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Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket

Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket

Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket-Man’s Review

Everyone wants to look cool and since the days of Fonzie on Happy Days, the leather jacket has been the look of something that is cool. For Christmas 2013, if you are looking to get the man in your life a nice gift, you can’t go wrong with a Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket. This jacket is top of the line, and no lesser quality here.

Features of the Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket

Made with 100 per cent lamb leather, the Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket features side-entry pockets, and open bottom, and is dry-clean only to maintain the quality.
Made of smooth lambskin, one of the biggest benefits of the Cole Haan leather jacket is that it does not have a heavy weight like you get with cowhide leather. Lambskin leather is also highly durable, ranking as durable as cowhide in most cases.
A great deal of pride goes into every single jacket. Extra detailed stitching and seams help to set the jacket apart from other jackets. There are two pockets inside the jacket, and two outer pockets. The interior of the jacket is polyester quilted material and a quality YKK zipper is used.
What all this shows is that Cole Haan does not cut any corners when they are making their jackets.
One important thing to remember is that lambskin does not handle water well. If you choose to buy the Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket for someone this Christmas 2013, you should also look at getting a leather milk water protector to keep stains from appearing on the jacket when the person wears it.

History of Cole Haan

Based out of New York Cit/y, Cole Haan creates unique products that look great on anyone. From shoes and outerwear to accessories and jackets, Cole Haan creates products that are timeless.
Cole Haan was founded in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois. The name of the company came from founders Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan. Originally a men’s footwear label, today they offer many different products for outdoor use. In 2012, Apax Partners Worldwide bought Cole Haan for $70 million from Nike. Currently, the company is headquartered in Scarborough, Maine, with a design center in New York City. The company continues to do well and many choose to shop from it thanks to the quality of the merchandise sold.

Why Purchase the Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket

If you are thinking of buying something for that special man in your life, and you want them to look great, then you can look at getting a Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket. These jackets are very well made and have a high approval rating on Many people choose Cole Haan because of the high quality of the products that are made in China. Detailed stitching shows that these jackets are of the highest quality. Yes, they can be expensive but you are paying for the high quality of the jacket. When your loved one can wear this jacket around and feel like a million dollars, you will feel good that you chose to get them this gift for Christmas 2013.

What Other Say About the Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket

The Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket currently has a 4.8 start rating at Owners of this stylish Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket have this to say about it

“Just picked this jacket it up and I love it. Made of smooth and silky lambskin, it lacks the heavy weight of cowhide leather, with only a small durability penalty. Cowhide is really only recommended if you ride motorcycles and need the durability. A last piece of advice, whether you buy this jacket or another one: leather is one of those commodities in which you truly get what you pay for. So don’t skimp. Good leather jackets start at $500(MSRP) this is a hell of a deal – full retail is $700, and Amazon has it for hundreds less”
“The jacket is well made and the leather very soft. The stitching details set it apart from the plain leather jackets of similar types. It has a quilted lining and was a bit heavier than I expected but offers more warmth than a typical leather jacket. You can not beat the value for the price”
“I bought this coat for my hasband and he was very happy when got it!
The leather is very soft and price on Amazon was very right!”

Where to Purchase the Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket

Reviewers of the Cole Haan Men’s Smooth Leather Jacket mentioned what a great deal they had found at At the time of this review there was a 56% saving over the regular retail price. It is delivered right to your door with Free Shipping.

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