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Top Ten Christmas Toys and Gifts for 2013

Top Ten Christmas Toys and Gifts for 2013

This site is in its sixth year and this year we are going to be exploring the Top Ten Christmas Toys and Gifts for 2013. I am a Grandmother who has always loved toys. On this site we explore the many new toy and gift items for Christmas 2013. We started this site for Christmas 2008 and because so many of the toys we have reviewed each year are still very popular we have left the information for each year on the site.

Christmas is a very big holiday in our family. Although I am a senior, my family teases me because I still believe in Santa Claus. I believe in the mystery and the excitement that the feeling of Santa coming in his sleigh loaded with presents. It is a magical season! However it can also have a level of stress. Not the least of this stress comes from shopping and finding the perfect gift. I think I have found a great solution to some of this stress.
Top Holiday Toy List 2013 Who says you cannot teach old dogs new tricks? A few years ago if you had asked if I would do all my Christmas shopping online I would have laughed and said not a chance. However in the last five years that is exactly what I have done. I love the fact that I can sit in the comfort of my own home and browse the selections at my leisure. It is wonderful not to spend a half hour looking for a parking place to then enter a crowded shopping mall and be jostled about by all the other frantic Christmas shoppers. Did I mention the frustration of finding that the must have Christmas 2011 toy has been sold out. I have become the biggest fan of They seem to have stock when no else has it. There is no doubt that they seem to have the lowest prices combined with free shipping on many items. Personally I have found their customer service to be exceptional.

We have done extensive research at the online shopping sites and we can recommend both and if you wish to save money and be able to find a supply of these items. They e-mail us daily to update us on the availability and we will update the site. Many of these top ten Christmas ideas qualify for free shipping.

Amazon’s Holiday Toy List has just been announced. As we count down to Christmas these best sellers will be sold out so don’t delay!
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Top Ten Christmas and Toy Ideas 2010

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We are very excited that for the first time, this year in Canada, you will be able to buy toys from Amazon. For great Christmas gift ideas for all our Canadian followers click here!

Canadian Amazon

For the best Christmas selections in the UK be sure to click here

The hot selling products for Christmas are changing rapidly. We have posted them here in no particular order for your shopping convenience. Below you will find a review of some of the Christmas ideas and as the weeks go on we will update these reviews. Remember popular items sell out fast. Don’t wait to do your shopping.
Top Ten Christmas and Toy Ideas 2013

Top Featured Gifts Christmas 2013

**The Top Toy Lists are just being published and we will soon post them here. This year we will also point out some of the evergreen gifts. These are children’s toys that never go out of favor.

Top Featured Gift Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends Set

Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends For all those little girls who are fans of Sophia the First Disney is offering the Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends Set. It is on all the Christmas 2013 lists. The set consist of a Sofia First 10 inch doll whose special amulet interacts with the animals – Clover the Rabbit, Mia the Bluebird,and Robin the Robin. She recognizes them by name and has about 30 phrases to “chat with them. The Sofia series is a favorite of many little girls. It teaches them about caring, sharing, honesty, and manners. Although this doll is recommended for ages 3 -9 years, we think it probably will not hold the attention beyond age 6.

Top Featured Gift Top Ten Board Games For Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 Top Ten board Games Games are always a part of the Christmas holidays. Here we have reviewed the Top Ten Board Games For Christmas 2013. These are all fun games that the whole family can enjoy. It is a great idea to tuck several of them under the tree. They will get members of the family participating with each other and away from all their electronic toys for a little while. You can find all of the Top Ten Board Games For Christmas 2013 at

Top Featured Gift Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 BlasterAre you looking for that special gift for a boy and maybe his Dad too? The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster is on all the top selling Christmas 2013 toy lists. When we asked a Dad to review it, he became very attached to it. I think in his household Santa better leave two Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blasters. It is getting rave reviews from boys young and old. It is considered to be lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use. It is recommended for children ages 8 and up. If this is something your boy would like we recommend purchasing the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster from

Top Featured Gift Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra Kids Learning Tablet

Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra Kids Learning TabletThe Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra Kids Learning Tablet is a gift that we can strongly recommend. Our twin granddaughters have previous versions of this and it is much used. I think they like the idea that they have their own “tablet”. They love to go into and change their own profile or add or delete one of the others that they have entered. One of the favourite activities is to listen to the stories that they have. With the Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra Kids Learning Tablet, there have been many upgrades and the tablet has become virtually indestructible. I really feel with so many of the items that we own tied to technology that it is important for some of the children’s toys to be able to be upgraded on the Internet. This feature along with safe wi-fi connection makes the Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra Kids Learning Tablet highly desirable. If you would like to compare it to others we advise reading Top 10 Tablets for Kids: Best Learning Toys for Kids. This is a review of best tablets currently available.

Top Featured Gift Flutterbye Flying Fairy

Flutterbye Flying FairyCute as a button theFlutterbye Flying Fairy is sailing off the shelves for Christmas 2013. Controlled by their hands little girls love to fly these fairies around the room. Available in three colours available in three colors Pink Flower, Purple Stardust and Gold Sunbeam all their costumes are delightful. Flutterbye Flying Fairy will bring a look of wonder from your little girl as she maneuvers it around the Christmas tree.

Top Featured Git Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs ElmoBig Hugs Elmo is a perfect gift for a toddler. We have had a number of “Elmos” over the years and this Big Hugs Elmo is a lovely version of him. It is a great size for young children so they can take Elmo along with them. His interactive hugs delight both boys and girls. He talks, he sings, and he loves to hug. You will love Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo when his lullaby sings your child to sleep.

Top Featured Gift Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser

Lego Friends Dolphin CruiserFrom the Lego Friends series of Lego, the Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser is on the hot selling toy list for Christmas 2013. It is a great gift for children between the ages seven to twelve years old. Like all the Lego Friends kits the Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser is geared for girls but boys can also enjoy assembling it. It comprises of an easy-to-build yacht with interesting and fun accessories such as drinking glasses, dolphin sonar, dolphin food and water-skis. This has many pieces and will provide a Lego lover with a nice challenge to assemble.

Top Featured Gift Crayola Marker Maker

Crayola Marker Maker Crayola Marker Maker is a fun inexpensive gift for the creative children in your home. It is on the best seller list for Christmas 2013. In our home we go through markers as quickly as we can purchase them. The Crayola Marker Maker allows a child to make 16 of their own markers. The kit comes with a mixing guide but children love to experiment and make their own colours – the crazier, the better. Crayola Marker Maker has a high star rating and is jumping off the shelves. Because of its price it is a great choice for a toy donation or a holiday toy gift.

Top Featured Gift Tekno the Robotic Puppy

Tekno the Robotic Puppy Tekno the Robotic Puppy is truly modern day technology toy. Our TVs are bombarded with ads for robots and here is one for children – a pet dog in the form of a robot! Tekno the Robotic Puppy does everything a really dog can do but no one needs to walk him nor clean up after him. This clever dog has built in sensors that make him extremely interactive with both people and surroundings. Tekno the Robotic Puppy is making a resurgence for Christmas 2013 and has hit all the top selling lists.

Top Featured Gift Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-up Table

Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-up Table From TV land Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-up Table is a sizzling hot toy for Christmas 2013. I can certainly see why as we have at lest one or two episodes of Doc McStuffins on our TV viewing request every week. Our four year old Granddaughters love the “Doc”. The Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-Up Tableallows children to play act what they see on the program. I think it is a good role model for girls and a fun premise. If this is being request by one of your love ones order Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-up Table today.

Top Featured Gift Monopoly Empire

Monopoly Empire Monopoly everyone’s favorite game has a new fast moving version Monopoly Empirethat is terrific for playing with younger children. Monopoly Empire is based on amassing as many brand names as possible. It can be played in less than 30 minutes and children particularly know all these brands. For an older group of players there are strategic moves that allow them to win. Monopoly Empire is one of the hottest selling games for Christmas 2013.

Top Featured Gift Chasin’ Cheeky

Chasin' CheekyChasin’ Cheeky is a very cute monkey game geared for age 4 plus(I think my Granddaughters with supervision could handle this game at age 3). The idea is to get the rings on the tail of the monkey as it moves around the room. When you get your rings on first, Chasin’ Cheeky releases his banana to you. Because this Chasin Cheeky is so cute and not very expensive it is jumping off the shelves.

Top Featured Gift Ugglys Electronic Pet

Ugglys Electronic Pets Can you love Ugglys Electronic Pets? Children love these ugly hand puppets that emit gross sounds. These Ugglys Electronic Pets are so funny that everyone will smile at them. Yes, the Ugglys Electronic Pets can be a bit disgusting, they can make noises that will gross you out, but they are toys that will fuel your child’s imagination and help teach them about caring for an animal, in a basic way. They are hot sellers everywhere so if you are looking for a very unusual gift don’t hesitate to order.
If this is a must have gift make sure that you ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment

Our Favorite Christmas Desserts

luxurious Christmas chocolates

What Top Ten Christmas Ideas would be complete without something for our sweet tooth lovers. For a change of pace we have included our favorite Christmas Desserts. These are recipes that we have collected over the years. We don’t make all of them every year but they are our family’s go to recipes.

Best Artificial Christmas Tree

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