, having over 100 different build in phrases and jokes that it says. Like most kids dolls, it is common to hear about ten of these phrases more often than most, but this is normal for most interactive dolls for kids. So far, my daughters love playing with Fijit Friends Sage and Fijit Friends Seraphina.

The only drawback to the Fijit Friends that I have seen is that they are very picky on how you have to say keywords and phrases. You have to teach your children to say the phrases exactly to make sure that the doll responds. For example, you can’t tell the Fijit friends to sleep by saying sleep – you have to say Good Night. While this isn’t a big deal, one of my friends got very frustrated with the doll since she didn’t understand that her daughter has to say things exactly. To me, this isn’t a very big deal. I have the quick reference card on my daughter’s dresser in case she ever does get confused. So far, neither of my daughters has needed any help, having already memorized all the phrases for their Fijit Friends.
FIJIT Friends Willa
The only drawback I have found with the Fijit Friend interactive toy dolls is that they eat batteries like nothing. We are constantly going through AA batteries. We bought rechargeable AAs for both of the girls, and have a set constantly charging to make sure the girls can play with their favorite dolls. As well, don’t forget to change the batteries when you first open your Fijit friend doll. Our dolls act very stupid when the batteries are close to dying, and since the batteries in the doll are for demo reasons only, it is very likely for you to come up with a doll that has nearly dead batteries.

Kid Friendly Fijit Friends

Since the Fijit Friend interactive toy dolls are designed for girls six to twelve, you can expect these dolls to be very user friendly. My daughters were able to play with both Fijit Friends Sage and Fijit Friends Seraphina right out of the box, exploring the different things these dolls say and watching these cute dolls dance. I am actually surprised how good of a job Mattel did at making an interactive doll that is user friendly while still being technology advanced for kids.
FIJIT Friends Seraphina
While my daughters love to make the Fijit Friend interactive toy dolls dance and talk, they also seem to enjoy touching this doll. The skin of this doll is very soft and rubbery, encouraging the girls to squeeze and poke it. My girls love to cuddle with this toy, something I have to stop since I am worried they are going to hurt themselves or break the doll. Either way, it is cute seeing them playing with this cute doll. My son, who is under a year old, also seems to enjoy touching these dolls and watching them dance.

Included in the Box

  • Fijit Friend Doll (Fijit Sage, Fijit Seraphina, Fijit Willa, or Fijit Logan)
  • 5 AA Batteries
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Instructions

Others Opinion of Fijit Friends

In our household, the Fijit Friend interactive toy dolls are an absolute hit. These dolls are currently going everywhere with my daughters and even their friends are asking for these dolls for Christmas. I am glad my girls got their dolls now, since I’m expecting they are going to be hard to find once other parents start their Christmas shopping. With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this is one of the hottest toys of the season. So far, here is what others parents think of these cute Fijit dolls.

“Sage, the Fijit Friends Adventurous One is hilarious! Even my bird dances and sings to it as do all the members of my family. This toy is perfect to get everyone up and dancing. It is great to use the four songs provided but better when you use your own tunes. She is amazing and I hope Mattel comes out with the iPad app very soon. I also hope they allow some kind of download via the sonic chirps for more phrases. Either way this is a must have and very fun. Also bought the added ears and braclet too. Kinda interesting to mix and match the ear parts and use the original ears to make feet. We love it and hope you all do too! Oh and yes, the only drawback is that the batteries do have to be changed a lot but the cost is worth the excitement of dancing with SAGE! :)”
“My 10 year old daughter just got this as a birthday present (non-amazon purchase) and we all love it! Sage can dance to my daughters music, she has cute little jokes and we literally bust up laughing every time we dance with her. Even my husband is entertained! I think it’s a great value for the price. Definitely entertaining for the 3-12 age group! Just don’t have high expectations about the “chatting” option- Sage only says a few phrases. Overall, it is a good buy and I plan on gifting several of these this Christmas!”
“I really think this toy is great,my grandchild will love it.I think this item is very durable.I enjoyed this figit”
“I bought this for my niece for her birthday a few weeks ago. She loves it!! (I also find it pretty entertaining–shh, don’t tell anyone!) The toy works great–I’m not sure why the other reviewers had issues as this has not been my experience, but you do have to say specific phrases and you have to speak when the belly button light is on. We especially love the “Dance with me!” feature…we have a mini-dance party every time I come over. I also really love the material the doll is made of–jelly, squishy, fun to squeeze. I’m actually going to get the Logan Fijit for my friend’s daughter…her name is also Logan! Love it!”
“My niece and nephew can’t stop playing with it. Needed to change the batteries (they come with cheapo batteries) and say the specific phrases on the instructional card (can’t just say “chat” – need to say “chat with me”). Super cute.”

Other Fijit Friends Reviews

With the Fijit Friend interactive toy dolls being one of the hottest toys of the season, everyone has their own opinion about these cute dolls. To read what other real parents and grandparents have to say about these dolls, click here for Fijit Friends reviews.

Where to Buy Fijit Friends Sage & Fijit Friends Seraphina

Unless you want to pay a small fortune for these dolls, I highly recommend buying them on When my husband and I went to the retail stores, we found that they were still selling these dolls for well over $50. Even though Amazon’s prices do fluctuate, they have these dolls consistently for about $40. As Christmas approaches and the supply becomes short the prices are bound to go up. Since interactive toys do have a habit of sometimes having issues, you will also be able to enjoy Amazon’s great return policy, since they have never given me issues with returning toys for my daughters.

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Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

Leapfrog's LeapPad Explorer
We have always been huge fans of the Leapfrog Learning toys. So it is no surprise that the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer is on every Hottest Toy list for Christmas 2011.

This hand held tablet is designed for small hands, and with its 5 inch color touch screen and 2GB memory it is chock full of games, books, videos, flash cards, and music. It makes a perfect companion for travelling this Christmas.

Leapfrog's LeapPad ExplorerThis extremely durable kids iPad type learning tablet can withstand all the rough treatment that active children might throw its way. It is thin and easy to hold but at the same time very sturdy.

The Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer provides hours of learning with its interactive apps that cover science, math, reading, and geography.
Leapfrog's LeapPad Explorer
The eBooks are designed with different levels of learning in mind. As a child conquers one level it adjusts to present a new challenge. The activities associated with the books are designed to build on the previously learned skills. These interactive eBooks have 3 different levels of text, 3 different formats where the child can listen to the story, read along with it, or read it themselves. Plus there are activities to go along with the stories.

Over and above the eBooks the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer
comes with games and videos that help develop skills in spelling, phones, mathematics, science, music, and geography.

Leapfrog's LeapPad ExplorerThe camera and video features are some of the fun aspects of the LeapPad. The child can take their own photos then edit them with special affects. With its 2GB memory it can store your child’s creations so they can be shared with all the family members and friends. The video feature of the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer allows children to produce and direct their own videos. All of these creations can be uploaded to your computer and shared with everyone.

What is in the Box

  • Stylus
  • Four apps (Pet Pad, Story Studio, Art Studio, and one app of your choice)
  • extra stylus with tether
  • USB cable
  • Installation CD
  • Quick-start guide
  • Instructions

Recommended Age for Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

Although the manufacturer recommends it for age 4-9 many 2 years olds are very familiar with electronic devices. Certainly this tablet would be suitable for a 3 year old.

What Others are saying about the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

This is such a great learning toy for my 2 and a half year old. Its very durable when clumsy hands drop it, and it keeps her entertained for AGES!! I am so pleased to have it delivered to my door within a week also! Thanks 🙂

I bought this for our 3 year old granddaughter for her birthday. I was worried since it said ages 5 and up but after reading the reviews I am glad I got it. She loves her “iPot”, as she calls it. She had used my iPad so much on a recent visit, I thought this would allow her to do many of the things on it she did on my iPad.

It was such a pleasure to watch my 6year old granddaughter begin her play with her new leap pad explorer. In a few minutes her 9 year old sister joined and they spent hours in creating. I am eager to find new applications to send them.

It is just the right size for her little hands. It has easy to use features. Graphics and display are excellent. Sound quality is great with easy to understand insturctions for her. The system is customizeable as well, it will grow with her. Lots of additional features and apps available through the online store by hooking the USB into your computer.

Where to Buy the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

As Christmas rolls ever closer and the demand for gifts increases you can count on to be able to deliver the Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer right to your door. It qualifies for FREE Shipping! Don’t Delay!

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