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Fitbit Alta

Everyone Wants a Fitbit Alta for Christmas 2016

Fitbit Alta
As part of today’s pressure to lead a life of fitness, the Fitbit has been all the rage. For Christmas 2016. the Fitbit Alta is the most sought after fitness gadget. It is on so many Christmas lists that it will sell out quickly. The Fitbit Alta is attractive to not only new owners but also as an upgrade to previous owners of Fitbits.

What To Expect from the Fitbit Alta


  • Steps
    Calories burned
    Active minutes


  • Stats
    Calendar notifications

Upgraded Features With the Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta has a better locking system on the bracelet. Previous owners of Fitbits complained the clasp would be come loose and they would lose their Fitbits. With this new version there are apposing pins that secure the clasp.

OLED display is easy to read. A small flick of the wrist will activate it and the date and time are visible. To see other information a tap on screen will display it.

The Fitbit Alta will prompt you to activity. If you sit for very long it will nudge you to become active.
As an alarm it will gently vibrate you awake.

The battery on the Fitbit Alta will last at least 5 days.

Add-ons to the Fitbit Alta

You can Personalize your Fitbit Alta with interchangeable metal, leather and classic bands.

Fitbit AltaLeather Bands – the plush luxe leather will give your Fitbit Alta a fashion look that makes it an attractive evening accessory. These bands are available in pink and graphite.

Fitbit AltaMetal Straps – the MoKo Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Bracelet Smart Watch Strap for Fitbit Alta comes in six different colors. This smooth stainless steel mesh strap has a magnetic closure. Since it loops back on its self even if it loosen a bit the magnet keeps it from falling off. These straps really dress up a Fitbit.

Fitbit AltaSilicone Bands – HWHMH Colorful Silicone Replacement Secure Band with Chrome Watch Clasp and Fastener Buckle for Fitbit Alta Only. These are a package of ten different colors so you can change your band to match your outfit. They are watchstrap in style with holes and a metal insert. Just like a watch strap there is a band to hold the excess and keep it from flapping about on your wrist.

Screen Protectors – A package of 5 easy to install screen protectors will keep the display on your Fitbit Alta clean, free of scratches and safe.

Fitbit AltaBand Clasps – in a rainbow of colors these silicone band clasps help keep the Fitbit Alta secure.

Charging Cable – this 2 Pack Charging Cable for Fitbit Alta, AFUNTA Replacement USB Charger Charging Cradle Dock Cord Adapter For Fitbit Alta Band allows you to charge at home and the office.

There are as many accessories for the Fitbit Alta as there are owners of this incredible tracker.

What Others Have Said About the Fitbit Alta

This is probably the best Fitbit tracker of all that Fitbit has to offer, and yet, it is not perfect. I had Surge, I have tried my wife’s Charge HR, but I am going to say that Alta is the best of them.

The Alta is my first fitness tracker and, overall, I’m pretty satisfied!

This is a great item! I’ve upgraded from the Flex and LOVE the Alta. Very sleek and chick design and it has a nice display on it.

Love the Fitbit products. App is informative and efficient. The silent alarm is a great feature. The clarity of the screen is impressive. Love the notification feature, as it is very reliable

Love that’s its a watch and helps me reach my water intake goals
As well the sleep monitor it awesome!
Going to purchase one for my husband

I love my fitbit! Sleek design low profile. App tracking is great. Love the text notifications. Really motivates. Creates awareness of activity but more importantly makes you aware of how much you’re not doing.

If you think your beloved would love to have a Fitbit Alta for Christmas 2016., don’t delay order early. For their stocking there are many, many accessories. This is a great Christmas gift.

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