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Playstation VitaAre you considering purchasing a Playstation Vita for your kids? My oldest daughter has been talking non-stop about this gaming system. One of her friends at school got this portable game system for his birthday and my daughter seems to have a bit of envy. She has already been writing her Santa list and I was surprised to see half of the list as different Playstation Vita bundles! Well, the good news is that we at least know exactly what she wants for Christmas!

Since the Playstation Vita costs so much, I wanted my daughter to see if she really liked it before we spent the money on a PlayStation Vita bundle. Luckily, one of my co-workers has a child wanting a Nintendo DS XL for Christmas, so we were able to do an exchange for two weeks. Both the kids were ecstatic since they were able to play with the system they were wanting to get for Christmas. Of course, no one told either child they were getting one for Christmas – just that they could switch system for two weeks to play with a new toy. After having this system for two week, here is what we think of the Playstation Vita.

Playstation Vita: Features

Playstation VitaI have to admit, I am one of those people who love to get unique things for my kids. Most Playstation Vita’s are black, just like the PS3. The system that my daughter played with that was part of the Assassin’s Creed III bundle pack is a pretty crystal white. Once she saw this system, we knew we had to buy this bundle pack since the coloring was unique and fun! Along with this Wi-Fi enables system looking rather sleek, it has a 5″ multi-touch Organic light emitting display (OLED) screen. This touch screen allows kids to get more evolved in the gaming experience. With the dual analog sticks, front touchpad, rear touchpad, six motion sensors, and 3 axis electronic compass, kids are constantly working on their fine motor skills playing just about any game on the Playstation Vita!

For kids who love to take photos and talk with friends, the Playstation Vita also has front and rear camera. My daughter loved this feature since she loves playing with the cameras like this on my iPad 2. Since the system comes with a 4 Gig memory card, you download a variety of games, videos, and music on the Playstation Vita, allowing kids to have a little portable entertainment system!

Playstation Vita: Games

Assassin's Creed III Since my friend wanted my daughter to get the full experience she would get on Christmas day, she gave us everything that came with her son’s Playstation Vita bundle pack. This included Assassin’s Creed III Liberation. My daughter absolutely loved this since the main character of this game is actually a girl! In this game, you play as a French and African heritage assassin who is fighting against the Spanish right before the American Revolution. What was really cool about this game was that it used all the features of the Playstation Vita, allowing kids to control a canoe using the back control pad and allowing kids to find friend to play with over the geo-location network that is part of the Wi-Fi features in this system. Kids can also play with friends who own the PS3 Assassins Creed game, as well as get exclusive content and trophies through the Playstation Network!

While this is the game that came with the Playstation Vita, there are hundreds of other games out for this system. Almost every popular series for the Playstation 3 has a title for this portable system, allowing kids to play as their favorite characters in a variety of games. You can also download classic PS1 games for this system over the Playstation Network, allowing kids to play a variety of inexpensive games that are classics to most adults!

Playstation Vita: Family Friendly

Playstation VitaIf there is one thing I can say about the PlayStation Vita, it is made for the entire family. There are a variety of games not only for kids, but adults as well. While traveling, kids can also read books, comics, watch movies, and even browse the internet if you have access to a Wi-Fi network. What my daughter really loved about the Playstation Vita is that she could play with her friends and make new friends while playing. Through the geo-location service, she could play just about any game with friends, as well as share her trophies through the systems mobile trophy support system. If you want a system that gets kids interacting with other kids, I highly recommend getting this system as a bundle pack for your kids!

Playstation Vita: In the Box

  • PS Vita (Collector’s Edition with the Assassin’s Creed III set)
  • Assassins Creed III Liberation
  • Memory Card
  • Manual

Playstation Vita: What Others Thinks

From what I have seen after two weeks of use, my daughter absolutely loves the Playstation Vita. To be quite honest, she is writing more letters to Santa after playing with this system. On Amazon, other families are talking non-stop about this system. Currently, this portable system has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the most popular game systems on the site! here is what others are saying about the Playstation Vita…

” The crystal white PS Vita is gorgeous. Much better looking than the dull black version. And the Vita itself is an impressive piece of hardware, capable of doing a lot (which by now you can read any number of reviews all across the internet if you’re interested in specifics).”

” What can i say about the PSV that hasnt already been said? This bundle is worth it. You save 60 bucks easily. Bundle comes with a game and memory card along with the usual cords. The game doesnt come in a game case and the memory card isnt packaged like they are in retail stores. Thats one minor gripe. I played the Vita for a good two hours right out the box before charging. The color is nice. Its different and definitely stands out amongst the black ones. Its very sturdy and when using the touch screen, yours screen wont leave a smudge if you have fairly clean non greasy hands. Colors on the PSV are so bright, youll rarell notice any dust or finger prints on the screen unless you look for them specifically. Sound is good if youre wearing headphones. Thumbs often get in the way of the speakers which causes a distorted sound. Havent played AC3 that much but it seems ok. Ive never beaten an AC game before but i hear they are highly respected amongst gamers. This seems no different. Buy now. The price will rise.”

” The Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation bundle is my first foray into the PS Vita world. I was a huge fan of the PSP, and although I was initially excited for the Vita, it’s launch price kept me at bay. The AC3 Liberation bundle solved that issue however. So now I finally have my hands on this magnificent machine.”

Playstation Vita: Where to Purchase

Since my daughter loves the Playstation Vita so much, my husband and I decided to purchase the PS3 Assassins Creed game bundle for our daughter. To make sure she doesn’t see it before Christmas, we shipped it to my parent’s house where it is sitting in a closet until Christmas. We decided to purchase our bundle pack from Amazon since not only was it the best price I could find online, but was shipped to us free or charge. As well, if something goes wrong or she doesn’t like, I can still send it back to Amazon – no questions asked! Many places have a 30 day return policy, something that is challenging for most Christmas toys – especially if you buy them early. If I waited until Christmas to buy this toy, it would be sold out! If you want to get this hot toy for your kids, make sure to buy it early!

Playstation Vita: More Reviews

Want to learn more about the Playstation Vita? See what real parents and grandparents have to say about this popular game system at’s page. Here you will find a variety of reviews telling you all you need to know about the Playstation Vita bundle pack!

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