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Furby 2012
Following the old adage that everything that is old is new again, Furby is back in time for Christmas 2012. Believe it or not this 2012 version of Furby will be the number one toy sold this holiday season!

It is being release in mid September and with all the presale excitement about this new Furby if you think your child would love to receive one this Christmas don’t hesitate – order immediately.

It has been 14 years since the original Furby made a hit with children. First released in 1998 right from the beginning it was a hit. It continued its popularity right up until 2005. Hasbro recreated it in many forms – original Furbies, baby Furbies, and Furby friends.

Furby 2012In the intervening time we have seen technology take over our lives and the 2012 Furby reflects that change. This new Furby is equipped with cell phone apps and an online dictionary for more high tech play. The cell phone apps include a translator where Furby talks into your phone and, with the touch of a button, your phone will read back what your Furby said in English. Another fun app is the Furby Food app where you prepare your Furby’s meals and feed them to him electronically.

Kid Friendly Furby

Both the old Furby and thenew Furby speak “Furbishy”. They both had dictionaries to help children understand what they were saying. However with the new one the more English you speak to it the more English it will speak. Although it didn’t seem to matter to the enjoyment that children derived from the old model, most would say that it just made fun noises and responded to commands. With the app for the new model children can have Furby speak into a iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later, and then the device will translate into English what Furby has said.

Furby 2012The presales information says that Furby has a mind of it own and will develop a personality based on how a child plays with it. Apparently it will also take on personality traits based on the other Furbys with which it interacts. It resonds to a child’s music, touch, and speech.

The New Furby’s Appearance

The eyes are now digital and it is through its LED eyes that the new fuzzy creature is able to express most of its emotion. Within the digital eyes appear graphics that show the Furby’s true feelings; tickle it and hearts will appear, feed it a hot pepper and you will see fire in its eyes. And, of course, like the original, it can close its eyes when its time to go to sleep. (Yes, that’s still the most important feature for parents!)

Beneath Fury’s new fur there are a number of sensors plus a microphone. These features allow Furby to respond to being touched, being turned upside down, and respond to music or voice.

Furby 2012Furby 2012 comes in solid colors with a slightly shorter fur than the original one. The ears are now latex so they stand up better. The mouth remains plastic.

The Cons of Furby 2012

The biggest con about the old and the new Furby is that there is no on off switch. The only way you can quiet this noisy toy is to either completely isolate it from any noise or light for a period of time. It will then “go to sleep”. Or the other way is to remove its batteries.

Will Furby 2012 Be a Hit for Christmas

There is no doubt in introducing Furby to a new generation of children; it will fly off the shelves for Christmas 2012. It is predicted to be sold out long before Christmas. Don’t delay order your now!

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