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Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 is coming quickly. Last year I left everything to the last minute and ended up scrabbling to shop and totally unable to explore on this site the many touted toys and gifts. For Christmas 2018 I am going to try to do better.

This site started for Christmas 2008 at which time the idea of shopping online was extremely new to me. We have five grandchildren and I found the luxury of being able to seek and review suitable gifts for them from the comfort of my home a joy. I fully endorsed the convenience of shopping online and for the most part it has worked it out well.

Over the years we have followed some of the “hot” toys, the must “haves”. Our experience with this has been mixed. The most used and endearing items have been ones that the children could build, ones they could integrate with other toys they already had. So our recommendation to visitors to this site is weigh how the toys will be used against the latest golden item. As the children have aged we have found that items like Lego, games, outdoor equipment, and books are the ones that will be used over and over.

We are going to start with trampolines, swings, and various ride on toys.

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These are beautiful elegant chocolates. Anyone giving these for Christmas will have the confidence of knowing they have gifted only the very best. They are hand crafted and delivered Worldwide. Made for that very special person on your list.
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Our Favorite Christmas Desserts

What Top Ten Christmas Ideas would be complete without something for our sweet tooth lovers. For a change of pace we have included our favorite Christmas Desserts. These are recipes that we have collected over the years. We don’t make all of them every year but they are our family’s go to recipes.

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Children’s Christmas Books

Inexpensive Children’s Christmas Books

Are you looking for children’s Christmas books to load on to your new eReader? It is safe to say that under millions of Christmas trees this year there are going to be new tablets. Most of these devices will be able to download the Kindle app. Another huge portion of gifts will be an actual Kindle device. If you are giving one of these eReaders it is a more complete gift to load it with some books.
Children will be fascinated with the new tablets and you can help them enjoy your gift by providing them with some already loaded books. This does not have to be expensive. To help you we are providing you with a list of books that can be purchased from for less than a dollar.
5 Inspiring Christmas Stories for 1st-4th Graders

5 Inspiring Christmas Stories for 1st-4th Graders (Bedtime and Beginner Readers) + FREE 5 Tongue Twisters [Kindle Edition] by Nelson Wang

The stories are:

  1. The Best Christmas Gift a Penguin Could Ask For
  2. Randy The Reindeer That Couldn’t Fly
  3. A Very Merry Monster X-Mas
  4. Santa’s Big Idea
  5. The Magical Singing Christmas Trees

They are suitable for beginner readers.
31 Christmas Stories and Activities for Children

31 Christmas Stories and Activities for Children (Great for Beginner Readers) [Kindle Edition] by Shane Alex Lee

This combines stories and activities. It can be used with younger children as well as children who are just learning to read.
Randolph Saves Christmas

Randolph Saves Christmas(Christmas Children’s Book) [Kindle Edition] by Lark Wilson

Great book to read to little ones about fitting in with others. Randolph the dog wants to play with the reindeer but he can’t fly and does not have antlers.
From Santa 25 Christmas Stories

From Santa (25 Christmas Stories Perfect For Bedtime)+Free Games, Jokes, Tongue Twisters and Christmas Carols [Kindle Edition] by Vonburgundy

This book contains

  • 25 Stories
  • Games
  • Jokes
  • Tongue Twisters
  • Christmas Carols

Carter and the Crazy Tree

Carter and the Crazy Tree (Children’s Chapter Book) [Kindle Edition] by Steven Tuttle

This one is geared for children grades 1 to 7. It is a chapter book that will appeal to those children who are devouring books.
The Aliens Who Stole Christmas

The Aliens Who Stole Christmas [Kindle Edition] By Chris Woodson

Based on the How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the children will love the aliens.

Matt’s Christmas Play

Matt’s Christmas Play: Little Mates Book 7 (Childrens Books) [Kindle Edition] By Jo Louise and Brielle Spicer

A story based on rhymes teaches a valuable lesson. Beautiful illustrations combined with fun writing.
Christmas Day

Christmas Day (A Beautifully Illustrated Book Perfect For Bedtime and Beginner Readers) (Piddo The Baby Penguin) [Kindle Edition] By Vonburgundy

This is for beginner readers and for bedtime reading. Lovely illustrations combine with a fun story.

4 Christmas Children's Books

4 Christmas Children’s Books (Great for Beginner Readers) [Kindle Edition] By Taylor Riley and T.J. Boyde

4 Fun Christmas Books for the Holidays:

  • Randolph the Beagle Saves Christmas
  • A Very Beary Christmas (Teddy Bear Christmas)
  • Larky’s First Christmas (Larky and the Chrismas Tree)
  • Larky and the Christmas Cookies

This is just a sampling of the many Kindle books available for children. For Christmas 2013 they are inexpensive, fun to read, and will get your children involved in using eReaders.

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Chocolate Mousse in White Chocolate Cups is a very rich delightful dessert. White chocolate cups are very easy to make and look spectacular. We suggest using Lindt white chocolate because it has delicious bits of almonds in it but if unavailable, use another brand of Swiss white chocolate. These can be made ahead and frozen (defrost in refrigerator).

  • 4 bars (3 ½ oz/ 100 g) white chocolate 4

Ingredients for MOUSSE:

  • 4 oz bittersweet chocolate 125 g
  • ¼ cup unsalted butter 50 mL
  • 3 egg yolks 3
  • 3 tablespoon Amaretto or other liqueur of your choice 50 mL
  • 1 cup whipping cream 250 mL

Ingredients for GARNISH:

  • ¼ cup toasted sliced almonds 50 mL
  • Or shaved white chocolate curls


Place white chocolate in top of double boiler and melt carefully over barely simmering water. To make each cup, spoon about 2 tablespoon (25mL) chocolate into foil fluted muffin cup and coat inside of cup completely. Place cups in muffin pan for support and freeze for a few hours. This recipe should make 12 to 16 cups so there will be enough for seconds if people want them. (Although you can use paper muffin cups, foil ones are easier to handle.) When cups are frozen, gently peel off foil and replace in muffin pan for support. Keep refrigerated or frozen.

MOUSSE: Melt bittersweet chocolate over barely simmering water as above and beat in butter. Add yolks, one at a time, and mix well. Remove from heat and let cool. Stir in liqueur. Whip cream until stiff and fold into chocolate base. Place mixture in piping tube and pipe into white chocolate cups. Sprinkle with toasted almonds. Refrigerate until ready to serve, and then remove from refrigerator for 5 before serving so chocolate cups are easier to cut into with fork. These are quite rich, so serve 1 per person and have the extras for seconds. Makes 8 to 10 servings.

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Special Gifts for Mom

Christmas gifts for Mom
Sometimes it is difficult to find that special Christmas gift for Mom. When searching for our own Mom we found a wonderful online shopping place. It is full of different types of products that would delight every Mom.

It is a great place to find the finest limited-edition collectibles, dolls, figurines and home décor, plus fine jewelry and apparel. It is nice to know that the gift that you are giving is unique, sometimes personalized, and handcrafted.

The clothing is very artistic with many items having beautiful motifs. There are some items that are lovingly crafted to support Breast Cancer. From jackets and shirts to purses and tote bags there is something for everyone’s choice.

For the Mom who likes to collect special items you can choose from home décor and tabletop collectibles, villages and trains. There are many themes available from sports, to famous people, to Royal memorabilia, and holiday themes.

In the jewelry and watch department you can order personalized items that are great to mark the occasion or the time the gift was given. There are beautiful rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The watches are very personalized.

Two of my favorite themes are the villages and trains and the collectible baby dolls. The villages are very detailed and many are Christmas scenes. There are accessories available to augment these villages. The trains are also of a Christmas theme and have accessories to add to the whole effect. A Christmas village becomes a Christmas tradition.

The collectible baby dolls are beautiful. They are amazingly realistic, soft skinned, true babies. One evens will curl her hand around your finger. They are not meant to be toys but real collectibles.

If your Mom is a sports enthusiast she will love the many items available. There are pieces of jewelry, ornaments, trains and villages that are done in a team motif.

This online site has an amazing number of choices for you to find the perfect Christmas gift.

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Kindle Fire HD

Review of Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD
Have you been considering purchasing an 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD? For the past few months, I have been excited to get my hands on one of these new Kindles. While I have an iPad, I have been reading on my Kindle Fire for awhile now, finding it is much better when it comes to reading ebooks. Since I love this tablet as much as my iPad, my husband thought it would be a great early Christmas present for me, especially with a larger Kindle now on the market.

I have to admit, waiting for my new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has not been easy. We put it on pre-order back in September when it was first announced, and I have been waiting every since. I have to admit, I have never been so excited about a piece of electronic in my household. Now that it has arrived, I have spent a few days playing with this brand new tablet. Here is what I think so far of the new Kindle Fire HD.

Kindle Fire HD: Usability

Kindle Fire HD When I first looked at the specs of the new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, I was blown away at just how much better this tablet is compared to the original Kindle Fire. It has a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor and imagination Power VR 3-D graphics core, making it run not only fast, but beautifully when playing games or videos. Unlike most other tablet on the market, it is has an official Dolby sound system, allowing you to get the best sound possible when watching movies on your tablet.  I personally love this feature since it allows me to listen to all of my favorite music on the go.

Having used an iPad for years, I am also happy that the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has both a rear and front facing camera. Having kids, I have found that I never know when the kids are going to be cute, allowing me to take a picture anytime, anywhere on my tablet.  While the front camera may sound like a gimmick, it really is perfect for people like me who work from home, especially since I use Skype to talk to my co-workers and potential clients. Really, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go with kids!

Kindle Fire HD: Apps

Kindle Fire HD If you have kids, you will absolutely love all the apps that are available through the Kindle store.  So far, there are over 22 million different apps available for the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, including games, ebooks, and other functional apps that are perfect for just about any busy lifestyle. This doesn’t count all the apps that are integrated into this tablet, including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Pandora, and Angry Birds. In my household, Angry Birds gets most of the attention since my kids absolutely love playing this game. So far, we have over twenty different games that my kids have been playing on the Kindle Fire, some of them allowing my kids to play with multiple people online. From what I have seen, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD seems to work better through our Wi-fi network than my iPad 3, being much faster and more reliable, making it perfect for gaming online!

Kindle Fire HD: Reading

Kindle Fire HD Since I own both a Kindle and a Kindle Fire, I had very high expectations for the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. My goal was to have a media tablet that could replace my other two Kindles, allowing me to travel with one tablet when I was out with the kids. As someone who is constantly going to soccer games and other activities, it’s nice being able to have a tablet that works for everything and isn’t as costly at the iPad. I have to say that the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD new polarized filter and anti-glare technology is amazing for reading, allowing you to read or watch a movie on the Kindle Fire at any angle. I absolutely love this since this was the major issue I had with the original Kindle Fire – you had to hold it at just the right angle to be able to read outside. Now, it is easy to read just about anywhere on my tablet!

If I had to pick one thing I loved the most about the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, it the lending library feature that comes with my Amazon Prime Memberships.  I am constantly checking out books with my Kindle Fire, allowing me to read not only the latest best sellers, but new authors who publish exclusively to the Kindle Fire. While I haven’t used it often, my daughter has used the X-Ray searching tool that is designed for textbooks. I had purchased some ebooks that were meant to help with her math skills, and from what I have seen, this feature is great at finding different definitions and examples in these texts. With all the different magazines and books available on the Kindle Fire, I don’t see how anyone could go wrong with this awesome tablet!

Kindle Fire HD: What Others Think

So far, everyone in my family loves the new 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. We have been using it non-stop since Thanksgiving and can’t wait to use it more. Not only is it great at reading books, but watching movies and playing games. Right now, we are considering purchasing another Kindle Fire HD for my husband to help him keep track of all of his different ebooks. Currently, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has a 3.8 rating on Amazon, making it one of the most popular tablets on the market. Here is what other people are saying about this very popular tablet!

“if you are a PRIME subscriber, this device is a NO BRAINER. Get one ! If not, it is still a great take-along carry-around-the-house gadget, very well built, slim and light. Screen is very responsive, haven’t seen any lag in the Amazon ecosystem Android wrap and the browser is faster than I remember my iPad being. Maybe I am just overjoyed with the fact I spent so little with no great expectations and got this pleasant surprise. I do have one complaint (so far): the power and volume buttons are hard to find and to a certain point frustrating…I saw that in the 7″ and was hoping it would be better in the larger form factor but it is still something that needs improvement (Amazon, are you listening ?). About the ads…really ? I just skip them, so no problem for me. They are not intrusive as you my think, not at all. I am loving this purchase so far.”

“I have had my kindle fire hd for over a week now and i love it. I`ve also had a kindle keyboard and original kindle fire. Was not sure about purchasing the fire hd 8.9 at first but decided i wanted to try the larger screen so i pre-ordered it. I never did use the kindle fire one handed so the larger size of the fire hd doesn`t bother me. I love the hd screen and larger size. Fire hd feels very well constructed. I found it very easy to use but that may be because i had the kindle fire and so was not a first time user. It should still prove easy to use for someone who is new to kindle fire. Fire hd is very fast for surfing the web and watching prime instant videos. Display is incredible with hd content and sound is good for a tablet. I really like having the hdmi out port so i can connect it to my home theater. Some have complained about no charging light like the original fire so you can`t tell when it`s fully charged but while that is an annoyance it`s not enough for me to ding the fire hd in my review. Be careful how much trust you place in the overly negative reviews. A lot of them seem to have been written by, a – apple fan boys who feel threatened and so surf the internet writing negative reviews of competing products, b – people with unreasonable expectations i.e. did not fully read product description before purchasing, and lastly, c – people who are not reviewing the fire hd at all but are leaving negative reviews because they have a bone to pick with amazon. Lastly, just a thought about the lack of apps complaints. Amazon is a merchant not a developer, it is up to the developers to make sure their apps work with the fire hd.”

“This screen is AMAZING!!! Every time I look at it, I’m more impressed.”

“Overall this is a great device. Just get it and feel it in your hands and turn on the screen.Also remember anything made by man can malfunction and when you deliver stuff in high volume,some one can easily get a bad one.It happens with every company, even apple. This tablet is great!”

“Wow I must say that they didn’t lie about the better wi-fi! I’m picking up signals in areas I never did with the first fire or the other more expensive tabs. I’m liking this!”

Kindle Fire HD: Where to Purchase

I personally ordered my 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD from Even though this was necessary for pre-ordering, I would have made the same decision even if it was on the market when I purchased it. One of the main reasons I purchase all of my electronics from Amazon is that they are a great price and have an amazing return policy if something goes wrong. Like all electronics, it’s possible to have something go wrong right out of the box; making it important you work with a company that is known for its great customer service and return policy. If something goes wrong with the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD, all you have to do is print out a return label and ship it back to Amazon. It really is as easy as that! With great prices and customer service, why would you do your Christmas shopping anywhere else?

Kindle Fire HD: More Reviews

Want to see what other people think of the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD? Click here to read more reviews written by real people who have purchased this Amazon tablet!


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Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids – a Parent’s Review

Do you remember the Cabbage Patch Kids? As a little girl I loved playing with these dolls and had quite a few little boys and girls that my parents helped me ‘adopt.’ When my girls go to visit my parents, they sometimes even play with some of my old dolls; something they think is very special since they can play with some of Mommy’s old toys. When my mother told me recently that these dolls were back on the market, I was very excited, knowing my girls would love them! The bad news was that I couldn’t find them anywhere in my local area.
Cabbage Patch Kids
When I took the search online, I found many places were overcharging for these dolls, knowing that they were hard to find in some markets. After a bit of searching, I found that had a handful of these dolls, allowing me to get my hands on some of these dolls for my kids. While some of them are put away for Christmas, I gave my youngest daughter one of these dolls early – one of the Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids. Here is what we think so far of this adorable doll.

Cabbage Patch Kids: Classic vs New

Cabbage Patch Kids Blonde Preppy GirlWhen I first opened the box for my daughter’s Cabbage Patch Kid, I wasn’t for sure what to expect. The dolls I remembered from my childhood were made from all cloth and were different than most of the others toys even back during the 1980s. I was really worried that with them modernizing the Cabbage Patch Kids that this meant that they had also turned them into plastic dolls. What I found was that while some of the doll was plastic, the majority of it was like the classic cloth dolls. Really, the only plastic part of the doll is the head, which seems a bit more realistic and cute. As someone who owned some of the original Cabbage Patch Kids, I thought this was a great idea, since it meant that the doll would last a bit longer with boys and girls who were known for roughhousing.

Cabbage Patch Kids: Fashion

Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids One of the things that really surprised me about the new Cabbage Patch Kids is all the cute clothes that are now available. When I was little there really weren’t too many options, meaning you had to have really loved your dolls outfits or find someone who made clothes. Looking on Amazon, I was amazed just how many options are available for the new Cabbage Patch Kids when it come to clothes. Even better, all of the styles look very modern. My daughter’s Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids came with a cute school girl outfit, reminding me of some of the outfits you see children wearing in boarding schools. My daughter loved it since it reminded her of the outfits in Harry Potter. For little girls who love to play dress up, the new Cabbage Patch Kids are absolutely perfect!

Cabbage patch Kids: Kid Friendly

Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids Like the old Cabbage Patch Kids, the new dolls come with variety of little treats for little girls and boys. When you open the box, you can find a birth certificate, adoption papers, and even a download code for a little cartoon about your doll from the TV show. As well, each doll comes with a unique name on their birth certificate, giving you a one of a kind doll like no one else. My daughter loves this and keeps her dolls birth certificate on her dresser, telling everyone it is ‘very important’. I have always thought this was a cute thing that the manufacturer did and little girls love having their own little baby. What really amused me is that the dolls themselves have a fresh baby scent, reminding parents and children of a newborn baby.

Along with these little treats, I love that all the Cabbage Patch Kids are designed to be for both boys and girls. A lot of the time parents seem to think that dolls are only for girls, forgetting that boys are likely to be Daddys someday. I love that the brand makes Cabbage Patch Kids of both genders, allowing little boys and girls alike to have fun with their own baby doll and ‘adopted child’.

Cabbage Patch Kids: In the Box

  • Cabbage Patch Kids Doll
  • Birth Certificate
  • Adoption Papers
  • Bio Card
  • Outfit
  • Download Code for 22 Minute Cabbage Patch Kids Cartoon Episode

Cabbage Patch Kids: What Others Think

So far, my girls absolutely love this Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.  I am just disappointed I didn’t get two Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids so that each of my daughters had one. Right now, they are just going to have to wait until Christmas to get more of these cute dolls. On, this doll has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the most popular toys on their site. It really isn’t too surprising, knowing that these dolls were popular when I was a child as well.  Here is what others are saying about the Blond Preppy Girl Cabbage Patch Kids.

“My son’s each had one of the boy dolls 25 years ago. I was so excited to be able to buy this Preppy Blonde for my 3 year old granddaughter for her Xmas gift.
She wear her hair the same way, so she knew in a minute it was HER! The only doll (baby) she received which surprised me.
These dolls are just a sturdy, and well made as years ago. The come with the little birth certificate.
She loves it, I love that she is so happy. Adorable!”

“I loved the look of the doll and I am sure she will love it as well. It is a Christmas present so I have not given it to her at this time. It came as promised and was just as it was described. Looking forward to giving it to her.”

“Bought this doll for my daughter for Christmas. She loves it! I love the cabbage patch smell, and the cute features she’s been given to be unique. I will say that the socks and shoes (piggies too) are a bit excessive for a 1.5 year old, but otherwise it’s a very cute doll. It’s something my little one will learn to love and leave the accessories on!”

Cabbage Patch Kids: Where to Purchase

When I went to my local big box retailer, I couldn’t find anyone who was selling the new Cabbage Patch Kids. Knowing I want to get one of these for my girls, I brought my search to, where I found they were fairly inexpensive and they had a pretty good selection of these dolls. With free shipping, amazing customer service, and a great return policy, I couldn’t imagine purchasing my Christmas toys anywhere else but!

Cabbage Patch Kids: More Reviews

Are you considering purchasing one of these dolls for your child? Before you go out and buy one of these dolls, I recommend reading more reviews written by real parents and grandparents just like us! To read what others are saying, click here to go to Amazon’s product page for this cute doll!

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Lalaloopsy Dolls

Lalaloopsy Dolls – a Parent’s Review

Does your daughter love the Lalaloopsy Dolls? Like many girls, my daughters are obsessed with these dolls! Over the past year, they have been saving their money to get more dolls, mostly since I wasn’t for sure how long they would be interested in these dolls. As a parent, I learned a long time ago that sometimes the toys they beg for the most are the ones that are forgotten a day later. To my surprise, the Lalaloopsy Dolls have got quite a bit of attention.  When my oldest daughter told us she wanted to buy one herself, I thought this was an excellent idea, knowing she would get quite a bit of enjoyment with her money.

Lalaloopsy Dolls Click Here!
The biggest issue we had with purchasing a Lalaloopsy Dolls was finding a doll my daughter liked that she could afford. Many of the big box retailers in our area were a bit overpriced, leading to my daughter being disappointed since she was determined to purchase this doll herself. After a bit, we took our search to Amazon where my daughter found the Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll. After purchasing this doll, here is what our daughter and I think of this adorable doll!

Lalaloopsy Doll: Durability

Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy DollLike most modern day dolls, the Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll is made from plastic. In all honesty, it really does look like an all plastic rag doll. While I personally would have preferred a rag doll when I was little, I know that these dolls are much better for little girls who are hard on toys. I can’t tell you how many Barbie’s have been destroyed in my house from my daughter’s rough housing. Sometimes I don’t even know how she got the legs to come off of the dolls. From what I have seen, however, the Lalaloopsy dolls seem to be much better made and able to withstand quite a bit of play. So far, none of the six dolls my daughter owns have been damaged or lost any body parts, something that is quite impressive knowing my daughters!

What I really like about all the Lalaloopsy Dolls is the fact that they do not have synthetic hair. In my opinion, nothing makes a doll look sadder than after your daughter decides to wash her hair or the hair starts coming after from excessive brushing. All of these dolls, including the Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll, have plastic hair that is constantly styled. This makes some of the dolls heads a bit heavy, but makes sure that the dolls themselves always look like they did out of the box. For this reason, my daughter always loves showing off all of her Lalaloopsy dolls to friends!

Lalaloopsy Doll: Fashion

Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy DollOne of the things I love about the Lalaloopsy Dolls is that they are very fashionable without being tacky or overly sexualized. The dolls all wear cute little dresses made out of different scaps of cloth, making them look like adorable rag dolls. The Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll, which my daughter purchased, is made mostly of velvet and satin. If you following her story, she was made using an old candy box. While this may sound strange at first, you have to realize that these old boxes used to be wrapped in cloth, making them look quite elegant. With her poofy, cute dress, girls can play with a doll that is adorable and made from quality fabric. As well, you can change the shoes and clothes on all the Lalaloopsy Dolls, letting your daughter have some fun if you purchased extra sets of clothing for the doll.

Lalaloopsy Doll: Kid Friendly

Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy DollOut of all the Lalaloopsy dolls we have purchased in my household, the Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll is my absolute favorite. Like most of the dolls, her arms, legs, and head can move, letting girls have a bit fun roleplaying with these dolls. What makes this doll so unique from the others, however, is the fact that she is fairly light.  Most of the dolls in this collection are very top heavy, making them unplayable for many younger girls. Since this doll has short little pig tails, she is not top heavy and very easy for little girls to carry around. With her button eyes and cute clothes, she really is perfect for everyday use.

What also make the Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll more unique compared to other dolls is that she comes with a cute little puppy dog. My daughter absolutely went crazy when she saw Ruffles the dog in the picture on Amazon. This plastic little dog looks like he is made partially from chocolate, making it seem a bit cute that he has a little nibble bitten out of his ear. My daughter thinks this is absolutely adorable and loves sending her Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll and Ruffles on little adventures throughout our house.

Lalaloopsy Doll: What Others Think

In our household, we absolutely love the Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll. My youngest has been asking for one of these dolls for her birthday and we are seriously considering having Santa bring her a matching one so she can be just like her big sister. So far, this doll has a five star rating on, making it one of the most popular Lalaloopsy Dolls sold on their site. Here is what others are saying about this adorable doll!

“I got my brown-eyed Lala, and she is absolutely adorable. This product page’s picture doesn’t do her justice. First of all, Miss Toffee appears more petite than the other Lalaloopsies~ it’s because her hair style is smaller. She feels lighter and less top-heavy, which is a bonus for a little one carrying her around. But other than the head, she is the same size as the others Lalas.

Her outfit is prettier in person~ very detailed. The bottom layer of her dress is a deep pink plushy velvet. The top layer is satiny light pink with chocolate swiss dots. She’s supposed to be sewn from an old-fashioned chocolate box; people think that sounds weird, but olden days, these boxes were special keepsakes and expensive. They were puffy and frou-frou with satin and velvet. The top/sleeves of the dress are rugby stripes. Pink and white to be girly, but I think the stripes give her a sweet childish feel. The outfit reminds me of my daughters playing dress-up, putting fancy princessy dresses over their jeans and tee shirts.

Toffee’s chocolate lab has a bite out of her ear:) And the doll’s cheeks are pink hearts. Love these details. She is definitely my favorite one thus far, and that is saying a lot because we are a Lalaloopsy family!”

“This Lalaloopsy doll is prettier than pictured. We love her! My daughter just got into Lalaloopsy dolls and received 4 of them for her birthday. Toffee Cocoa Cuddles is made out of a “chocolate box” I love it! Her dress is beautiful with a velveteen in a mauve burgandy on the bottom and a sateen lighter pink with brown polka dots. Her sleeves are jersey material with pink and white stripes. Around her middle is a satin dark brown bow which I think adds a nice touch. Her shoes are adorable and in the maryjane style. What I love about this doll is that she has chocolate brown button eyes and her cheeks are heart shaped. My 3 year old loves the chocolate dog companion with a “nibble” taken out of his ear. This is definately a beautiful doll for her Lalaloopsy collection.”

“My daughter loves Lalaloopsy and asked for one for her birthday. She specifically requested one with a dog. This doll and pet is a lot cuter in person! The head doesn’t seem to “bobble” as much and I think it’s because her pig tails aren’t as big as the other Lalaloospy dolls. I am happy with this purchase and so is my daughter!”

Lalaloopsy Dolls: Where to Purchase

So that my daughter could afford her new Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll, we decided to help her purchase it online. We found that Amazon was selling this doll for the cheapest price I could find online, once you included in the free shipping. Along with a great price and free shipping, we knew that we were going to get great customer service if something went wrong. I have had to return toys and gifts to Amazon in the past, and found it was a completely painless experience! With great prices, free shipping, and a wonderful return policy, why not purchase these adorable dolls from Amazon?

Lalaloopsy Dolls: More Reviews

Want to see what others have to say about the Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy Doll? Click the link to read more reviews written by parents and parents who purchased this adorable doll. We don’t think you will be disappointed purchasing one of these cute dolls!

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Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet

Parent Review of Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning TabletConsidering purchasing a Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet for your kids? As some of you may know, I am a big fan of learning games for my kids.  Whenever I heard a new learning tablet or game is coming out, I am one of the first to reserve it and get my hands on them so that the kids can try something new. Some of the learning toys I have purchased in the past were very popular, others were forgotten after a month of use. When I heard that Vtech had put a new tablet on the market, I knew I had to take a look and see if this may be something interesting for my family.

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning TabletUnlike usual, however, I heard about the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet after it had already been on the market for a few months, leaving me struggling to find this popular tablet. My parents wanted to give it to my youngest daughter for Christmas, but I thought it would be more beneficial giving it to her early, especially since they would need something new and interesting to play with while we went bouncing houses for the holidays. Eventually, I did find an adorable pink Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet at  After using this tablet for a month, here is what we think of the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet!

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet: Setup

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet Having set up a variety of learning tablets over the years, I was expecting a very painful setup for the Vtech. What really surprised me, however, was how user friendly the whole setup process was for parents. It really is as simple as setting up an account online and putting the installation CD on your computer. It took me a grand total of 15 minutes for me to set up the entire Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet. To be honest, my girls were even surprised since they are used to not being able to play with their learning toys when we first buy them. I really love being able to have a learning toy that works almost immediately after taking it out of the box. Also, I am happy to report that it works with both Windows and Mac computers.  Just make sure to purchase at least 4 AA batteries for the tablet, since they are not included with this toy.

Before I forget to mention it, I also want to add that the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet is very unique since it is one of the few tablets on the market built to take an SD card, giving it up to another 16 gigs of memory. With only 2 gigs of onboard memory in this tablet, this is important for parents who are planning on downloading quite a few games online. If you don’t want to worry about downloading content, however, you can always just purchase game cartridges for this tablet on Amazon or your local big box retailer.

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet: Durability

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet If you have children, you know that electronics in your household better be built like a tank if they are going to last. I was a bit worried when I saw the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet since it looked much thinner than many of the other learning tablets we have purchased. While this is great for little hands, I was worried that it wouldn’t last long in my youngest daughter’s hands. It may not be able to withstand a trip down the stairs, but it is fairly durable and should last if taken care of properly. I think durability is being traded for ease of use, something that I think is a fair trade, especially since little ones would prefer playing with something isn’t too heavy for a long period of time. With an age rating of 3 – 9 years old, parents can feel confident that they are buying a toy that is not only useful, but built to last in most children’s hands.

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet: Kid Friendly

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning TabletOf course, most of the testing for the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet happened in both of my daughter’s hands. While my oldest daughter is a bit too old for this tablet, my 5 year old absolutely loves it! She loves playing with all the different games and apps on this tablet, and has already brought it in for show and tell more than once! With its bright, crisp, 5 inch screen with build in tilt sensors, kids can have fun playing a variety of learning games and watching videos. In many ways, this Vtech tablets reminds me of my iPad since it has a variety of cool features, such as dual cameras (front and back facing), MP3 player, e-reader, photo viewer, games, and even a microphone!  As well, this tablet can hold up to 4 profiles, all of which can be set to unique wallpapers, voice and text greetings, and even different avatars!

What really makes theVtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet in my eyes, however, is all the different activities that come with this tablet. All the games are filled with a variety of learning activates that also have interactive voices. It is fun seeing my daughter light up when she sees all her favorite little cartoon characters talking to her on the screen. So far, we haven’t even had the time to download any new games or books for this tablet. Hopefully, Santa will be bringing some more interactive ebooks and games this Christmas for the Vtech Innotab 2S.

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet: In the Box

  • Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet
  • 2 Styluses
  • “Read, Play, Create” Cartridge (Art Studio, Coloring App, 1 ebook, games)
  • 2 Downloadable Game Codes
  • USB Cable
  • Learning Lodge Installation CD

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet: What Others Think

I don’t think I could recommend the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet enough. My girls have absolutely fallen in love with this tablet. With Christmas being right around the corner, I have been recommending to my friends that they purchase this tablet for their kids since it has been such a hit in my own household. Best of all, it is cheaper than many other learning tablets on the market! Currently, this Vtech learning tablet has a 4.2 star rating on Amazon, making it one of the sites most popular learning toys. Here is what others are saying about this cute learning toy…

” I’m giving this tablet to my daughter for christmas. I allready opened it to put some apps on it and couldn’t help myself.  This is exactly what kids need to teach her stuff at a young age. And it’s fun! I was skeptical at first for spending so much for a tablet for a 3 year old, but it was well worth the money. Great buy!!!!”

” First of all, let me say that I like Vtech’s products. In general, they make educational toys/books/etc that my children have benefited from. The InnoTab 2 delivers this as well. Without looking at the instructions (could be dangerous right) I handed it to my kids to test. They had it up and running, playing games, reading books, toying with the video feature before I even looked at it. By the way, THEY give it five stars. The only downfall of the product that I see, and this has been related by others, is that it eats batteries. However, overall my kids are having fun with the toy. I tested its included apps and found them to be intuitive and simple enough for young minds. This is a great “toy” and I will likely purchase more ebooks and apps to go along with it. five stars.”

Works great!!! My friends daughter who i bought it for loves it. She plays with it till the batteries run dead. Her mom, my best friend loves it, it’s a very educational device for her, and all the interchangeable cartridges give her something new every time she plays it. STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS TABLET

Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet: Where to Purchase

While quite a few stores have the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet, I highly recommend purchasing it at  Not only do they have the best price I have seen online, but offer fast, hassle free shipping options. While they have free shipping on most of the items on their site, it is nice being able to have anything shipped overnight for only $4 more. What I also love about Amazon is that they carry all the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet in a variety of colors, including blue, pink, and even ones with cute kid designs! Really, you can’t go wrong doing all your Christmas shopping at!
This Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet is SOLD OUT in many stores and online places.

If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment


Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet: More Reviews

Want to see what others have to say about the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet? Click here to read reviews written by real parents and grandparents – just like us!

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My First Lab Stargazer Telescope

Parent Review of My First Lab Stargazer Telescope

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope
Are you considering purchasing a My First Lab Stargazer Telescope for your child for Christmas? In my family, my kids love learning about space.  This year, my daughter has been even more interested in space than usual, leading to my husband deciding to get one of these telescopes for both of our daughters. While I wanted to wait and give the telescope as a Christmas gift, my husband thought it was too good of an educational moment to pass up. Knowing this would be quality time with the girls and Daddy, I agreed to him purchasing one for the girls.

The hardest part about deciding to purchase a telescope was finding the right one for the girls. Since we weren’t sure if the girls would even like it, we were reluctant to pay hundreds of dollars for a toy telescope.  While this seemed like a good idea, the problem was finding one that was useable and not too expensive.  After doing some searching online and talking to some friends, we finally found the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope on to Amazon.  So far, here is what we think of this telescope.

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: Assembly

Right out of the box, the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope was very easy to set up. Even though my husband wanted to set it up with the girls, I did it beforehand to make sure they could play with it that night. As you would expect, the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope came unassembled, but was  labeled fairly well for easy assembly. Out of the box, I was able to get the entire telescope together in less than a half hour. It likely wouldn’t have been that long if I wasn’t also keeping an eye on my toddler.

I am also happy to add that the telescope is very easy to take apart and assemble again. Since we have very little room in our house, we just don’t have the room to keep it fully assembled, especially if the girls aren’t going to be going out with Daddy that night. My husband has got assembly down to about ten to fifteen minutes, making it very convenient for both Daddy and the girls! We are hoping to buy a case for the telescope so that we can bring it with us to the park at night.

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: Durability

Being a starter telescope, I am really amazed at just how well made this telescope is compared to similar telescopes we had seen at big box retailers. The tripod itself is made of mostly steel, making it not only durable, but sturdy. This is important since the girls are constantly leaning up against it and likely rough housing with Daddy when I’m not watching. All the components themselves also look to be very well made. I could easily see the girls using this telescope for years! With so many different lenses and attachments, this set is perfect for any child hoping to learn more about space!

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: Kid Friendly

I just can’t express how much my girls love this My First Lab Stargazer Telescope. This inexpensive telescope is wonderful at allowing children to learn firsthand about space. My daughters have not been able to see any planets just yet, but they have seen the surface of the moon. The first time my daughter saw it she couldn’t wait to call all of her friends and tell them exactly what the moon looked like. My husband is currently trying to figure out how to see a planet, having read that other people have seen some of the rings of Saturn with this telescope using the 150x magnification lens. As well, changing the lenses on this telescope is easy enough that the girls can do it on their own. While they don’t understand which lens to use when, I have a feeling they will learn how to do this easily with time! If nothing else, I love how much this has encouraged both of the girls to learn more about space!

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: In the Box

  • 1 Telescope
  • 9 mm Eyepiece
  • 20 mm Eyepiece
  • 2x Barlow Lens
  • 1 Heavy Duty Steel Base
  • Dovetail Bar Tube Attachment with Quick Release Attachment
  • AZ 45 Mount with Large Handle
  • Accessory Plate

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: What Others Think

So far, my daughters absolutely love the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope! Nearly every clear night since we bought it the girls have been outside with Daddy looking at the moon and different constellations. With how much the girls love it, I think it was worth every penny! I am not the only parent who has fallen in love with the telescope! Currently on it has a five star rating! Here is what another parent had to say about this telescope!

” If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced telescope for amateur sky-watching with children, this is a good choice. We used this right after sunset, in an urban back yard, and were able to easily see Saturn’s rings. I’m sure the viewing would be even better in areas with less light pollution. We have yet to test this with the moon, but are excited for a full moon, so we can see it in more detail. Stars aren’t as exciting, as they just look like a bigger and brighter version of themselves, but planets are exciting to see. I would recommend this telescope to friends.”

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: Where to Purchase

Currently, the only place where you can purchase the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope is on since it was made exclusively for them. While there are similar telescopes on the market, we think it an excellent deal with all the different lenses and quality of the telescope. Along with getting a great deal on the telescope, you are able to enjoy free shipping and one of the best return policies online if your children decide they don’t like the telescope. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong purchasing anything on Amazon!

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope: More Reviews

Want to see what others have to say about the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope? Click the link to read more reviews written by owners of this toy telescope!

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Schleich Knight Castle

Parent Review of Schleich Knight Castle

Schleich Knight CastleHave you seen the Schleich Knight Castle? My little nephew loves anything that involves knights and dragons. He is always playing video games and pretending he is a knight when he is playing outside with all of his little friends. For years, he had been begging his mother for his own castle, hoping he could have play battles with Daddy, who loves to play quite a few miniature games. Since I love working and trying out different toys, my sister-in-law asked me to help her find the perfect castle for her son for his birthday.

What I didn’t expect when we started looking for this castle was how many different toy castles are on the market. While they were all amazing, we just couldn’t find what we thought would be perfect for my nephew. It wasn’t until we were about to give up that we found the perfect castle – the Schleich Knight Castle! Not only was it in our budget, but it had wonderful reviews! Even better, mom and dad had the reaction they were looking for when he opened this gift! Now that two weeks have passed, he has had plenty of time to play with the gift along with my eldest daughter. Here is what we all think so far of the Schleich Knight Castle!

Schleich Knight Castle: Assembly

Schleich Knight CastleCompared to similar toys, the Schleich Knight Castle is very easy to assemble. The hardest part of putting together this castle is the drawbridge since it does have metal chains. Putting together the castle and putting together some of the detailed pieces takes about twenty minutes. With many of the toys today, putting together the Schleich Knight Castle really is as easy as can be for any parent. Since the pieces are fairly, heavy, however, I wouldn’t let children below the age of 5 play with this toy. It isn’t that the caste is unsafe, but pieces are very heavy, making it frustrating for younger children who are still working on fine motor skill development.

Schleich Knight Castle: Usability

Schleich Knight CastleFrom what I have seen, the Schleich Knight Castle is one of the most user friendly toys for kid I have seen in quite awhile. The pieces easily go together and allow kids to create their own unique castle with all the provided pieces. As a fair warning, however, the pieces do not physically connect together, but stand against one another for support. While this may seem like a negative, it is actually designed to make it easier for kids so that they can very quickly rearrange the castle pieces. If you had ever seen small boys play with toys, pieces that connect very quickly get broken due to their rough housing, leading to unhappy kids and parents who felt like they wasted their money. To me, this was the company thinking ahead and understanding how kids play!

The only drawback to this design is that the Schleich Knight Castle pieces can sometimes have difficulty standing on carpet. For this reason, I recommend playing with it on a level surface, such as hard floors or a table. When the castle is level, it has very little difficulty standing up and is perfect for playtime with multiple kids.  As for durability, I am amazed at just how heavy the different pieces are for this set. One of the main reason this castle isn’t recommended for younger kids is that the pieces are just so heavy! The castle itself is estimated to weight about 20 pounds and is fairly large, making arranging the pieces a two hand process for most children. As a parent, I am happy to see this since it means this castle is build to last!

Schleich Knight Castle: Kid Friendly

From what I have seen so far, kids absolutely love the Schleich Castle! While the castle may seem small at first glance, it is actually very large! Each tower features three different play levels, allowing kids to move pieces and knights around the castle as they patrol. What impresses me the most about this castle is all the detail! Each piece of plastic is designed to look like weathered stone, making the castle look very authentic and perfect for little kids who love pretending to be knights! Of course, the biggest draw for kids is the fact that they can custom design their castle. With extra pieces, kids can make a huge castle, or make a very large front side of a castle (this is what the kids did when I saw it), giving them extra play room. I also highly recommend purchasing a set of Schleich Knight figures ahead of time, since they the castle is scaled for fitting these little figures, allowing kids to have their own private guard and army in the castle itself.

Schleich Knight Castle: In the Box

  • Assembly Directions
  • Metal Chains
  • Drawbridge
  • 2 Connecting Elements
  • 2 Towers
  • 4 Walls

Schleich Knight Castle: What Others Think

From what I have seen, everyone seems to love the Schleich Knight Castle in my family! My nephew is constantly playing with this toy and from what I heard, Santa may be bringing more pieces for Christmas to go with his castle. The only person who isn’t happy is my husband, since my daughter is now begging for this toy for Christmas as well! Currently, the Schleich Knight Castle has a 4.5 of 5 star rating and is listed on Amazon’s list of top toys for Christmas due to its popularity! Here is what others are saying about this adorable toy!

“This is a good quality toy. It looks like a real castle, not a fantasy castle, and can be configured in different ways. Cleverly, Schleich made a couple of the narrow pieces with the inner ledge higher than the inner ledge on the wider wall pieces. This makes placing them as an angled corner piece possible. No gaps. The other walls slide together underneath. You can see it in one of the pictures, but you wouldn’t know what a great trick it is. It means that the castle doesn’t just have to be a rectangle or square. This castle can’t be beat for a boy’s imagination toy. My son loves it and plays with it almost every day. He has 6 soldiers and plenty of animals which can be placed in, on, and around the castle on the ledges, walkways, towers, etc. The drawbridge is awesome. I highly recommend this castle.”

” This is the single best toy purchase I have ever made. I got it, along with many of the figures and accessories, for my four year-old grandson to balance the family heirloom wooden doll house we were giving his seven year-old sister this Xmas. Both kids loved it and played together with it for hours and hours. It also turns adults into kids again. It is so realistic and finely detailed that you just want to get down on the floor and play with the kids. This castle promotes creative and cooperative play for boys and girls and will hold the attention of a wide range of ages. I fully expect this toy to also become a family heirloom, enjoyed by generations to come.”

” We bought this for Santa to bring to our almost 5yr old son for Christmas. He saw this in a catalog and it was all he wanted. My dad bought him several knights and horses to go with some he already had and got his 6yr old brother the tent and catapult. Not only have the two boys enjoyed playing with this non-stop but it has become the home for Star Wars figures as well (They said it looked like the sand planet).
The detail is wonderful and it is designed well for different configurations – great for that imagination to work with!
This is a super durable toy and I think well worth the money. Considering there are many other similar items out there that may be a little cheaper, but will never hold up as well. I can see this toy being something my sons save for their children. If you can, buy the knights and other pieces from Schleich that compliment this piece. They are equally durable and beautifully detailed.”

Schleich Knight Castle: Where to Purchase

While quite a few places are selling the Schleich Knight Castle this Christmas season, I would highly recommend purchasing it on Most of the specialty toy stores in my area are selling it much higher than Amazon. Since the toy has been out for awhile, I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few retailers on Amazon lower the price of this toy for Christmas to get even more sales, allowing them and parents to be much happier this Christmas season! Along with free shipping and a great return policy, how can you go wrong with Amazon?

Schleich Knight Castle: More Reviews

Want to see what others have to say about the Schleich Knight Castle? Click the link to read more reviews about this medieval castle!

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