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Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad

Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad for Christmas 2016

For Christmas 2016 we are looking for gift ideas that challenge our grandchildren. So we were thrilled to discover the Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad. This ingenious game is suitable for 5 to 12. However there is enough variety and challenge for both parents and grandparents to enjoy playing it.
The Osmo Genius Kit changes the way children play. It comes with games that examine math, science, art, and spatial relations. The use of tiles allows for play that is not depended on touching the screen. To use this game system you need to have an iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, or iPad Air.

What Is In The Box

  • 5 Different Games Words, Tangram, Newton, Numbers, Masterpiece
    pieces for Words, Tangram, and Numbers.

How Does The Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad Work

Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad
By attaching the iPad to the base and putting the reflector over the camera the iPad is able to identify what is on the table in front of it. This gets chidren away from just interacting with the screen and engaging them in physical actions. This system allows the digital and physical play to combine.

  1. The Numbers game is free form math – counting, adding and multiplying, uses numbered tiles or domino styled tiles to solve the answers
  2. The Tangram – expands visual skills with use of tiles that can be used as a puzzle to recreate the shape on the screen
  3. The Words – uses letters to spell the image on the screen, since there are two colors of lettered tiles children can see who can spell the fastest
  4. The Masterpiece – allows drawing by copying – you can take a picture on your iPad, it is then outlined on the iPad and with real drawing tools on a piece of paper you can copy what you see and the image on the iPad fills in.
  5. Newton – is problem solving – played with a plain sheet of paper by trying to stop or catch the falling balls or using physical objects to achieve the same result

What Others Say About the Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad

Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad

We bought this product for our 5 year old daughter for Christmas. As a toddler, she loved playing puzzles and continues to love stacking blocks and puzzles. She is a wiz on the iPad, so naturally we thought it would be a good option to expand her skills using the device she is familiar with. She is starting kindergarten which has focused us on working towards those simple reading and math skills. This product is exactly what we were looking for.
+ Packaging is simple, functional for use to store pieces once you are done using.
+ Start-up is easy, simply download app from the App Store.
+ Easy, Medium & Hard applications within the program which allows for children to grow into programs.
My son has Aspergers. This game system came highly recommended by his Occupational Therapist. He loves it! It’s fun and interactive. It builds a lot of small motor and communication skills. My daughter who is neurotypical also loves it. Great gift for Christmas!!
My 5th graders love this “game”. Many of them come from low income families, so they do not have iPads. So this system makes it even for magical for them. It is interactive and kids also interact with each other while playing. I thought that it wouldn’t be challenging enough for 5th graders, but there are many levels.
I have written a Donor’s Choose grant to get 2 more iPads and systems for my classroom. I have found that in a classroom setting, it is best that students work in pairs. I recommend this to any parent that wants to take the iPad to the next level for learning and to elementary classroom teachers for stations. Kids love it, learn, and interact in a positive manner!
Oh my goodness! The options are seriously endless. I could go on and on about the wonders of this program, but I’m sure there are plenty of reviews that already do that. I give it two thumbs up! If you DO end up investing in it, know right away that if you sign in to your account online there are COUNTLESS options of other games and learning programs to download for FREE. You can even MAKE your own games (haven’t had the time to figure that out yet). Honestly, it’s a wonder and whoever was the brain child behind it has my full respect! We use it with our 6 and 8 year old homeschooled boys. They LOVE it! (and so do we…. we play after they’ve gone to bed. 🙂
Received this as a gift for my 5 year old son. This was the best gift he could have ever received. He enjoys learning and playing and in a matter of a week he was doing division and multiplication. Not only was he playing but he was also teaching his younger brother. I would highly recommend this item as a gift and or even to purchase for your own children. The packaging also makes this easy to bring along with you on the go. We love OSMO and can’t wait for more to come!

Add-Ons for the Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad

Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad
As well as the Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad you can purchase the Osmo Coding. This will allow your child to begin to use logic to code. The tiles in the game interact with the figure on the screen who is hunting for strawberries.
The Numbers game comes with the Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad. If you have purchased the Osmo Started Kit you will have to add it.

Media Reviews and Awards for Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad

All of the major media outlets – USA Today, Forbes, Yahoo, TechCrunch, Time, The Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company – have praised the Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad. In 2014 Time named Osmo one of the top inventions. They all agreed that Osmo stimulates interest in science, tech, engineering and math learning.
Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad

Where to Purchase Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad

If the Osmo Genius Kit Gaming System for iPad is on your Christmas 2016 list don’t hestitate, buy one before they sold out. In Canada a good source is and in the UK

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